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I would like others opinions.

First a little background.

I am a CODA = Child of Deaf Adult so I am fluent in sign language (although ASL is something I have to learn/adjust to since that is a little different than the sign language I know) It's like I know the language but the word syntacs has changed for me. I am currently thinking about going to school (college) to get certified as an interpreter. This will be online classes so I can do them in my spare time, which I don't have alot of. I work full time, so with work, meeting preparation, normal life stuff and trying to stay between a 15-30 hr publisher, I'm like everyone else, I don't have alot of time. I will be the first to admit I still need to spend more time studing and not on the computer.

The closest ASL cong to me is about an hour away. But my thinking is.... why not get certified, this is something I've wanted to do for awhile now. Even if I don't use it to the full now whose to say that I won't later on. Besides the money it's going to cost. (the cost of college now a days will take me till I'm 140 to pay for) I really can't think of any reason why I shouldnt. What is your thought. I'd really appreciate it.

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Money is always an issue, but certificate programs are not that costly, and if you were to ultimately enhance your way of life and that of others, DO IT. Besides all the above issues you raised, DO IT because it seems like you answered your own question. Remember, always, we want to do things for God's glory and may he comfort and strengthen you.

"May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart Be pleasing to you, O Jehovah, my Rock and my Redeemer."

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Margie I know several people who are interpreters for the deaf. One of my best friends used to translate for a young kid in middle school until she was hit in the head by a ball (on the playground) and lost part of her vision as a result. I know a brother who was brought up with deaf parents. His first language is sign and seems more comfortable with that than English. He is an interpreter for his living. The work is not as hard as many other jobs out there and the pay is pretty good. May Jehovah bless you!

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I assume you know exact sign ( British ) -and friends of mine knew it - had to learn ASL to sign at assemblies.

We had a 4 month course by the society about 2 years ago in our city to learn ASL. If you took the course

you were expected to join the new ASL congregation after one month ( was just a group beforehand ).

I know the COBE of the ASL cong- his uncle lives in our building and is our WT study conductor/part time C.O.

One person and a family of 4 I knew from a neighbouring city moved here and joined the ASL cong. -saw them when we visited 2 months ago.

The thing is- in the info meeting-2 1/2 years ago-ASL publishers are to view themselves as in the missionary work.

The Spanish cong at our hall { east side also has a Spanish cong } has a huge territory -size of a circuit.

The ASL cong territory is a bit bigger -going further north and about 20 miles further east -

all local cong. have been asked to foreward hearing impaired/deaf to the ASL cong.

Thus if you wish to join the ASL cong - it is on the job training - and instead of furthering secular education for

an ASL interpreter -which is great - being an ASL publisher or pioneer is better.

Just don't get Rats & Romans confused - you already know you need a good sense of humor

to learn any foreign language and the visual language of ASL in no different.

What ever You decide - don't have too many pans in the fire - you Wll burn out.

May Jehovah bless you in your endeavors

Consciousness, that annoying time between naps! :sleeping:

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You may be trying to take on too much - but there is much to be gained. I would speak to the elders to see if there is a "need" in your area - they don't just tell everyone so you could easily be unaware of a local need. Since the deaf congregation you spoke about is an hour away, the spirit may be trying to move you for someone locally. Speak to the elders about it and see if that is what is happening.

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Thank you everyone for your input. Rosalie when we first moved here my husband was asked if I had thought about going to Bethel to learn ASL because I guess there is a need for interpreters. But at that time my husband was going thru cancer and other health issues, so it was definitely out of the question. The school I've applied for is Spartanburg Community College. There in your neighborhood right?

Peter being an ASL pioneer would and is a goal of mine. (that way I can go to pioneer school again). And thank you for the advice about being burned out. I think I'm burned out with my secular job the way it is. I work 12 hrs a day as a 9-1-1 dispatcher.... that can be pretty stressful not to mention I bring my work home. (meaning if a call is bad then I hurt over it for a few days).

Chris since my job is stressful mentally I think I'd like a job where it's not as stressful nor physically demanding. Dispatching isn't physical but at this stage of my life I don't think I could go back to factory work.

Venus your right too we do want to do all things for Jehovah's glory....

Okay I'm going for it.

I am also looking for another job. The pay isn't going to be half as good as what I'm earning now, the hours will be better, and no forced or guilty overtime hours.

but the stress will be gone....

thank you all

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My dear Sister Margie, I`m so proud of you. I`ve always told you how smart you are.Now your going to do something with it and for yourself. As long as Joe`s OK with it . >:D

Dee Dee he's not crazy about the money it's going to cost. lol

Thanks Rosalie

I will have to do that.

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