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New book 'The Liar's Gospel' defaming Jesus' history.

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This new book is sweeping up the charts of 'Must Read' 'Historical novels' by a UK author, journalist and media broadcaster better known for writing for Dr Who, has been interviewed and reviewed by the Media over here in UK. However, the book has another agenda that the author of Jewish background speaks of copiously when interviewed.

Basically, she is setting out to provoke the idea that Christianity is just a 'cult' started by Jesus and there was nothing remarkable about him and all the 'hype' written of him in the Bible should be questioned.

One reason she gave out, on the media in this country, for Christianity being a cult is that Jesus seems to reject his family just like those who join cults do.She used as proof an account totally taken out of context of what Jesus said when Mary and her other children on one occasion interrupted Jesus during a teaching session by asking him to come outside where they were. Jesus was actually letting it be known that really his mother and close relatives were those of his spiritual family, that spiritual matters take precedence over fleshly interests.—Mt 12:46-50; Mr 3:31-35; Lu 8:19-21. Also, they had interrupted his teaching because they thought to stop him, as they mistakenly felt he was going out of his mind: Mark 3:21. His family obviously continued to be aware of his teachings and brothers James and Jude came around to his way later. He was not rejecting them when starting a cult, because we know his Mother was there at his execution and Jesus, as the first-born of Joseph’s household, discharged his responsibility by asking the caring apostle John, likely his cousin, to take Mary to his home and look after her as his own mother. (John 19:26, 27) His mother and his brothers were faithfully gathered in the upper room when Holy Spirit came down upon them and the rest of the 120 gathered Acts 1:12-14

Then the author went on to argue, when interviewed, that Jesus execution was nothing special because thousands of people were hanged by the Romans in the years of occupation. This ignores the fact that it is not the execution itself - yes other innoccent people were executed - but who it was that was executed is what is important - someone who had fulfilled so many known Messianic prophecies that he could not have pre-arranged and also gave out prophecies that he could not control yet have also come true after his death, showing he was someone special that was undeservedly executed (as also prophesied).

Basically, you got the impression of a person who felt she had to put right the wrong Anti-Semitism propaganda of some religions by putting down Christianity and she is helping the atheist secular agenda, for which she is getting great credence because secularists have publicity organisations behind them over here- she has been guest speaker at various renowned Universities. The further the general public get from scripture and history education, the easier they are open to manipulation by such ideas. So due to the fact secularists here are making much of it, which mean's it's bound to spread - best to be forearmed and forewarned!




I could not find the reviews and interviews I have heard on the media and in print, but she was a guest on this radio Magazine type program and appears in the segment between 10 minutes - 17 minutes on this clip, although sadly our BBC 'iplayer' broadcasts are not available totally internationally.


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So Satan has found another way to attack Jehovah's sovereignty , or another method in the old way. False religion. Those who don't want to serve Jehovah will continue to find or make excuses until it is too late. Another example of the blind leading the blind.

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