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  1. The kingdom hall we use has a BenQ projector,i know of another cong also that uses the same projector,maybe installed before we got the letter,the previous kingdom hall we used had the new Panasonic one,the BenQ pic qual looks pretty good
  2. Thanks Eric,tried that,but still crashes after selecting tel num of emergency contact (Iphone 5s running ios 8.3)
  3. Great idea,but when i get to adding an emergency contact,it crashes after i access contact & select phone number
  4. I'm not sure if the windows app is publicly available,it's on khconf wiki download page,may only be available to administrator for cong
  5. Found it was windows update running that caused the crash
  6. i've been watching it on jw broadcasting from my pc & it's crashed twice at around 45 mins
  7. Never gave it a second thought, OKM meeting schedules start with Monday"s date,as does the study edition of the Watchtower,no big deal really
  8. The paper copies of the March OKM are available from the congregation,I picked mine up last night
  9. We had a letter a couple of weeks ago asking us not to attend the Malta convention,but Jersey instead (British channel islands)
  10. Beleive me no mistake we're paying £1.20 ltr unleaded/£1.24 ltr diesel., a few months ago we were paying 10p litr more (prices in GBP) & 4.55 litres in a gallon, £5.46 =,$8.54 gallon. calculated roughly with the exchange rate from (1 gbp£ =1.56 us$ )
  11. Here in Britain we're paying equiv $1.87 ltr for unleaded petrol & $1.94 equiv for diesel at ASDA(Walmart) & we think that's fairly good to what we've been paying until now,aside that for every litre $0.94 equiv is made up of fuel tax plus 20% vat,Britain has the highest fuel prices in Europe,crude oil is at an all time low &opec seems to think that the oil producing saudi contries aren't looking to reduce production yet
  12. My atv3 doesn't have yahoo connect channel listed,it must be usa based content
  13. Thought this was a joke until i Googled rabbit,was going to say you might get starsky & hutch lol
  14. Deleted Garage band & it freed up the necessary space,the actual update was 1.3gb,I"m not keen on the dark shading on bookmarks,quite like the new predictive text feature with smileys,noticed last night that the calendar has also changed,JW library works ok except the songbook,can get lyrics only version,which I"m happy to put up with until the brothers get around to an update
  15. Ok, done it on my iphone earlier & was only 1.1gb, won"t let me install on my iPad Air because it says needs 6.9gb of free space, can you beleive that!!!