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The Nullabor.

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is the longest stretch at night I have ever been on.

Tonight hubby was driving a Roo came out. No way out. We go him or he got us.

The car Wow. Think Jah was watching over us. For most of the day we had no phone service.

Don't know how we didn't Jack.knife man o man. Nother radiator & a very crack bumper.

Plastic wasn't meant to last.

Still in shock.. Glad we are a few days from the east & It has been fun seeing different landscapes. Oceans. A White pointer under the boat.

I will post pics next week. :praying:

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Sounds like you've had a great adventure. I'm glad you are safe to tell the story. Those roos don't have much give in them do they? When you hit them you know about it alright. Hopefully the rest of your trip isn't as eventful- for the wrong reasons.


At night that part of the world would have to be one of the darkest depending on the phase of the moon. Not much light pollution out there.

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Don't take this the wrong way not a mean intention at all.... For me, a person from north east united states, reading a post from you is like watching Crocodile Dundee.... I reread it a few times and then laugh. In my head I read it with an Australian accent. Sometimes I still don't get it but I figure there might be something funny in there or at-least something I should smile at. :)

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Love Dundee. Thats not a knife. LoLs.

The Roos have a reasonable death impact. You can be doing 110 ks/p.hr

On open rd. There are no trees just shrubs & bushes. The roos come alive at night.

Because they bounce that makes them on the list of danger.

They are very hard to see at night. Even with highbeams. when you are towing a camper the risk of them going between car & what you are towing is very high. As they can go between & cause jack knife.

The officer at the Quarrenteen station warned us on our way into Perth.

Its pretty much Death Alley or Dead Mans Curve.

You have stray cattle. Camels & mega long Road Trains. The Roads are one way lanes.

I think deer are similar to the roos. They are tranced by the light & follow

The trail. So no mattee how much you try to advoid them they move with you.

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This Picture is located of the South Aussie Bight. & of the Nullabor.

these cliffs are made of mostly limestone.

This area is where the whales come to breed & stay with their calves before heading North, We were privelledged to see some whales showing of.

We saw a dingo running..

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