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    Happily Married !!!!!
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    Raised a witness its all I know...

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    I enjoy my Spiritual Brotherhood...and spending time with my family...
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    Live with Jehovah's day in mind....
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    Watercolor or spa music...soft music
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    Mystery..and History type movies and documentaries...
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    Be careful who you open up to..
    Only a few people ACTUALLY care
    the rest just want to have something to GOSSIP about..
    What other people think and say about you...is none of your business....!!!!

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  1. This List is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I Will be printing this out and using it I will even laminate it .
  2. We have a attendant in the lobby who sits and let's the brother and sisters in and out.. because the doors are locked.
  3. We got our Hotel Info announced on Wednesday night the brother also gave out the website to book hotel for our International Convention in Miami..and I did go to the website to see if I could at least see what hotels they negotiated but I couldn't even do that...it says check back Monday.... it won't be available until October 15th @ 8 and I'm going to be up at 7:30 am on Monday because I know the rooms are going to go fast!!!
  4. I hope not..sorry but those are a little boring..to me ( not my favorite)
  5. Shannie

    Needles in strawberries

    Needles could be contaminated.. So I wouldn't do that either... Just throw them away...
  6. This is the "Original" picture... The other is a photo shop Made as a joke.

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