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Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, Canada : “The Bible is being called hate literature"

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There's been quite a few Church pastors and officials that have been arrested in Canada and UK for giving sermons on the Bible's view of homosexuality. Just one more growing tension between state and Church.

“The Bible is being called hate literature. Clearly, the Church is in the crosshairs. There will be growing pressure for the Church to comply or to be shut down.” – Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, Canada --

Imagine this: “You are summoned to a tribunal where you cannot have a defense lawyer and you cannot record the proceedings nor have a witness present. The people judging and prosecuting you have no legal qualifications. The accusation is ambiguous, having to do with ideas the state does not like. The penalties could include fines equal to several thousands of dollars, public recanting, and rehabilitation classes.”


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Unfortunately the clergy are quite often those leading the battle lines against the bible and Jehovah's standards.

An Anglican bishop from B.C., Canada is pro-gay marriage-he was just here in our city on Sunday, preaching to a divided church.

Consciousness, that annoying time between naps! :sleeping:

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Yes they are - The Episcopalian church has actually adopted homosexuality and twisted the meaning of homosexulaity in the Bible. I don't know if you've seen this?

It's fascinating that those that also believe in Darwinism ( the passing on of modifications or mutations through gene's ) and support the homosexual movement -, some how have forgotten that homosexuals are incapable of reproduction and in line with the theory of evolution are not a natural concept and in no way can they pass on anything to their offspring and should be, by Darwinian laws - extinct.

But never mind that, because you believe in the laws of God you are a hater.

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can Jehovah make it moore clearer

when he say "nor men that lie with men,will inherit Gods kingdom?

or did they conveniently omit this part ,must be,religious leaders have been known to twist things around to fir their ideas.

They will get their full reward when they wil be swept from the earth

and the instegator satan wil go down with it

have a nice day

anita holand

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Recently i have noticed an increase in television soap/dramas portraying gay or cross dressing characters with often religious people portrayed as prejudice at first this irritated me immensely but then i thought that its just whats prophesied in the Bible about the destruction of babylon the great. tThe people are certaitly turnibg against her. Bring it on:bringiton:

The only place you can find perfection , is in the dictionary.

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You know I am appalled ,these socalled men[women]of god who say they serve the Christ even promoting homosexualtity and closing marriages of same sex Disgusting !!!!!!!!!!! Hey Babylon your time is drawing close

just a little while longer and you will have had your time just like jezebel thrown for the dogs[its a shame they have to feast on your filthy body] but there will be nothing left of you and Jehovah and Christ will finnally give an answer to your master satan.

like the watchtower from past sunday,brothers and sisters aren"t we blessed to have the truth and the light spread by Jehovah by the slave class,even we do not now exactly when we can see time is drawing near and so is our deliverance ,may we all do our best to have a share ,to still preach the good news of our heavenly father Jehovah and what He and his Son Jezus Christ will do on short terms and for those that wont be able to do so becouse they are elderly or disabled,keep the pioneerspirit

and the bible hate litterature? i would say that too if I knew I would be teaching my parrissioners things that are untrue,they have to justify their filthy actions don't they?

Especially the catholic church who is having to pay an abundance on damages for sexually abusing children and paying allotments for their illegal kids

may yáll have a blessed evening

your sister from Holland


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