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    Two sisters contacted my wife in the door to door ministry, after some time we had a Bible study in the Knowledge book.

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    Bible prophesy, in particular the Gentile Times. Also, walking and enjoying Jehovah's awesome creation.
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  1. It looks like comments are allowed on this BREEAM website, hopefully someone will comment about how Chelmsford City Council feel: “We are pleased that Jehovah’s Witnesses have so fully embraced such requirements for this development, even exceeding the standards expected by the city council.” The project “can now rightly be noted as a source of pride within our city, acting as a beacon for achieving the highest environmental standards.”
  2. A good report from the Holy Land............. https://www.i24news.tv/en/tv/replay/holyland-uncovered/x5wutei
  3. Are you referring to the earthquake? Massive 7.7 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Between Russia and Alaska. No damage reported.
  4. Absolutely, I am sure our brothers and sisters may get the opportunity (at the right time) to share with other neighbors how God is helping them to cope. Jeremiah 29:11 comes to mind a future time of 'peace and not calamity'. How will this come true? .. only by Kingdom Rule very Soon at hand, please come to the convention and learn more.
  5. ** this further news was messaged by a friend ** FORWARD from HLC: There were 3 JW families in the tower block fire. All got out safely. One pioneer sister said - she smelt smoke in the middle of the night, looked out, saw the flames, grabbed her mum and Go bags and were off. They are in a better state than most !
  6. Indeed, those responsible are really blood guilty. Under the Mosaic Law your building had to be safe.... The Law of Moses made safety an official policy of God’s people. For example, an Israelite who was building a house had to install a parapet, a low wall or railing built at the edge of the roof. Because people were often up on the flat roofs of their homes, the parapets kept them from falling off. (1 Sam. 9:26; Matt. 24:17) If an accident took place because this safety law had not been observed, Jehovah held the householder responsible.—Deut. 22:8.
  7. A friend reported the Bethel service desk said that their were two witness families that both got out safely.
  8. Just visited the new Branch relocation site in Essex. We had the most uplifting experience you can imagine. The visitor centre is brilliant with videos and a scale model, please book your visit and see from the viewing platform the residents buildings in rapid progress. Some 300 volunteers are working there every day. Please visit soon if you can, you can really see Jehovah's spirit in action. Here is a visitor postcard because we are asked not to share personal photos on social media.
  9. Great reminder, thank you sister Fae for your experience. I hope this request is heeded, we don't want anyone to go through the agony you must have felt. In fact attendants in the UK we were instructed to be careful that if you find a lost child, you need to ask another attendant to accompany you at all times in the presence of the child, for obvious reasons. So it would save a lot of time worry and manpower if these situations could be reduced and by keeping a phone number on the back of the badge of their young children. We are.. SO looking forward to the 2017 Convention.
  10. Next session next Wednesday. This should allow any late letters to arrive and for further prayers in support of Jehovah's interests.
  11. 17:13 The court announces a break in the court session until April 7, 2017 10:00. The entrance to the building will be open from 9:00.
  12. 15:28 The court declared a break until April 6, 2017 14:00. https://jw-russia.org/news/17040510-129.html (using 'google translate')
  13. If the expected Supreme Court decision (in favour of Ban) is challenged by an appeal to the Presidium (the only higher court to the Supreme court), this would add a lengthy delay to the final outcome. The end is not yet, maybe.
  14. Very Interesting. I had no idea there would be an opportunity in appealing the Supreme Court's decision. Which court in Russia would consider such an appeal?

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