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  1. This is a new book scheduled for release this spring: No Greater Love: A Family Bears Witness to the Genocide of the Tutsi in Rwanda Tharcisse Seminega and his family are mentioned in the 2012 Yearbook with regard to the genocide of the Tutsi in Rwanda. This is the first time a book has been published revealing the help and love shown to Tutsi Witnesses by the Hutu brothers and sisters at great risk to their own lives during the Rwandan genocide from April-July 1994. Over 800,000 died in 100 days in the smallest country in Africa, the most populated country in Africa, and the most ‘Christian’ country in Africa, with some 90% claiming to be Christian. Further information is at https://rwanda-nogreaterlove.com.
  2. Hannah & Pe·ninʹnah - did their relationship improve over time? How close or not so close will they be in the new world? I often wonder how people like Pe·ninʹnah will feel in the new world finding out that their negative qualities were read/studied by millions of people for centuries. Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  3. @hatcheckgirl I remember my grandmother saying the reason priests were required to be celebate is so that the church keeps any property donated in the priests name instead of it going to his wife or children. It helped maintain the wealth of the church. I remember seeing a slight reference to this in a WT article several years back. I just tried to find it 'from the horse's mouth'. Yep, according to www.uscatholic.org, my grandmother was right! I'm not surprised at all: "Throughout the first centuries of Christianity, clergy continued to get married, though marriage was not required. It was not until the turn of the first millennium that the church started to canonically regulate clerical marriage, mainly in response to clerical abuses and corruption. Of particular concern was the transmission at the death of a clergyman of church property to his wife and children. The Council of Pavia (1018), for example, issued regulations on how to deal with children of clergy, declaring them serfs of the church, unable to be ordained and barring them from inheriting their father's benefices (income connected to a church office or parish). In 1075 Pope Gregory VII issued a decree effectively barring married priests from ministry, a discipline formalized by the First Lateran Council in 1123. Since then celibacy has been required of Roman Catholic priests, though the Catholic churches of the East have continued to allow priests to marry before their ordination." https://www.uscatholic.org/glad-you-asked/2009/08/why-are-priests-celibate
  4. Catholics in Australia won't make priests report confessions: https://apnews.com/83a3961a3808451193b7982b411d2774 This is so incredibly wrong. Clearly false religion thinks they have governments wrapped around their little finger. It's no wonder the beast will turn on Babylon the Great. If course, since Jehovah puts it in their heart to do so, there's no need for need reports like this to bring on the attack on religion. However, I do think there will be some in the world who will not be surprised - more like RELIEVED to see this nonsense addressed swiftly and completely. There was a similar article in the BBC News app. A law goes into effect that Priests must report abuse and they have vowed not to adhere to it?!? Satan and the demons must be laughing at these stupid humans they manipulate so easily. They have a tight hold on abusing humans until they are abyssed. How disgusting that they do it in such a grand way under the guise of religion/worship.
  5. There is a video available on Amazon Prime Video called 'The Schoolgirl the Nazi's and the Purple Triangles'. It's really good! It's only 30 minutes but there is quite a bit packed into that 30 minutes. I was so glad to come across this video. A local group of our Witness students is reading 'Facing the Lion' about Simone Arnold-Liebster's childhood. What an inspiring read for both parents and young ones. This video will be a part of an upcoming class.
  6. Thank you so much for sharing this! I usually write out the scriptures by hand (not including the Dramatic Bible Reading). This is going to give me more time to read through the scriptures ahead of time and meditate on them. What a loving gesture on your part for sharing this file! Thank you, Audra

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