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    Yes 2016

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    I am from a non religious background. I used to work in a bar and the Witnesses would sometimes come to the bar where I worked and meet up for coffee at the end of their field service. Over time they informally witnessed to myself and other staff. At first I was not the least bit interested but one day I heard them discussing the subject of evolution vs creation. When I was at school evolution and genetics had been a big interest of mine so I sat down and listened to the conversation and begin to ask questions. With my interest well and truly ignited in the bibles scientific accuracy, the witnesses returned to see me with literature and eventually I started to study. I devoured the Teach book and Gods Love book and loved studying. I was baptised two years ago and thank Jehovah each day for sending the witnesses to me and also for helping me to actually hear and take to heart their messageđź’—

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    History, especially bible history, swimming, reading, walking
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    I read so any different genres, but my favourites of recent times were The Two Babylons by Rev Hislop and The Bible as History by Werner Keller
    My other favourites are Wuthering Heights and David Copperfield and Mist Over Pendle
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    Soft Rock, 60s 70s
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    Ice Age and Madagascar, Nick Parks animations, Dirty Dancing
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    Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need.
    Isaiah 41:10

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  1. I am proud to declare to the world that I officially love dates. (The sweet brown squishy type). I cant believe I have reached the age of 50 and never tried them before until recently

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    2. rocket


      So how often do you have a Date night?

    3. shans81


      I like them with a cup of tea :) Curbs sweet cravings!

    4. shali


      They pair great with bacon and blue cheese!


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