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Christmas Orgins

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I remember when I was studying with a married sister and brother, and around this time of the year - they SO hated everything that was going on.

I also remember thinking - how long before I HATE this holiday????

(I was having trouble extricating myself from it)

Now, I get SO disgusted - hate? - no, it's beyond that !!

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One of the first things I researched after beginning to study the Bible with Jehovah's Witnesses was Christmas, much of the information on the YouTube video I had discovered in the pages of books at my public library but what always struck me as it did when watching this, for most people the truth of the origins of Christmas does not matter.They still choose to celebrate , accepting or rejection certain features according to their liking but not according to God's feelings.

I was truly impressed that Jehovah's Witnesses rejected all of the pagan practices and did what pleased God and not themselves.

I was even more repulsed with Christmas after watching this, Christmas is so thoroughly disgusting.

I was also shocked by the pagan celebrations in Nevada each year that are growing.I have met several pagans in our territory , they are willing to talk and one man told us , all these religions are engaging in the same practices that we are, they are just like pagans, they just don't realize it but you people are not, that is what he says he tells people , Jehovah's Witnesses do not engage in pagan practices.

So wonderful to be a part of a clean organization.

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I just researched Pagan festivals, those are actually very common throughout the US with 3 major Pagan festivals in my area. Not sure why the video singled out Nevada.Florida has a Pagan Yuletide festival this time of the year , like the days of old.

Evidently from one explanation I found Pagan with a capitol P and pagan small p are different, Christmas has pagan roots but Saturnalia is a Pagan celebration.

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Even before the arrival of Christianity, Germans decorated evergreen trees to brighten the dark, gloomy days of the winter solstice. The first "Christmas trees" appeared in Strasbourg in the 17th century and spread to Pennsylvania in the 1820s with the arrival of German immigrants. When Queen Victoria married Germany's Prince Albert in 1840, he brought the tradition to England. Eight years later, the first American newspaper ran a picture of the royal Christmas tree, and Americans outside Pennsylvania quickly followed suit.

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1868506_1868508_1868530,00.html #ixzz2G5yJ1Mqi

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