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  1. Dear Sister Victoria, please take note of the loving words of our Great God Jehovah when he says to you: Keep in mind dear sis that the persecution that is enveloping around you dear ones in Russia has been mounting under the insidious hand of the original serpent for quite some time. It is the great dragon who is "pulling the strings" of the authorities and they have perceived that they have won against God's servants. However, the RF leadership, the corrupt police and kangaroo courts are now taunting Jehovah, the Sole Sovereign of the Universe so it's only a matter of time that HE will cause HIS will to be done there, as well as in Eritrea, South Korea, Turkmenistan and other regions. Stand firm dear Victoria and temper your fears. Continue to pray for the assured victory of our Jehovah through his glorious and reigning Son, our Lord Christ Jesus! Let your congregation know that millions of us are also praying for you all in the RF on a regular basis. (I pray for brothers and sisters there every night.) Please, be rest assured of our continued love and support!
  2. Interesting read; thank you for the link.
  3. I just saw, for the first time, a movie called "Quo Vidas" (released in 1951.) Even though Hollywood took liberties with the Apostles Peter and Paul, (The Scriptures do not confirm that Peter was ever in Rome), it was still a riveting theatrical piece of work. The intense persecution of the First Century Christians reached a heart-rendering climax towards the end. (Mussolini and Hitler could be cast as almost saintly compared to Nero. ). Looking for more Bible-themed classics.
  4. Thank you Brother Neil for this thoughtful posts; helping me to "maintain my focus" as the storm approaches.
  5. Thank you for posting this Fae. I loved his music and the way he possessed the talent of scatting. This was the only album I had and I know it will now be a collector's item.
  6. Yes Rosie, it's drooling with sweetness from all angles...I love it!
  7. smh... Watching a video of a cat knocking on the door with its's hind legs...and now this? What's next?...a monkey tap dancing on Britain's Got Talent?
  8. I can talk all day about Jehovah as my Father. Without question, He has been more of a parent to me then my own "sp**m donor". Also, He is tender and merciful...qualities that are unmatched. I love Him very much!
  9. Oh!..for the love of 15 lemons! How on Earth am I going to incorporate all these lemons into my cooking/baking?! (Never made anything "lemony" before as I'm a solely "chocolate connoisseur".) Any ideas?
  10. Ha! I couldn't guess half the quotes in this thread. The sisters may know this quote moreso: "Puerto Rico, my heart's devotion...let it sink back in the ocean Always the hurricane blowing; always the population growing!"