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    Single and very busy with new job transfer as well as being my mom's caregiver
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    Livonia MI
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    Raised catholic and attended catholic school but never fit in.

    Once, our school was the venue for a religious conference. Students had to escort attendees to various lecture rooms ... right past vendors selling religious wares in the halls (sound familiar lol!).

    In my area was a vendor selling bibles. I was "drawn" to this $5.00 pocket bible, but my worldly finances amounted to two quarters. At the end of the day that bible vendor said he noticed I had worked very hard and sold me that pocket bible for 0.50ยข!

    I was thrilled, found an empty room to read my treasure. Before doing so I thanked God for the chance to own my very own bible, and could he direct me to helpful words. I opened the middle of the little book and there was 2 Timothy 3:16-17 ... thus began my search for the true religion. I still have that bible today!

    Years later my girl friend from same school, was studying with JWs. She'd leave watchtowers around her house hoping her husband would read one and start studying too.

    She and I were going to the movies one day and while waiting for her, I picked up her mags and was "drawn" to the pictures of happy people - very different than my catolic books! I asked her to help me know more, and nine months later I was baptized.

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    Drawing & painting, visiting Marco Island, feeding the local birds / wildlife, playing kingdom melodies on various musical instruments, taking mom to the symphony/operas, spending time reading the bible and publications to my theocratic cat, and writing poetry that references bible verses.
  • My favorite books
    Happiness Book (our old gold one), and books of poetry
  • My favorite music
    Orchestral versions of kingdom melodies, Easy Listening, and Big Band
  • My favorite quotes
    2 Tim 3:16-17, James 4:8a, and I'm a Marco Island wannabe stuck in a snowbank in Michigan.

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  1. Just a quick word of caution from my FD Captain (for our emergency response team)...... he said quash any feelings of curosity to check out the ISIS / bad guy websites. Apparently, there are several law enforcement agencies around the globe FBI, Scotland Yard, Secret Service, Homeland Security, etc, who monitor those sites. When your computer's IP address shows up on one of those sites (even if its just to check it out), your IP address is added to a watch list. Thats not a list I want to be on.
  2. Zacchaeus The Short....its really a great thing you are aware of that "unsafe" feeling . My experience has shown many times whenever I have that feeling pop up...something is definitely not right. So I leave the area. I can't count how many times I later found out something bad did happen to those who stayed behind. I'm so glad Jehovah blessed me with that "awareness" to sense when something isnt right!
  3. Maybe the big news agencies didnt feel it was newsworthy as it didnt impact the vatican, it was just a loss of property (a garage fire). However when there is loss of life (as sad as this sounds) the media pick it up. Like that timed attack a few hours ago in London...thats all over the news.
  4. Boy we must be getting close to Jehovah's Day. Hatcheckgirl....what I tell my emergency responder students...after an attack what remains - is tbe new normal.
  5. As mentioned above ... its good to be watching for anything that seems odd. Our captain shared a sample of their tactics.... two people arrive late to the servive or meeting, sit in the back and start filming the mtg or service. When an elder or other person questions them...they respond they want to become christian. "That" is odd...but it is also the bad guys test / dry run before the actual event. So watch for "odd" things and tell someone about it. Also Ross was so right not to go looking for info about this. My captain also lectured us back in June (when that 1st letter w/8000 names came out) to stay away from sites w/ISIS info on it. He went on to say because the whereabouts of lone wolfs & sleeping cells is unknown, several government agencies are closely monitoring sites w/ISIS info, adding any names / IP addresses of any visitors to their watch lists. As for telling the public specific info...they'd rather not be responsible for mass panic if it does happen, nor look like fools if it doesn't happen. So they give out cautionary stmts like be observant and have a plan to quickly get away from there if something does happen.
  6. Either that or a "theocratic" instrument! BaHaHa!!
  7. Just acquired an unexpected / used Autoharp (Oscar Schmidt). It was part of an estate sale and seller didnt know too much about it....neither do I (smile). Ok, I admit it...it was a spur of the moment purchase, but I like its sound. And with all the new songs the society has been creating recently...I felt inspired. Been checking online for any info on how to turn it on (wink ...smile) / play it / tune it / etc...and not having a lot of success. What to play isnt a problem, thanks to the lead sheets and sheet music ...even our upcoming new song book, all on JW.Org. Im just not sure how to begin. Anyone have any of instructions / tips / tricks / advise / etc they can share?
  8. In our KH many of the young people are very versed in all this new technology. I bet if you invite 1 or 2 of them over for coffe and cake they will hook you up very easily!
  9. I like playing the piano. So when a friend sent me an interesting youtube video showing a musician playing an instrument called a "Chapman Stick" I became intrigued This instrument is sort of like guitar but its just the upper neck portion - of a guitar, has 10 or 12 strings, and is played with both hands just like a piano in a touch style fashion. I guess thats why its also known as a "touch style guitar". Ever heard of such an instrument? I'd like to get one for a reasonablw price, but found they're extremely expensive online...and not available locally. Anyone know anything about this Chapman Stick, or where one could be purchased?
  10. Haven't heard anything about the Mexico story. However, I did notice something odd on the local station last night here in Michigan. It was our city mayor and he was giving a Public Service Announcement that basically stated "....if anyone knocks on your door when you are not expecting someone, feel free to contact the police immediately..." Never thought it would show up, but it has so I let the Elders know. And even though "that" is being announced in our small city - we still go out in field service. Guess it just proves Jehovah's Day marches ever closer.
  11. Alarm clock sounded too early as usual this morning. As I slowly rolled over to turn on the radio (I don't do mornings very well), the radio announcer said something about one of the presidential candidates. I won't share the candidate's name (but that one seems to be winning lots of support these days). The announcer went on to say this very candidate was at some political event and announced he felt he could bring peace to the world. I immediately woke up and tried to listen more carefully to the story -- but it was over. I sat there and recalled the scripture that talks about "...peace and security - then the end come..." Boy it sure will be interesting sitting back watching what these candidates think they're going to do - all the while knowing Jehovah's Day continues to march faster and faster to it's conclusion! Did anyone hear the entire radio report about this candidate?
  12. Haven't seen any news updates on this event...anyone know if our brothers and sisters are ok?
  13. Bro Jerry ... you're so right, any contact we make with local brothers / sisters could end up causing them a lot of trouble...especially if the government is closely monitoring our fellow brethern's movements and/or actions.

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