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    I have been in the truth my whole life. 3rd generation.

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    I love to read followed closely by dancing and travelling.
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    Any book that takes me to another place..
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    R&B... oldies
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    Singing in the Rain..I'm a dancer so I LOVE musicals.
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    "Dancing is the only art, where you yourself are the stuff in which it is made"

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  1. Try Skyscanner...and you could look for flights where Athens is a layover and not the final destination
  2. Yesssss... along with their relatives Sister Repeat the Same Comment and Brother I called on you BUT can you yield your comment..Forgive, forgive forgive...
  3. So if your not Group Leader you won't get an email???...guess I can stop stalking my email...lol
  4. So if you want to visit a convention out of state (US) but it's not an IC and you need to stay at a hotel how would you find out which hotels are on the list for that city?
  5. So are you saying the number of times applied doesn't matter? Does group size make a difference? When you've gone before when did you know you were accepted?
  6. GriffTiff

    Kingdom Hall wedding

    I have been to several recently and there have been floral arrangements on the stage between the speaker and the couple against the wall and a floral arrangements near the guest book. Inhavebalsonseen a simple arrangement on the table that the couple's Bible is placed in. I have also seen the use of the TV monitors. The attached pictures are before the ceremony and then the screen changed when they were pronounced man and wife. I also have seen bows on chairs to indicate family seats and sometimes the bride's have used runners before they come down the aisle.
  7. Applied to Paris, Greece, Spain, & Portugal...it is our first time applying and I'm excited because my son is finally old enough and we both meet the criteria..the hard part is this waiting..
  8. I loved the warning examples(good and bad) in the beginning. It looks the images are I chronological order..my son and I were identifying the people..and we just wanted to verify...the picture with the man on his knees in front of the woman idol..is that Solomon?? It looks similar to this picture from Lesson 44 in Learn from the Bible...what do you think??

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