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    I was raised in the truth and attended the Spanish speaking congregation until last year when I switched to the English speaking.

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    This is a hard one, I love the gospels, but I also love the first 3 chapters of Job, and the books of Samuel as well.
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    Kingdom Melodies

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  1. If I can wait, I will wait. When I heard brother Lett say that it really encouraged me. I have been thinking about that (staying single) for a while and honestly being single is not that bad for me. I know others have a harder time with being single, but I am fine for the most part.
  2. So much for "life's water free". That blows my mind. At work, a coworker was at the time a pastors son(he quit to run the church), and he asked me how the congregation makes money seeing as we don't charge dues or have sponsored carnivals and fundraisers. We threw a congregation picnic and when he found out that there were no fees, he almost went into seizures.
  3. Where I work we have a small fountain that yields about $250 monthly
  4. In my kingdom hall there is an MS who for the last 5 years has been working on a massive spreadsheet that tracks all of the years and how it connects to all things biblical starting from Genesis to Revelations. When the generation video came out, he went insane updating it. It's pretty amazing. It is massive and tracks all things time-related. He has a lot of * in it, thanks to large portions being speculation.
  5. I will put him in my prayers.
  6. You feel my pain!!! 😃 I keep saying I am going "preaching", then quickly correcting to "out in service"
  7. yes, it is. I also have the problem that I use to go to the Spanish hall and the words and expressions translate differently. I kept saying I was doing "corners" and the friends would look at me like "corners?", until someone told me it was street work. I can very quickly pick up when someone was previously in a Spanish hall. One of many embarrassing things I would say when I switched to English speaking hall.
  8. I wish I had found this article a few years ago.
  9. The Kingdom Hall I go to use to be the old Jackie Gleason rehearsal hall. It is where they would practice all the dances and skits for the Jackie Gleason show. I was 19 when we worked on the hall. If you see it now, it looks like it was always a Kingdom Hall. I remember a big deal with acquiring the hall is that we bought it dirt cheap as it had not be used in a decade.
  10. My kingdom hall was invited to the Miami English international convention. Can't wait. I applied for the volunteer work. Waiting on response.
  11. Hilarious. So it will always be remembered as the Watchtower building.

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