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  1. Indeed - I prefer NW ref. for learning usage of Hebrew and Greek words - and, of course, KIT for the Greek. As I am a very slow reader - partly because I study and meditate rather than simply reading - I have found simply keeping up with our assigned Bible reading for each week is a good goal. I have lost count of how many times we have read the entire Bible since I joined the ministry school in 1958. On topic - how many languages is NW published in now?
  2. Yes, how would one hide electronic spiritual food? That was point 3 of Br. Sanderson's talk.
  3. Yup! As I posted - Ecclesiastes 3:10-13 involves some pretty exciting things we will be able to learn! For me, not just sunrises, clouds, etc - but also astronomy - looking at the stars and contemplating the exciting times ahead when Milky Way and Andromeda will be merging. I can/can't imagine how our night sky will change - certainly exciting, not boring. And researching this is also exciting to me! For example, considering Andromeda galaxy which is the furthest we can see with the naked eye: https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/101996043?q=andromeda&p=par Excerpt: "We began this evening with a look at our January night sky and quickly discovered not only heart-stopping beauty but also questions and mysteries that pertain to the very nature and origin of the universe. How did it begin? How did it arrive at its present stage of complexity? What will happen to the celestial wonders that surround us? Can anybody say? Let us see." And what will happen to Milky Way and Andromeda? Not only will Andromeda be more visible in time - but also in c. 5 billion years [some say 3.75 billion years] our galaxy will begin merging/interacting with Andromeda: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andromeda–Milky_Way_collision Yes, many astronomers are prophets of doom - but not us - we know better! Some think a near miss. Either way, stars are so far apart that stellar collisions will be exceedingly rare. On the lighter side, the resulting new galaxy has been called: Milkomeda! I can't wait to see the changes in our night sky!
  4. True, of course. I expect further fine tuning!
  5. From Britannica: https://www.britannica.com/topic/Great-Attractor An interesting read! So, will we simply pass close to the Great Attractor or will we become gravitationally bound to it? Most certainly the evidence shows that thousands of galaxies will become gravitationally bound which contradicts the popular scientific theory that the expansion of our universe will cause heat death of our universe. Scientists who espouse this popular theory ignore the fact that many galaxies are heading toward us (or us towards them) proven by the fact that their light is blue shifted rather than red-shifted as are the billions of most distant galaxies. These scientists also ignore the Bible which clearly shows our earth will remain populated forever (Psalms 37:29). Bottom line: the cold facts are not so cold! And with all those interactions with thousands of galaxies in the future Octillions of years the night sky and astronomy will never become boring! Btw - astronomers Loeb and others have noted that WMAP data suggests that our universe may already be interacting with another universe in which case our universe would not be a closed system. Of course, we know that our universe is not a closed system because Jehovah continues to "cause to be" as one definition of the Divine Name shows. Bottom line - Jehovah is stretching out the heavens like a fine gauze as Isaiah 40:22 indicates. And it should come as no surprise that invisible energy (dubbed dark energy) is involved since Jehovah has plural forms of dynamic energy (Hebrew plural Ohnim in Is. 40:26) which would include invisible forms of energy for reasons you all may realize!
  6. From Scripture we know we will never stop learning. Eccl.3:10-13 not only shows Jehovah has put eternity (Heb. ohlam; NW ref "time indefinite") in our hearts but also that we will never know the works of Jehovah from start to finish! Well, some trillions of years from now, way after Milky Way merges with Andromeda galaxy c. 5 billion years from now, we (along with thousands of other galaxies - many blue shifted) will be approaching the Great Attractor. What then? Well, we may never know the actual finish - but we may soon know that point. This not only involves Scriptural research (Romans 1:20) but also scientific research. Feel free to post what you have found as to our future journey through space and the resulting changes in our night sky - for sure it will not be boring! I will start with our literature concerning the Great Attractor: https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/101990412?q=Great+Attractor&p=par "The discovery of vast structures in space may force scientists to reevaluate their theories. One such structure, referred to as “the great wall,” is described as an immense, flat expanse of galaxies spread out over a thousand million light-years. Another structure is termed “the great attractor” because it is pulling so many galaxies, including our own, toward itself. The New York Times notes that such structures, which “are not simply galaxies or clusters of them, but huge ‘continents of galaxies,’” confirm theories that “the basic objects in the universe are far larger and more complicated than astronomers had imagined.” One astrophysicist told the Times that many theorists were hoping that the great attractor would go away. Why? “We just don’t understand how such a large structure can be formed,” he said." https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/101996042?q=Great+Attractor&p=par Excerpt: "Still another problem for the big bang has come from steadily mounting evidence of “bubbles” in the universe that are 100 million light-years in size, with galaxies on the outside and voids inside. Margaret Geller, John Huchra, and others at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics have found what they call a great wall of galaxies some 500 million light-years in length across the northern sky. Another group of astronomers, who became known as the Seven Samurai, have found evidence of a different cosmic conglomeration, which they call the Great Attractor, located near the southern constellations of Hydra and Centaurus. Astronomers Marc Postman and Tod Lauer believe something even bigger must lie beyond the constellation Orion, causing hundreds of galaxies, including ours, to stream in that direction like rafts on a sort of “river in space.” All this structure is baffling. Cosmologists say the blast from the big bang was extremely smooth and uniform, according to the background radiation it allegedly left behind. How could such a smooth start have led to such massive and complex structures? “The latest crop of walls and attractors intensifies the mystery of how so much structure could have formed within the 15-billion-year age of the universe,” admits Scientific American—a problem that only gets worse as Freedman and others roll back the estimated age of the cosmos still more."
  7. Bible reading (what I have already read before) and scientific research (including updating what I already researched before). And, yes, I often do that in bed! We will never stop learning: Ecclesiastes 3:10-13 New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (Study Edition) 10 I have seen the occupation that God has given to the sons of men to keep them occupied. 11 He has made everything beautiful* in its time.+ He has even put eternity in their heart; yet mankind will never find out the work that the true God has made from start to finish. 12 I have concluded that there is nothing better for them than to rejoice and to do good during their life,+ 13 also that everyone should eat and drink and find enjoyment for all his hard work. It is the gift of God.+
  8. Newtonian

    Happy verses...

    “Place me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm; because love is as strong as death is, insistence on exclusive devotion is as unyielding as Sheol is. Its blazings are the blazings of a fire, the flame of Jah [Jehovah]. Many waters themselves are not able to extinguish love, nor can rivers themselves wash it away. If a man [like Solomon] would give all the valuable things of his house for love, persons would positively despise them.” (Song of Sol. 8:6, 7) https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/1980286?q=seal+heart&p=par#h=14 My wife and I had an excerpt from vs. 6 (as well as love being a perfect bond of union - Colossians 3:14) on our wedding invitations in 1982! Another wonderful example of enduring loyal love: Ruth 1:16,17 But Ruth said: “Do not plead with me to abandon you, to turn back from accompanying you; for where you go I will go, and where you spend the night, I will spend the night. Your people will be my people, and your God my God.+ 17 Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May Jehovah do so to me and add to it if anything but death should separate me from you.”
  9. Shouldn't be 'I don't get them' - i.e. the boxes? Curious, since I am not an elder (and if this is not confidential) - what size are the boxes? Seriously and on topic - NW is how many languages now? (179+?). OK, what revision of the 2013 revision are some of you posting about? Do we still adhere to the change of translating Heb. chuwg in Job 26:10 from "circle" (NW ref) to "horizon" (the new NW) in non-English revisions? [compare Heb. chuwg/hhug in Isaiah 40:22]
  10. Concerning the law out of which Zion in Isaiah 2:3 - the following refers more to who the house of Jehovah is: https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/pc/r1/lp-e/1200020023/29/2 It is shown clearly that fleshly Israel (Hagar in Galatians 4:25) is NOT the house of Jehovah - clearly also not the Mount Zion that is referred to. Using Galatians 4:25,26 as a cf. (cross reference), the Jerusalem above would be the Zion referred to - which is the first mountain of Daniel 2:35,44,45 (= God's woman of Gen.3:15 = the heavenly organization [e.g. angels, seraphs, cherubs] of Jehovah. However, the Israel of God referred to in the article is actually New Jerusalem - the capital of the second mountain (the stone cut out of the original mountain = the messianic Kingdom of God). Compare the seed of Genesis 3:15 and the prophetic drama in Galatians chapters 3 & 4 (singular - Gal. 3:16; plural - Gal. 3:29; 4:26-31). A third choice, besides "the Jerusalem above" (Gal. 4:26) and the New Jerusalem (bride of Christ - Revelation chapter 21) would be heavenly Jerusalem = heavenly Mt. Zion described in Hebrews 12:22-24) - which is what I think the Mt. Zion of Isaiah 2:3 is referring to. To restate the 3 choices (ignoring earthly Jerusalem/Hagar in Galatians 4:25,26): 1. The Jerusalem above - the original mountain of Daniel 2:35,44,45 - God's heavenly organization including myriads of angels. 2. New Jerusalem (= bride of Christ in Rev.21), the capital of the Messianic Kingdom, the second mountain (stone cut out of mountain -Dan.2:35,44,45) aka the Israel of God (Gal. 6:16). 3. Heavenly Jerusalem of Heb.12:22-24 - all inclusive, including myriads of angels (#1), the congregation of the firstborn (#2) and the King/singular seed of Gen.3:15; Gal.ch. 3 & 4 ( 3:16) Jesus Christ. Before going into more detail (e.g. Zech.14), I am interested in what you all have found concerning the Zion referred to in Isaiah 2:3,4 from which the law out of Zion (learn war no more) proceeds. The fact that we are obeying that law, as well as the fact that we accept God's Kingdom (either one or both) as the highest mountain (Isaiah 2:2), proves not only that we are the true religion but also that we are being taught by Jehovah through Jesus through the faithful and discreet slave (Matthew 24:45). Agreed?
  11. So true! In the words of Isaiah 2:2-4, we are learning God's ways and walking in God's paths! In fact, this involves a fulfillment of Matthew 24:45 - the faithful slave giving us food at the proper time as we have been taught to "learn war no more." There was a recent video on JW broadcasting that went into how some took the proper stand even in WWI! Of course, it was in 1933 that we more fully digested this meal at the proper time - when the Nazi holocaust was beginning. I think it had to do with a new display at the Warwick headquarters - if my memory serves me correctly!
  12. I love that song on friendship! Also the one on being forgiving!
  13. That is a week argument! Hmmm - today is the 21st!
  14. Dates grow on date palms, not posts. Seriously - from the date of the talk if those words were used (can't remember, btw.).

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