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Church campaign to raise awareness of Jesus

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Daily Mail article for 28th September 2012: "Is this the best way for Church to 'sell' Jesus? Angry worshippers hit out at Christmas poster campaign With the commercial clamour of Christmas growing louder over the years, Christians have often despaired of the true spiritual message of the Nativity being heard. But a Church of England-backed campaign to raise awareness of Jesus Christ – by portraying him as a toy doll – seems to be trying to spread the word just a little too hard. The poster for the fictional ‘Godbaby’ doll imitates a conventional toy advert and features the slogan: ‘He cries. He wees. He saves the world.’

128665=7172-godbaby.png Church leaders admit the controversial campaign by Christian media group ChurchAds.net, previously known as the Churches Advertising Network, will not be to everyone’s taste, but hope it will make the Christmas story appeal to the younger generation. Arun Arora, the Church of England’s communications director, said: ‘We need to be re-telling the story of Christ’s birth in ways which engage creatively and positively with the public’s interest. On the Chrysolis Christian site one visitor, Susanna, wrote: ‘I think this is blasphemous. Does Almighty God need us to market Him in plastic? I think not." Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2210254/Is-best-way-Church-sell-Jesus-Angry-worshippers-hit-Christmas-poster-campaign.html#ixzz284Tk6pzq Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook :exclamation::ohmy:Whatever next?!!This is so wrong on so many levels!

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hello astrid

I know how you feel,but remember,they are only doing what they think theu ought to do,remember Paul what he didnt do even alowed our brother Stafanus to be stoned,

he thought he was right,that's why it is upon Jehovahs people to teach them that this is not the way they should see Him

I am your sister Anita i a 66 years old and live in Holland,In a little while we are up to working hard again to get the newest atricles to people,but you know dont be ad at them be mad at those that are teaching them,Where you allways in the truth? you see i was not raised in the truth so i use to do those things becouse i did not know.

Is it not great that we have this light that shines brighter ,and Jehovah is giving this wonderfull light,just a couple of weeks and we be studying the Jeremia book,moore light and now we are studying Daniel ,where people have been blinded we are enlightened we are soo blessed.

well let me know i love to hear from you tell me which congregation you go to how you got to know the truth we can excange fieldexperiences love to hear from you

your sister



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AT FIRTS I DID NOT NOTICE JUST SAW THAT you were upset but i read the article,it is a good thing we are not of a certain religion,honey dont get upset they will get their rewards in full,

did not Jezus say in the last days there will be spotters ,so it is just a sign of these last days,I just know Jezus and Jehovah are looking down and shaking their heads ,does n ot the harlet try anything to get members? she also knows her days are marked for instance here in holland a few days ago a paster was murdered bruttally and guess who they suspect,His partner he was living with [evedently he was gay]so why should we be suprised at these things,we should rejoyce and jump for joy even though we will have hard times,our deliverance is near and we will be so very happy ,but it also means we will have to work hard,we are responsible for the harvest did not Jezus say the harvest is grat but there are few workers,it is up to us to anyone who will listen teach them the truth that Jezus is a mighty king ruling in the heavens so honey just dont get upset but rejoyce,soon all those who are responsible for junk like that will be scattered over the earth as a last feest for the birds and beest

well sorry i did not read the message before but it gives something to print so i can use this in the field

have a nice day

and Jehovah bless you

your sister in Holland

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how are you

yes it is sickening if you see what they do to get members,glad we dont stoop to these low practices,

i sometimes wonder what Jehovah and Jezus are thinking when they see these things, something like "you fools dont you have anything else to do?'

but you can see that we are near our deliverance,very soon Jehovah and Jezus will take their revenge on these numbsculls and i will be soo glad becouse finally they wil get their rewards in full and satan with them,i am sorry i did not get sooner to you but i had a cardiacaversion which has left me a little weak

well it was nice hearing from you

tell our brs and strs from your congregation hello fro us here in Holland

Jehovah bless you

your sister Anita Holland:bible:

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