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    Raised a witness its all I know...

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    I enjoy my Spiritual Brotherhood...and spending time with my family...
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    Live with Jehovah's day in mind....
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    Mystery..and History type movies and documentaries...
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    Be careful who you open up to..
    Only a few people ACTUALLY care
    the rest just want to have something to GOSSIP about..
    What other people think and say about you...is none of your business....!!!!
  1. Law and Order SVU

    Stopped watching SVU.... It was always talking about Rape or homosexuality and the murders was beginning to be to much.....I loved svu... But...the content was inappropriate...so I cut it off went cold turkey... Not something a witness should watch.. Looking back now the Show is DISGUSTING...
  2. What!!!! What!!!!! How DIGUSTING !!!!!! LIES....LIES AND MORE LIES.... When the " Divinci Code" came out.... It was so blasphemous...I have NEVER seen it and don't want to....and will skip this one also.... Now I will watch the 10 Commandments with Charles Heston from 1956.... that's my movie... Even though there are little inconsistences in that movie as well...
  3. n reference to survive the great day talk I like the point that brother Schaefer said that Satan is trying to mislead if possible even the chosen ones can someone please explain and how can Satan mislead the anointed?
  4. The Great Tribulation is close at hand... These talks...are bone chilling!!! I can say we have NEVER ( at least to my knowledge I'm 32 )... Had talks like this...Jehovah is really and truly getting us ready for what's coming..after this convention I cannot even imagine what 2019 is going to be like as far as the 3 Day if this system last that long..im so ready for June 15th..16th and 17th to come...I wonder will there be VIDEOS to accompany theses talks??? If so then wowzers...also wonder will there be any new releases???
  5. This is not something the average person would know there has to be inside Connections....
  6. Check Jw.org New Governing Body Member KENNETH COOK... Wow....

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