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Former Teachers, JWs, file discrimination suit

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just beware of the comments underneath the story brothers and sisters. I started reading and then stopped. Apostates posting.

I never read the comments section of any of these news reports for that very reason. They are like a pack of wild dogs and as soon as a story pops up, they are the first ones there to spread their filthy lies. If you ever notice, it's the same names over and over again, from site to site.

Usually we reprint the entire article here in a post, but this article specifically prohibited doing so right at the end of it.

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Winning freedoms for faith are getting less and less around the World, in accord with Bible prophecy, but while we still can, it is a good thing to do.It is not just for us, but all benefit from freedoms granted. People may not like Witnesses, Moslems, Orthodox Jews, Hindus etc not celebrating their view of Christmas, but if their Country stands for freedom of faith, they should agree to differ and allow for differences and not impose their view on others.

Re: my works Xmas party: I used the analagy of "how would they like it if they were forced into a dragon costume and forced to march the streets to celebrate Chinese New Year - How would they feel? Chinese New Year is not something they do, so why should they be forced to? They got the message that I would not be wearing a party hat nor attending any Christmas Dinner at my work,it's alien to me, so I don't and they can get on with whatever they do without me - most of them are absolute atheists anyway and it's just an excuse for a party. Saying it's not Jesus' time of birth and he only commanded that his important sacrificial death be a sign to remember him by (Luke 22:19,20; 1 Corinthians 11:24) was wasted on them!

If freedoms of speech and faith were adhered to, County Courts could save themselves a lot of taxpayers monies, not having to fight such breaches of law.

Too many complain about us taking employers to task over such issues, but we are people with families to feed and clothe and bad unfair unjust testimonies affect further employment prospects and have to be challenged at either tribunal or court level to clear our name, so we can go about our lawful business and support our families as working taxpayers.

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