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African elephants and rhinos in the wild could be wiped out within 6 years

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Roll on a better World where people don't just keep on shooting herds of scarce animals with Kalashnikov's for unproven quack medicine and carved trinkets. They shoot elephants and rhino only saw off the tusks and leave the heaps of large animals, often not killed outright, to die of their injuries and their carcases to rot. The latest killing was a whole family group of 12 elephants including calves without tusks and their mothers and another family group of 9 elephants. They reckon at this rate that all elephants in the wild in Africa will be extinct within 6 years. Ivory is traded through such places as Lagos, Nigeria, where there is a large Asian presence willing to buy Ivory from poor people who have turned to poaching as it is, like the drug-trade, more worthwhile than farming/mining or Asian businessmen pay gangs of trained poachers to get the stuff and shoot dead any National Park Rangers who get in their way. It's then exported virtually unhindered to Asian Countries where they do not care enough about wildlife to stop the selling of ivory for carved trinkets. 2011 - BBC say that year it is estimated that 25 000 elephants were killed by poachers!!



Rhinos are also shot in supposedly protected National Parks by gangs of Asian paid poachers. Rhino horn has no scientific use in proper medicine - it's just the same as your fingernails dead useless material for ingesting. http://news.yahoo.com/report-2011-record-elephant-poaching-034500152.html

Illegal trafficking of this quantity is threatening the stability of governments:


Revelation 11:18

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They are my favorite also...When I was around 3, my grandma took me to a thrift store and said I could pick out a toy...I asked if I could have this great big purse/bag...My grandma said it was a very large bag for a little girl, and I told her I didn't want it for a purse...She asked me why I wanted it, and I told her it was to carry around my baby elephant in the new world....How sad if there weren't any left...

Any thoughts on weather Jehovah will bring back species that have gone extinct?...And if so how about the dinosaurs...How cool would that be?....Just a fun thought........

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Well when the 7th day of rest is over who knows what Jehovah will do... what a wonderful future we have ahead. I remmeber reading a quote about the Dinosaurs being especially adapted to the time they were created because of perhaps the thick vegetation and their ferosous apetites, but who knows, really we have all the wonderful surprised in the future.

An elephant ride is up their with my things to do in the new system.

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