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Has The Game Changed In Syria

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Here is another perspective on this story.




I thought the following statement was very interesting.



Author and historian Gerald Horne said that Washington's allegations are in “flagrant contradiction” with an assessment from the UN Independent Commission of Inquiry, and may only serve to escalate the conflict.

They’re under enormous pressure from former US President Bill Clinton, who just came out with a statement criticizing the Obama administration for not intervening more deeply in the Syrian morass,” Horne said. “Mr. Obama’s former competitor, Senator John McCain of Arizona, just took to the floor of the United States Senate saying that arming the rebels is not enough, presumably calling for air strikes to create a no-fly zone. It seems to me this is a very dangerous and ominous moment, particularly as Sunni clerics have just met in Cairo, Egypt and called for a holy war against the Assad regime. Instead of trying to calm things down, it seems to me the Obama administration is about to throw gas on the flames.”


The demons seem to be very busy at the moment. Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, etc. There is so much unrest. Surely they are close to meeting their end. 


the Devil has come down to YOU, having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time. 


Satan's penultimate demise must be very soon. It's almost time to stand still. 

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I know this is a lot of information but it is very interesting. Gives a bit of background on the Shiite Sunni conflict that has taken over the whole of the Middle East. These articles mention things I didn't know before.









This is something I have thought about for a while. It is probably a little bit controversial but here it goes. Is there any reason why the cry of "Peace and Security" couldn't come after the first phase of the Great Tribulation?


Note for Jerry. This is not a rhetorical question. You can answer this one if you like. As far as I am aware there are no Watchtower articles to back this up. Pure speculation I guess.

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I see no cry of peace and Security backed by the UN here, in fact Ban ki Moon of the UN is saying that Syria needs peace and not Western intervention causing escalation of war.


It does show up that religion is a cause of conflict.


This whole thing is like the Iran /Iraq war all over again - a religious sectarian war also fought by Russia and the West by proxy. Many powers in this conflict are only interested in their Oil interests and whose side their oil importers are on.


It was only a few days ago they were saying that chemical weapons were being used, but it was not possible to determine which side of the conflict was using them - both sides claimed the other was, and both sides showed victims of chemical weapon injuries exhibiting symptoms that could be construed as from such weapons. Much propaganda was flying about for each side's cause and authorities from the UN were then saying that sorting out what was true from what was staged for cameras was an impossible task at that time. The UN said that they could not draw conclusions just from interviewing people or finding traces of chemicals there, as both sides could give that. Then both sides were turning against the UN, claiming that they supported the opposition.By this time many suspected that onlooking world-powers were starting to perhaps support the cause they wanted to and using the undecided 'evidence' that sounded good and best for their interests just like Iraq and previous conflicts..



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This story shows what a mess the middle east is in. Who is allied with who etc. I can't see how there could be a legitimate claim of Peace and Security while false religion is still on the scene. Terrorism will continue be a clear and present danger while Islamic extremism still exists. All we are waiting for is Jehovah to put it into their hearts. It can't be that much longer.



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I find this all interesting from an additional point of view.  For many years the U.S. was touted as so different from the world powers of long ago, mostly because of democracy.  However, over the last several decades and especially since 9/11, the U.S. has been behaving more and more like Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar and the like.  Truly confirming the Bibles depiction of the image in Daniel's prophecy.


Regarding the GT, I find it interesting how governments use religion as an excuse going both ways.  When convenient, they tout religious tolerance.  When they want the opposite response, they fan and in some cases encourage outright religious extremism.  That shows that turning on religion will be as easy as flipping a switch when Jehovah puts it into their minds/hearts.


Keep the comments/analysis coming.  This is fascinating.



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