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    I was brought up in the truth, but was on the fringe until a brother in the congregation took me under his wing and studied with me.

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    Computers, telecoms, visiting and encouraging
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    New study Bible, yes minister and yes prime minister,
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    CIA, MI5, Secret Services , Good Quality Sci-fi.

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  1. For Hire 24

    Resurrection Reunions

    Noah..how did you get the tar underneath the ark ? and...what was the hygiene routine for dealing with all the body wastes from the large animals on lower deck ?
  2. Hi..Windows 10 has been updated with new features and options for video playback, so it needs your input to select certain default actions, you will simply need to go into settings and follow this link https://www.thewindowsclub.com/set-change-default-media-player-windows-10 All the best !
  3. For Hire 24

    Resurrection Reunions

    are we off topic ? ( just joking...almost ) 😊
  4. For Hire 24

    Resurrection Reunions

    we have a sense of humour because Jehovah has and we are made in his image, so....could happen Lol ! EG...just look at Elephant Seal 😊
  5. For Hire 24

    Hourglass Software

    To be honest, yes I was initially very cautious, because the GB has repeatedly advised great caution on such matters including some internal chat forums...however I have found this one to be most encouraging and properly managed..thank you. 😊
  6. For Hire 24

    Resurrection Reunions

    He·roʹdi·as meets John the Baptist..... could be interesting..( if she comes back )
  7. For Hire 24

    Resurrection Reunions

    Oops....sorry...slip of the brain 😎
  8. For Hire 24

    Resurrection Reunions

    Noah's reply...Oh that's simple brother, we first measured the timber and cut to size then coated it all in bitumen as Jehovah directed, allowed it to dry and then built the base first then doing the same for all external timbers..this ensured that even the joints were sealed..😊
  9. For Hire 24

    Resurrection Reunions

    Noah...how did you manage to put bitumen underneath the ark ?
  10. Has anyone had experience of Hourglass Software ? I have just received an e.mail from our cong secretary inviting me to install this programme which apparently has electronic publisher record cards and enables publishers to send monthly reports electronically, I am suspicious of anything which is not provided by the faithful slave ! Any comments ? Thanks, Martin.
  11. For Hire 24

    Congregation app?

    one more point to consider is that some mobile networks set a limit to number of contacts they permit for group texts eg 28, whereas Whatsapp allows much larger groups., we use WhatsApp for literature cart shifts if anyone needs to get temporary help to cover their shift. works well !
  12. I love that expression "toolbox" 2 Tim 3:16 ..." Completely equipped for every good work"...imagine getting a gift of a complete toolbox...but in order to use it effectively, we first have to find out what it contains and how to use some of the specialist tools...so with us..we need to examine each item carefully so as to be able to use it effectively...I think we"ll be hearing a LOT more about the on-line teaching aid in the days to come, maybe a special door drop campaign to every home so no-one can say they didn't know. ( just thinking out loud ) 😎
  13. Yes, If you look up WT On-Line Library under the heading “Telephone Witnessing” you will find much helpful guidance on this, one of the references is to a Kingdom Ministry article Jan 2010 pages 5 and 6 ( km 1/10 5-6 ) including some sample scripts you could use. There are 6 references under the subheading “what to say” , incidentally some of these could also be used for intercoms on door-entry systems.
  14. reminds me a bit of the increased urgency in early 70's with the truth book when we used it to conduct bible studies for 6 months, and if the student hadn't progressed by then, we stopped the study and moved on. ! 😎
  15. so there we have it..3 identical answers expressed differently...aren't you glad you came on here .. Lol 😁

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