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  1. Thanks brother for this video. Any help with this dear brothers and sisters?
  2. Hi sister Sandy, I do build websites for friends and family using HTML5 and CSS3. However, I have built only one website using wordpress so far, which is hosted on a private intranet, which means I would not be able to share it with anyone. I can easily build any sort of website you want in less than 5 days, and work with the budget that you have. Please let me know how we can take this discussion forward.
  3. Hi dear brothers and sisters, I have been thinking of working on creating a small model of Solomon's temple and use it for educational discussions with the young ones in my congregation. I had been putting working on this for sometime now, but thought I should be taking this seriously now. Do you all have any suggestions on how I should be proceeding here? Are there any DIY models available out there which you have tried implementing? I am also interested to hear from any of my fellow brothers and sisters who have actually done this? Have a great day, everyone. Your fellow servant in the Lord, Dominic