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  1. I had similar issues on my phone which runs on android OS. I found out that after connecting to the internet and with jwlibrary app in home view, when I scrolled from the home bar to the daily text section the app started updating. You will see the updating bar (between the drawn red lines) as in the attached screenshot. After about 15 minutes the app was updated. I now perform this procedure regularly and I have not had anymore issues with the app. Hope this helps.
  2. Goodmorning, Could I please have the link as well. Thank you
  3. My goals this service year are; Auxiliary Pioneer more Improve on my personal study Improve the quality of our family worship Read the all Bible in a year Help friends reaching out for privileges of service
  4. A wonderful program again. It showed me that I had a very limited view of giving. And what a song!!.
  5. Pubs - 120 Attendance - 392 Partakers - 0
  6. Patiently Waiting.................... Proverbs 13:12

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