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    Two sisters contacted my wife in the door to door ministry, after some time we had a Bible study in the Knowledge book.

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    Bible prophesy, in particular the Gentile Times. Also, walking and enjoying Jehovah's awesome creation.
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  1. In the New World we may all be vegetarians, if so, I am sure I will be helped to accept it because Jehovah knows the best way to for us to live. *** g97 6/22 p. 11 Choosing a Healthful Diet *** vegetarian diets are becoming increasingly popular. “Data are strong that vegetarians are at lesser risk for obesity, . . . constipation, lung cancer, and alcoholism,” says dietitian Johanna Dwyer in FDA Consumer. The important thing is: "whether you are eating or drinking or doing anything else, do all things for God’s glory." How can we promote unity? *** w04 9/1 p. 9 Glorify God “With One Mouth” *** “Welcome One Another” 5 In his letter to the Romans, Paul speaks of a situation about which opinions varied. He writes: “One man has faith to eat everything, but the man who is weak eats vegetables.” Why was that? Well, under the Mosaic Law, pork was not an acceptable food. (Romans 14:2; Leviticus 11:7) However, that Law was no longer binding after Jesus died. (Ephesians 2:15) Then, three and a half years after Jesus’ death, an angel told the apostle Peter that from God’s standpoint no food should be viewed as defiled. (Acts 11:7-12) With these factors in mind, some Jewish Christians may have felt that they could eat pork—or enjoy some other food that had been prohibited under the Law. 6 However, the very thought of eating those formerly unclean foods would likely have been repulsive to other Jewish Christians. Such sensitive ones might have felt instinctively offended at seeing their Jewish brothers in Christ eating such food. Moreover, certain Gentile Christians, whose religious background likely never included dietary prohibitions, may have been puzzled that anyone would make an issue over food. Of course, it was not wrong for someone to abstain from certain foods, as long as he did not insist that such abstinence was necessary to gain salvation. Still, the different viewpoints could easily have fueled controversy in the congregation. The Christians in Rome would need to be careful that such differences did not prevent them from glorifying God “with one mouth.”
  2. I counted 151 Countries. Out of a total of 207 named in the worldwide report. So, some 56 lands (in theory) are missing, which interestingly include: Benin, Cuba, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan Luxembourg, Norway, Paraguay, Philippines, Serbia Sweden, Tahiti, Togo, Turkey (all have more than 2,000 publishers) Even Britain is missing, but we do have United Kingdom (however its debatable how united it is here 😂) Can someone clarify?.. French Polynesia does not show as a reporting country. So how many islands are included ? Tahiti and?
  3. BREAKING NEWS story from jw org, shows that of our 17 brothers are imprisoned for their faith, unlawfully. Please read the full letter, it helps us to be specific in our prayers to Jehovah. I doubt this letter will be published in the Russian press, so we need the truth to be told.
  4. Br Jonathan, that's a great idea. Its so easy in WT Library to copy and paste the study Notes. The pictures have notes too, very helpful for Bible Highlights, woops, I mean Digging for Spiritual Gems.
  5. Is Update 1703 the latest update? If so, we must be due another update in April?
  6. What a beautiful new Kingdom Hall in Stornoway. This is a shout of praise and love to Jehovah and our dear brothers and sisters.
  7. Indeed, if you ask nicely, brother Musky just might send you a download link to obtain the files electronically via your broadband connection. (worked for me).
  8. We have a future hope. I am guessing those good old days will return, about a month from now. Don't give up.
  9. That's an average of 5 more each month. This will need to increase to 6 per month in 2018 to reach 1000 next year. We know that Jehovah "will speed it up in its own time...Because Jehovah anointed me to declare good news to the meek." Isaiah 60:22 , 23
  10. This would indeed be helpful for many of us. Please let us know if someone can provide this transcript, that would be truly loving.
  11. Great, at last, I have been expecting this update for a while now. Thanks Jonathan for letting us know, i like to use the WTL for research in preference to the online library.
  12. https://www.jw.org/download/?issue=201803&output=html&pub=mwb&fileformat=JWPUB%2CMOBI%2CPDF%2CRTF%2CTXT%2CBRL%2CBES&alllangs=0&langwritten=E&txtCMSLang=E&isBible=0
  13. Thanks Johan, I understand now. I am hoping we have update 8 in the next few days Maybe it will be released with the December broadcast.
  14. I was expecting a WT Library update this month, however looks like December now, this Weekend maybe .. Expect we will have gospel of John added to the NWT Study Edition to match the Online Library version. Its strange that WT Library is ahead of the JWL regarding the NWT Study Edition, usually its the other way round.
  15. I have not heard about my application to Oslo, but I am not expecting to hear until early January. Perhaps if large numbers of applications have been received, the host city may try to run more convention dates to accommodate the delegates. But we will have to wait and see, and keep a waiting attitude. (Micah 7:7)

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