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  1. So true. This is alarming indeed.
  2. After graduation and with the approval of my mother, I went to a LOCAL business college to reinforce the skills I acquired in high school. I knew it wouldn't be a wise decision to obtain a higher education out-of-state, so I attended business school, yet stayed at home to commute back and forth. During that time, I auxillary pioneered several times throughout each year of schooling to maintain my spirituality. (However, I couldn't have done this without strong support from my congregation.) It worked out well in the end.
  3. Well, what gets my pet (goat) is when a brother or sister says: "Brother So-n-So" gave a great talk just the other day...and he is so funny!" When I ask about the theme or inquire about one or two key points in his discourse, more often than not, their response is: "I don't remember; but it was an excellent talk!"
  4. learn indeed also when Jehovah will very soon wipe the smirk off of Putin's face - just as he did to Sennacherib and his co-horts! Then too, Rabsheka Adolf tried...and failed miserably in Nazi Germany. (WHO can stop the Christ?)
  5. This just-baked scrumptious, exceedingly moist chocolate, banana and zucchini bread would be the perfect pairing with: a. cup of coffee b. cup of herbal tea c. glass of non-gmo milk or, d. wash downed with a glass of water e. a second helping e. None of the above: I would choose _?_
  6. Leslie, this is indeed something I know I'd like just for the fact alone that "cheeses pleases!" If people can make fried ice cream, anything else is possible! And yes, I LOVE cilantro and use it for my Indian/Spanish-inspired dishes!!
  7. Yes, I really appreciate the "Earthclinic" website, if that was the site you are referring to. I used that site to remedy so many's a wonder!
  8. Quite right! The last character was Ahithophel. (Side note: I was mainly thinking about those who used some sort of instrument or apparatus to put themselves to death but yes, anything or object can be used that hastens such a manner of death is applicable.) So, technically there are 5 suicides recorded in the scriptures. Nice work!
  9. I've been using oregano oil for years; it genuinely kills both bacteria and virus'. (But, it does burn a bit.)
  10. A good scripture to remember...just in case you find yourself confined in a basement during the great tribulation!