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  1. Thats correct - Erdington - been there myself since a 5 year old in 1972
  2. Have a look at this article https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/1989525
  3. Our Kingdom Hall was built in 1969, i believe. We have had some refurbishments over the years. We are on the list for a refurbishmet/renovation, so it may fit in with the 50 year anniversary next year
  4. Where is the book bearing thorough witness the 2018 printing thanks

    1. pholmes38


      It is only in the JWLibrary app.

      Go to "publications" and it should show as a pending update

    2. Brenda


      Did you find it Ginger?

  5. Its updated today to a printing edition of "December 2018" (Yes, December, even though its only November 10)
  6. Im grateful for it. Thank you
  7. Obviously someone was smart enough to do it
  8. Im really grateful. Thanks (though a shame its without artwork) Where did it come from?
  9. Just had a small Android update 10.6.31154 ???
  10. Just had update 1710, includes the latest publications
  11. Had an Android update on the app today Version 10.6 ("Fixed several bugs")
  12. So it would be great if the FDS imminently released it as a JWPUB file (ready for the book of Acts next month) to use within the app.. The study Bible for Acts is great but it doesnt have anywhere near the total information in the Bearing Witness book. As the app is the main tool, it would be so neat in there. But if they dont, the pdf will have to do.
  13. I dont suppose anyone has the technical skills to know how to convert an epub (or even pdf) into a jwpub file of this book?
  14. This above post makesme wonder, Is the Proclaimers book availabe in jwpub or pdf?
  15. I notice that I have an 86mb update for the study Bible Not sure what for

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