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  1. Quote from Newsweek: No surprise there! The Russian authorities certainly wouldn't want an organized group such as Jehovah's Witnesses to file an appeal in a timely fashion. How long did the brothers have to prepare for the initial trial date before receiving papers of the lawsuit? A week? The RF may actually break a record and send it two weeks beforehand this time around!
  2. Thank you Lucy; appreciated your comments.
  3. Bro. Neil, we appreciate this timely reminder. Jesus Christ uttered this prophetic statement above over 2,000 years ago to his disciples and we have seen this prophecy being fulfilled in modern times. Yes, even within the last few days! Most important of all Jehovah is revealing to us the bigger picture, that "His name is to be declared over all the earth" despite His enemies efforts to stop the work. This ever important task of our ministry is being declared now in nearly 240 countries, islands and territories. Interestingly, the website officially mentions less than that, so those who embrace and study Bible truths are aware that, even with this RF unjust decision, a witness is being given around the world! Ha..I'm remembering now a verse from the old Kingdom melody "Declaring the Everlasting Good News": Around the earth with urgency God's angel flies With everlasting good news high amid the skies. He says "Give glory and fear Him upon the throne" Yes worship God Jehovah and serve Him alone. For now has come the Most High's awesome judgment hour. Soon all the wicked ones will feel His mighty power. Accordingly God's kingdom preachers must not fear But preach out boldly this good news both far and near.
  4. One brother from London Bethel commented that, after looking over all the evidence/information submitted from the brothers during the kangaroo trial, it took only one judge approximately one hour to negatively effect the lives of 175,000 in one day. The Russian authorities have all intents and purposes thumbed their noses (disrespected) at Jehovah. But through our study, we remember that, a certain Assyrian King thumbed his nose at Jehovah also. And through Jehovah's almighty power, how one angel in one night struck down 185,000 mighty men who threatened the small remnant of His people. And soon, once again, we shall see by Jehovah's mighty hand the hour of judgement of his enemies who continue to taunt Him. It's so good to be a part of Jehovah's organization as we get to observe firsthand: The abiding love of His people in Russia (and Eritrea, S. Korea, Venezuela, Singapore, Turkmenistan) His divine justice to be dispensed at his will and purpose The wisdom he gives to us through His Word and meditating on the Scriptures And to give us the "power beyond what is normal" to help us endure and not give up. My prayers for my spiritual and (fleshly) family will continue always.
  5. Hey! I take exception to that "peeping tom" of that other giraffe! Can't a mother give birth in privacy any more!
  6. Thank you Sister Skyler for sharing this experience.
  7. Forum 18 Article: RUSSIA: Jehovah's Witnesses banned, property confiscated Does the judgment against our brothers today have any effect on this hearing scheduled for this coming Monday?
  8. Now imagine, if you will, what the outcome would have been if these same 30+ news organizations publicized our campaign of MILLIONS of letters written/sent to Russia from the four corners of the earth? The media's reply? Well, er...we couldn't write articles about your letter-writing campaign because that would give the world the impression that Jehovah's Witnesses are a united brotherhood and lend proof that you really do follow the teachings of your Jesus Christ. Sorry,...we can't do that!
  9. Now I have a better understanding of how King David felt when his enemies were all around and his subsequent entreaty to Jehovah. (Psalms 58:6) I, too have ran the gamut of emotion(s) for the last few hours and am mentally exhausted. But, as ALWAYS...I trust implicitly in Jehovah to give me peace. He's my strength, he's my hope, he's my confidence. It's on Him I continue to rely. And yes, I echo what others here have said, that this unjust decision by the RF kangaroo court may have been decided from the very outset. But in the end, Jehovah has the final say and He alone has already set this matter to his will and purpose! May the glorious name of Jehovah continue to be praised! Sister Svetlana, Sister Victoria, Brother Felix, and the 175,000 friends there will remain in my daily prayers to our Heavenly Father. We love you!
  10. So true! A voluminous amount of authoritative publications and a search on YouTube on the egregious acts of the Catholic church - past and modern times - will give one insight on the deception and physical harm brought to their adherents over the centuries. Can you imagine the leadership in Russia of Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, the minority religions, or even the ROC going through extreme scrutiny? There would be an outcry of such enormous magnitude and the world's major news media would plaster it on their front page every single day in protest. But once more, we are reminded time and again of who REALLY controls the world! (1 John 5:19).
  11. Long comments? Let's also include individuals in the congregation who love to raise their hand at each meeting to incorporate "a family / toddler / child / husband experience" into each and everyone of her comments, whether the topic of conversation is personal study, the rebellion in Eden, Daniel's prophecy, the Timeline of Jesus' Life or the Revelation of John!
  12. That's ok Cheryl, I was about to sing the "teensy weensy spider" but I'll forgo that song for your sake!