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  1. Someone said at YT comments that this yowling cat resembles Putin. What do you think?
  2. Hi Sister Hannah, When you open the JWL app, swipe open the naviation pane, then: click "media" click "audio" click "original songs" Then you will see the list of all songs from the JWB website for download. Hope this helps.
  3. Thank you very much Bro. Antonio for the update and, as always , you dear friends remain in my daily prayers to our Heavenly Father.
  4. Hmm! Large breakfast, forgo lunch, then dinner. I like that idea.
  5. COW: Does this mean circuit overseer's wife?
  6. Over the years (decades for many) we've truly enjoyed our assembly intermissions because they allow Jehovah's people to associate, visit old friends and last but not least -- eat lunch! Yes, we've been encouraged by the FDS to "keep our meals simple" but for many cultures that may present a challenge, especially those with minor children. - So, those who prepare your convention lunches, do you prepare/cook the evening before or early in the morning? (This was my task.) - Do you take breakfast before you leave for the convention or carry that along with your lunch? Side question: If you notice someone sitting by themselves and not eating (i.e., having no lunchbag; nor cooler), what would you do? I ask this because I experienced this a while ago but I'll share that later.
  7. This was difficult to watch.
  8. Are these the same Russian law enforcement agencies who planted banned literature in and around the KH's in Russia only to turn around and raid the meetings to suddenly "find the books?" Are these the same "credible" Russian law enforcement agents who were "caught with their pants down" when they illegally broke open an assembly hall to further plant banned literature there? Or was it the MOJ's who could not refute any of the factual evidence presented by our lawyers during both trials? Or was it the judges who turned all turned a blind eye to FSB's underhanded tactics? Let me get off of my soapbox!
  9. This means that the plight of our brother and the rest of JW's in Russia will be exposed on a greater scale--which is the last thing the ROC and Putin wants. All praise and glory goes to our God Jehovah.
  10. Yeah, I just finished reading it in just a few short hours. It was a good read but, like you David, I was spoiled from the other books of Brother Walker and E.K. Jonathan.
  11. I downloaded the book in PDF format and noticed that it's only 106 pages, with no cover page nor table of contents. It has 19 chapters also. What is the discepancy? To those who have the book, can you confirm this before I start reading? Thanks.
  12. Indeed, it is a powerful video...and a MAJOR encouragement, not just for our friends in Russia, but for ALL of Jehovah's people around the globe. Brother Sanderson's scriptural reference was certainly appropriate when he read 2 Corinthians 4:8, 9 And to see the international delegation there to give additional support was fantastic! Surely, our God Jehovah is with them and he will never abandon His servants. What was Brother Lett's comment: "We're knocked down...but NOT knocked out!" Bro. Sanderson's reading of Psalms 124: 2-8 was read with fervor and confidence--something we need in these last days. Are not these scriptures wonderful to remember when we are faced with this persecution in the near future? This video is a keeper for me.
  13. Thanks to Mandi for bringing this to the attention of JWT! There is another novel that caters to Jehovah's Witnesses about the resurrection entitled "Resurrection Day" by Bill K. Underwood. (I, too, became curious when the subject was raised.) So, here are a couple of links from Google search: Here is his blog:
  14. I found a link for Bill Underwood's novel, but to keep this separate from E.K. Jonathan's work in this thread, I'll start a new one.