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  1. 2011 this looks like such old footage! Boom microphones and ol school video VHS or BETA. How far we have come in the last 6-7 years 1080 HD broadcasting.
  2. Sorry but I love an icy cold beer on a hot day! A nip of islay whisky on a cold night. A sip of smooth port. Sorry to break the trend here, I'm the odd one out!
  3. I think there's a public talk with a similar outline?
  4. "Expectations postponed makes the heart sick", we know neither the day nor the hour. We know that the great tribulation comes in "our" time the last days. It must be close, the urgency "I feel" has become closer than ever. Am I wrong... maybe?
  5. We know neither the day nor the hour. But we know the season. Romans 13:11-12 how long is the season? Surely it's well along?
  6. I saw this post yesterday and was hooked! Read 200+ pages in the first day. Yeah ok some parts are missing according to bible prophecy that we anticipate not a bad read, based on those parts missing of course. I like the portrayal of how militarised the nation became overnight! The hatred for religion is portrayed well. Remember I'm only 200+pages in, e book download still another 400+ to go.
  7. It's amazing that Jehovah takes note of even those who become momentarily(temporarily) discouraged due to circumstances or limitations. We don't have visible angels today but Jehovah can manoeuvre brothers and sisters to console the depressed. Anxious care in the heart is what ways it down but a "good word" can do much to heal.