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    Married with 3 children all serving Jehovah.
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    I was brought up in the truth, but was on the fringe until a brother in the congregation took me under his wing and studied with me.

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    Computers, telecoms, visiting and encouraging
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    New study Bible, yes minister and yes prime minister,
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    Singing to Jehovah, Good film theme music
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    CIA, MI5, Secret Services , Good Quality Sci-fi.

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  1. reminds me a bit of the increased urgency in early 70's with the truth book when we used it to conduct bible studies for 6 months, and if the student hadn't progressed by then, we stopped the study and moved on. ! 😎
  2. so there we have it..3 identical answers expressed differently...aren't you glad you came on here .. Lol 😁
  3. For Hire 24

    UK Telecoms Advice

    For standard landline phones, the answer is a definite no, however any wireless phones can be scanned unless the wireless signal is encrypted, which most major products are.
  4. why not get some advice from Noah when you see him 😎
  5. like your avatar..Warf ..security officer. 😁
  6. Dear Brothers and Sisters, on this subject of streaming the RC, I am looking for some guidance...we have a brother in our congregation who is Polish and speaks very little English, is the streaming service available in Polish ? There is a Polish RC in Coventry, England, but he can’t afford to go. Thanks in advance.
  7. In the new world, Jehovah’s spirit may well enhance your programming abilities in a completely different but more advanced direction that we could not possibly conceive at this time....remember Bezalel and Oholiab, Jehovah didn’t use the skills gained in Egypt, he had better ones ! But first we need to get there.
  8. Ah yes...Basic...brings back memories...Nascom...Comodore PET...floppies... Sinclair ZX Spectrum...( now available again ! )....BBC Micro...etc. A quick quiz based on Boolean algebra : There is an island with two villages, in one village, the natives always tell the truth and are kind to strangers, in the other village however, the natives always tell lies and kill strangers...a stranger stands at the fork in the road, one road leads to the good village the other leads to certain death. The visitor sees a native but does not know which tribe he is from, and he is only allowed to ask one question.....what one question must he ask to live ? πŸ€“β“
  9. wonderful !... Reminds me of Bro Jacksons talk, Jehovah often does the unexpected..and with style ! ( thanks bro Tortuga for the link ) 😎
  10. Is "one drive" ( microsoft's cloud service )..running ? if so stop the service and try again...😎
  11. For Hire 24

    UK Telecoms Advice

    British Telecom , formerly Post Office Telephones. cheers.
  12. Brothers and Sisters, For a good number of years, I was a maintenance engineer with BT , diagnosing and repairing many faults on telephone lines and equipment, so if any of you UK brothers or sisters need advice on telecom issues including wiring, please feel free to contact me on this forum and I’ll try to help as best I can, Cheers, Martin.
  13. For Hire 24

    iPad Full

    Could you install I-tunes on the pc, then connect iPad mini to usb connection on pc, then transfer some files to iTunes...just a thought.
  14. If you are using a device using the android operating system, you can go to settings, then apps, then jw library, then β€œ clear data β€œ or similar. Please note that after doing this you will need to download the publications again, but the app remains intact.
  15. I noticed a short video in jw library ...media...families.. β€œ strengthen your marriage β€œ is that the one ? Looks excellent !

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