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Can You Imagine?:clover::)

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Can you Imagine yourself?

Can you transport your mind to God's new future?

Can you see yourself walking down the Road into Paradise?

Can you imagine the fun & the laughter we will all have?

Can you imagine going where the sun is always shining & the sea is blue?

We haven't seen it at the movies. But we have heard about it and know its true.

Everyday things will be going our way doing things we have always wanted too.

Jehovah is going to make all our dreams come true.

There will be no more worries about having enough to buy bread & milk

No more worries about catching the flu.

Will be greeting all & saying How do You do?

Were going were the sun is shining were going where the sea is blue.

We haven't seen it at the Movies but we know it will come true.

Our smiles will keep on smiling...

All our tears & pain will be washed away..

No more drs who can't find that cure for that problem.

No more saying So long to our dearly departed..

We won't have to look over our shoulder to avoid that

bolder that has been hurled at us..

Will be singing & praising our God for all eternity..

We haven't seen it at the movies but we know it will come true.

Our smiles will still keep on smiling.

When we look up at the stairs that keep on shining..

Will be dining by the light of the silvery Moon.

We will have peace.

We will have joy

All bad feelings & bad hair days will be gone away.

Everything will be going our way.

Can you imagine sitting under your own vines or walking through your own vineyards

& all you hear is the sound of waters flowing or some sweet music being played.

So Can you imagine friends?:boating:

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Wonderful poem, Gabe! I haven't written a poem about it, but one thing that I like to do is drive through town on my way to work or on my way home and imagine what won't be there any more: you know, the police station, the hospital, even the signs for them we will take down. Lawyers offices, pharmacies, housing projects (eventually, 'cause everyone will sit under their OWN vine and fig tree). The world as we know it will change recognizably from what it is now--but in an OH SO MUCH BETTER way!!!!!

Trying my hardest to make sure my family and I are there--and one day I am sure we will all meet--all of you dear friends scattered all over the world. :squeeze:

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Other things that will be nice:

not having to dye my hair any more and having my natural color again.....

throwing away my bifocals and seeing perfectly....

not having to hear the dentist say ...oh my, you've got another cavity.....

not having heartburn..ever again....

not getting out of bed and feeling tired before the day has started....

not having to work all day away from my family.....

anybody else have a few things to look forward to? Can you imagine?

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Great one Judy.


I was also thinking when I went to our District assembly. I went out to get some Takeaway I walked from the Pullmans down the msin drag of Homebush I was nervous. I hadn't gone to town for a while.. Every person I say as I was walking along was someone I knew or a Brother or Sister because They were wearing their convention badges. I felt at ease..

SO to add can you imagine our world filled with all who Love Jehovah?

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