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    Two sisters contacted my wife in the door to door ministry, after some time we had a Bible study in the Knowledge book.

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    Bible prophesy, in particular the Gentile Times. Also, walking and enjoying Jehovah's awesome creation.
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    The Bible

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  1. Br Jonathan, that's a great idea. Its so easy in WT Library to copy and paste the study Notes. The pictures have notes too, very helpful for Bible Highlights, woops, I mean Digging for Spiritual Gems.
  2. Is Update 1703 the latest update? If so, we must be due another update in April?
  3. What a beautiful new Kingdom Hall in Stornoway. This is a shout of praise and love to Jehovah and our dear brothers and sisters.
  4. Indeed, if you ask nicely, brother Musky just might send you a download link to obtain the files electronically via your broadband connection. (worked for me).
  5. We have a future hope. I am guessing those good old days will return, about a month from now. Don't give up.
  6. That's an average of 5 more each month. This will need to increase to 6 per month in 2018 to reach 1000 next year. We know that Jehovah "will speed it up in its own time...Because Jehovah anointed me to declare good news to the meek." Isaiah 60:22 , 23
  7. This would indeed be helpful for many of us. Please let us know if someone can provide this transcript, that would be truly loving.
  8. Great, at last, I have been expecting this update for a while now. Thanks Jonathan for letting us know, i like to use the WTL for research in preference to the online library.
  9. https://www.jw.org/download/?issue=201803&output=html&pub=mwb&fileformat=JWPUB%2CMOBI%2CPDF%2CRTF%2CTXT%2CBRL%2CBES&alllangs=0&langwritten=E&txtCMSLang=E&isBible=0
  10. Thanks Johan, I understand now. I am hoping we have update 8 in the next few days Maybe it will be released with the December broadcast.
  11. I was expecting a WT Library update this month, however looks like December now, this Weekend maybe .. Expect we will have gospel of John added to the NWT Study Edition to match the Online Library version. Its strange that WT Library is ahead of the JWL regarding the NWT Study Edition, usually its the other way round.
  12. I have not heard about my application to Oslo, but I am not expecting to hear until early January. Perhaps if large numbers of applications have been received, the host city may try to run more convention dates to accommodate the delegates. But we will have to wait and see, and keep a waiting attitude. (Micah 7:7)
  13. Thank you brother Andrej. You always help to simplify for us. Actually I would really love a copy of the subtitles for another video, its a 5 minute video which comes from the May 2016 broadcast. For an upcoming Living as Christians part. https://tv.jw.org/#en/mediaitems/pub-jwbai_201605_2_VIDEO Do you know if this can be obtained?
  14. With no yearbook for 2018, do you think we will receive the worldwide service report in one of the 2018 Meeting Workbooks? Or will this be received some other way?
  15. Found it.... https://www.jw.org/download/?issue=201802&output=html&pub=mwb&fileformat=JWPUB%2CMOBI%2CPDF%2CRTF%2CTXT%2CBRL%2CBES&alllangs=0&langwritten=E&txtCMSLang=E&isBible=0

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