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  1. It's up!! But not in Dutch yet.
  2. If you use WTLib for research and you find an interesting Paragraph or sentence, you can copy that into your notes by selecting the Text , Ctrl-C (Copy) and Ctrl-V (Paste). It works with any other source as well.
  3. @ DAges. What site are you using? My translation with Google translate seems more accurate.
  4. 10.20 The judge asks the representative of the Ministry of Justice, on the basis of which they claim that the financing of the LRO by the Management Center is precisely the financing of "extremist activity"? What is objectively proved? If nothing, then what are the claims of the Ministry of Justice based on?
  5. 15:40 Zhenkov's lawyer first of all asks the court to refuse to accept a copy of the court's decision, which the Justice Ministry presented to the court a few minutes ago. The court decision describes the case when certain parents brought a sick child to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed a low level of hemoglobin and offered treatment with medicines or a transfusion of donor blood. Parents preferred medicines, but the hospital appealed to the court with a request to give her carte blanche for the use of donor blood. The decision also mentions that there was no threat to life, it was a question of planned treatment. The lawyer draws attention to the fact that in the court's decision there is no mention of any of the organizations of Jehovah's Witnesses. 15:50 The judge asks the representative of the Ministry of Justice: if there is no mention of Jehovah's Witnesses, what does this document have to do with this case. 15:53 The judge shall postpone the determination of the attachment of this document. 15:54 Lawyer Zhenkov begins to ask questions to the representative of the Ministry of Justice. The first question is: does the Justice Ministry have any information about any violations that were committed under the influence of the literature of Jehovah's Witnesses that was submitted to the FSEM. Answer from the Ministry's representative: "No, we do not have such information."
  6. Just uploaded the new wonderful song!! I love it!!
  7. Your Word endures forever View File Sonmg from the Broadcast of January 2017 Submitter molnarj Submitted 01/02/2017 Category Other / Miscellaneous  
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Sonmg from the Broadcast of January 2017
  9. The link works with me, but no Dutch in the list ?????
  10. I remember that last month was also later then usual.