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Not Happy Today-For some reason I feel another year OLDER.

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Won't it be good when we can say "I feel another year YOUNGER." I don't see why people try to make a celebration about getting older. Personally I would much rather celebrate getting younger.javascript:editor_tools_handle_smiley() Makes me feel better just thinking about it.

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Brother Paul..I don't know how young you are?

I use to like watching The Nanny, & I loved when anyone asked her age, She would say I am 29yrs old. & I also turned older/younger on the 5th, So its to me kinda funny, After I had my babies I seemed to develop a block. & because of not celebrating birthdays If someone asks me how old I am I honestly forget how old I am meant to be. LOL. So I just say 29,

A very dear friend of mine she is now in a nursing home & If people said happy birthday to her, her reply was thank you. I like to have a happy day everyday. & Celebrate everyday that I am alive. & can spend time in the Ministry.

Then at our Zones overseer's visit early this Year. Brother Splane said & I loved it too. That many in the world look to botox and the antiwrinkles cremes and what have you. & Well he said we are only old once & many don't realize in the world that In Jehovah's New system we will be young forever.

So this helps me. I know if you have a lot of aches and pains and feeling it hard as I have also found that, it does add to how you feel everyday as well. Bring on the new system I agree. I also find that when I go home to my old old cong. That those who also had kids & I haven't seen them for a while and they also are driving etc. It does impact on how much time has gone past. Its a shock to me.

On a local news Sydney and the surrounding areas have had massive riots again, Due to a you tube post of a person who did not think and I also heard it has affected a lot of the US Embassies & when you hear of this happening again. You certainly do want Jehovah's Kingdom.

Hope your week gets better. Agape`:flowers:

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Dear Surfergirl,- Are you really a surfergirl? Thanks for your encouraging comments. I just felt like venting a little bit. I saw the reports of attacks on the embassies but I didnt realize they were having riots in Sydney over the same issues. It

seems like this whole system is a powder keg ready to explode. I wonder how long Jehovah will allow this system to continue, so much suffering and injustice everywhere. We all need to stay focused on doing Jehovahs work with whatever precious time still remains. But that is not as easy as it sounds, so many distractions and so many things to get us down. It seems like we are all struggling with something almost everyday. This site has really been a source of encouragement for me because it reminds me of 1 Pet.5:9, "knowing that the same things in the way of sufferings are being accomplished in the entire association of your brothers in the world." When I see that others are dealing

successfully with the issues they are facing it encourages me to continue to press forward despite my own obstacles. Surf's up girl.

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Well. I love the beach boys Surfergirl song & I do love the surf I have tried to do stand up . I haven't given up. But when I do get the time now. Its Body boarding & catching the waves on that. Just as fun. I have lived near the ocean.all my life & when ever I am near it, It brings me a lot of joy. So I would say 50/50 mostly. I love the surf videos etc. :boating:Happy days!

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