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    Wisconsin, USA
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    I asked my father what heaven was like when I was about six years old. The answer I was given was not satisfying. My dream was to live forever on earth. I had a terrible time during adolescence and tried to kill myself. I turned to sex and drugs. I met my future wife and eventually we married. One day we visited her grandmother who had just become one of Jehovah's Witnesses. She gave us both a Truth book and we read them and agreed right away that we had found the true religion. My wife made changes quickly, but I took a little longer. Yet, at the next district convention we were both baptized.

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    I have had many interests over the years. At present I am tracing my family's genealogy and also trying to start up a stock-trading business so I can prepare for retirement.
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    My all time favorite book is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, by Betty Smith. That is the novel that re-kindled my desire to read.
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    I like Gordon Lightfoot and have tried to pattern my vocalizations and guitar playing after him. I admit that I know very little about music from the 80s onward. After I learned the truth I didn't listen to popular music any more.
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    An empty house is better than a bad tennant -from my father after I had been sick with the flu. I'm just as old as my little finger and a little older than my teeth -my grandmother after I asked how old she was. A live dog is better than a dead lion -my wife quoting from the scriptures after I had been whining.

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  1. Convention Picture Lots of construction, so smaller groups this year. This was the last English convention of 2015 in our area. The two big screens really helped keep everybody's attention. -Dave
  2. This was back in the 90's when I was an elder in a small congregation. I was doing the announcements and said that the accounts report would be posted on the bulletin board and was taken to task by another elder. There had been direction from New York about it. -Dave
  3. I was out on my bike the other day......
  4. I have a Windows 8 tablet and play videos using VLC player. It is an open-source and free player from VideoLAN.org. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html -Dave
  5. I wonder if we will reach the point where all the "helps" actually become counter-productive? -Dave
  6. An alternative: 1. Feel free to exercise your God-given free will. As you learn about Jehovah, you will come to love him and want to please him. 2. Eat anything you want. Everything was given to you as food. You will find marvelous health and your body will tell you just what is good for you. 3. Please search for your resurrected loved ones, we have accurate records and can tell you where they are in a matter of seconds. 4. You will be amazed at the technology, Jehovah has opened his mind to us. 5. Laugh, sing, play, work, love, these are all gifts from Jehovah 6. As we work together, our joy will increase. When this world is a paradise, we will start on another. -Dave
  7. Not likely, but maybe folks will visit the site just to see what it is about..... -Dave
  8. While it is not especially hard to adapt to a "different" calendar or of keeping track of time (we use a 24 hour clock at work), I find changes like this somewhat upsetting. I know it is not my place to question such things and I trust the brothers, but some vestiges of "normalcy" are comforting. -Dave
  9. "God's Kingdom Rules!" released at our 2014 Regional Convention is now available for download. -Dave
  10. Don't let this throw you off balance. Even the worst of despicable lies about us prompt folks to be curious. In it's own form, it is a witness. -Dave
  11. DW

    Cold Shoulder

    I work overnight in an office that houses the company's mainframe and servers. It is kept at a constant cold temperature. It becomes very uncomfortable in there especially as I get more tired toward morning. People walking by my door laugh at me wearing my coat in the summer. If you haven't experienced it, you don't know what it is like...... -Dave
  12. Are "Russellites" simply a generic term for those that were part of the schism after Rutherford was elected president? Three main groups split off: Pastoral Bible Institute, Laymen's Home Missionary Movement, and Dawn Bible Students. -Dave

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