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We have a brother and sister visiting from Africa. They live in the Bethel home in southern Africa. On Monday, this week, Grumpy took them out on the ocean in Panama City Beach, Florida. The were visiting Shell Island, and just swimming and having a relaxing time when Grumpy saw some dolphins. So they got in the boat to get some pictures of the dolphins. Grumpy said there were 6 of them swimming around the boat. One of them swam under the boat. When he surfaced he jumped up in the air about 20 ft. and put on a show for them. Then one after another, each one of the pod did the same thing. There was no one else around but Grumpy and the Bethel couple. What a show that must have been. Of course I had to miss it because I'm working this week, but they got lots of pictures, so when I get them, I'll post them.

Tonight I am taking my clients to the KH for the meeting because the brother is going to tell us all about where they are living and how the work is progressing there. Interestingly, they speak Chinese and were able to go on our study with the Chinese couple. Very exciting. Wish I could have been there. Very good response from our study.

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Oh wow that sounds amazing. I would love to see some photos.

We have a few dolphins in the wild no far from where I live. I've been kayaking with my Bible Study and families but we thought ourselves very fortunate just to get a glimpse of them. To see them so close and watch their aerial display must have drawn your hubby and the Bethel couple so much closer to Jehovah. I'm sorry you didn't get to see them but in the new world we will probably see things like that every day.

I watched................... well I couldn't watch it all it was the most shocking documentary I have ever seen it was called the Cove. I I cried and cried.

It was about dolphins and how men are exploiting them. Flippers' (The TV series flipper) trainer now goes through-out the world releasing captive dolphins and negotiating with fisheries department not to harvest the dolphins not only do they do it inhumanly but dolphin meat contains extremely high proportions of Mercury.

Dolphins will swim every day up to 20 miles if confined to an aquarium or small tank they get extremely depressed.

Don't read on if you easily get upset I won't go into details but I think sometimes it is good to know the truth about things.......

Dolphins have to consciously breathe that is they have to surface and consciously take a breath. We breathe automatically . Flipper over a period of years got so depressed over her captivity she just swam to the bottom of her tank and didn't come up. Apparently many dolphins in captivity commit suicide like this.

Flippers' trainer held her in his arm as she slowly died. It was something he never got over and now he travels the world releasing dolphins and saving whales and fish from inhumane treatment. Some of the worst treatment of animals comes from Sushi bars but I will not go into that.

Dolphins can look happy and as if they really enjoy performing but nothing can be further than the truth. In the wild they naturally do tail walks and flips. The way the Japanese fisheries corrupt world governments giving smaller very poor African nations billions of $$ so they can get their vote on fishing (more like butchering) dolphins, whales etc

The movie made a huge impact on the way I now view dolphins and even fish.

Flippers' trainer can't remember his name is fighting a losing battle you can see his frustration and pain.

Being in the truth and drawn by Jehovah is such a priceless gift when you know very soon all this cruelty will be done away with.

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