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"Cult" Definition Deleted from Religious Leader's Website

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I recently received an email alert with this title:


"Mormon 'cult' reference removed from Billy Graham website"

My alert was about Jehovah's Witnesses, but apparently the website included Jehovah's Witnesses in its definition of a cult. A web archive website gave a link to what was deleted:


The Deseret News site (published by Mormons - LDS) had a picture of Billy Graham and Mitt Romney, and the caption was:

"Presidential candidate Mitt Romney met with evangelist Billy Graham in his North Carolina home, after which Graham pledged to do everything he could to support Romney."

Because of this deletion, Mormons are no longer called a cult by Billy Graham's organization's website, and neither are Spiritists, Scientologists, Unification Church, Unitarians, and Jehovah's Witnesses.

Decades ago, before I got baptized, I attended a Billy Graham Crusade with my mom, and afterward a minister from his group started to write me letters. My ability by that time to refute what he wrote with the scriptures let me know that this was not where I wanted to be.

A lot of people and groups call us a cult, in error, because we follow Jesus and not an imperfect man - Which is why we don't get involved in politics.

(John 6:15-16, John 15:17-19, John 17:16, John 18:36)

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When you get to the bottom of the term "cult" you find that it is defined as a breakoff from an established religion. Since Hebrews 11:4-12:1 identifies Abel as the first one of Jehovah's witnesses, every other religion is a cult. The formation of all the Protestant religions involve following some man, such as Luther, Calvin, etc., to break away from the Roman Catholic religion so then they are all cults. Those who call Jehovah's witnesses a cult don't know the correct definition of the word. It originated in the Catholic religion as "the technical term for devotions or veneration extended to a particular saint".( cult [religious practice] Etymology from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) . The www.billygraham.org entry was interesting. The second and third points contradicted the introduction and the first point. Don't they read what they print, or they so blinded by Satan that they don't realize what they are saying!

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