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  1. Tomorrow is the day we have all been waiting for since October ANNUAL MEETING!!!!!! are we going to talk about it in this thread or is there a new thread going to be started?
  2. A brother told my hubby that we can still die in the new world.. For example If we do stupid things... Or if we building a house and a rock falls on our head or if we go for a swim and drown... I wonder how this will work seems weird
  3. So...are we still in the 6th day? How does this 6th day 7th work? Seems like it's 956 years to day seven? What happens on day 7?
  4. In what order are the books from beginning to end? And those links don't say much 😓 I want the books gotta have them now!!!
  5. oh my goodness why am I just now finding out about this where can I read books 1 and 2 please please please if there a website or blog spot where I can read it
  6. Shannie

    March 2019 WT

    Picture from our new Magazine.. Seems as if they are hiding... one brother is looking out the peephole of the door and the other one is looking out the window like they are keeping guard.
  7. Shannie

    Loose weight

    I'm in two Jw Group on Facebook..that's keto That is all Jw and it's all sisters.
  8. This List is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I Will be printing this out and using it I will even laminate it .
  9. We have a attendant in the lobby who sits and let's the brother and sisters in and out.. because the doors are locked.
  10. We got our Hotel Info announced on Wednesday night the brother also gave out the website to book hotel for our International Convention in Miami..and I did go to the website to see if I could at least see what hotels they negotiated but I couldn't even do that...it says check back Monday.... it won't be available until October 15th @ 8 and I'm going to be up at 7:30 am on Monday because I know the rooms are going to go fast!!!

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