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  1. Thank you!! I obviously don't do well with change lol.
  2. Sorry if this has been brought up elsewhere but what happened to the song numbers for the articles stating with the July study editions?
  3. I tried it in Kindle, pages, evernote and one note on my iPad and none of those allowed me to type on it.
  4. Remember the good old days, just 2 years ago, when we had the theme in January.
  5. Now all I need is to be able to highlight! I feel selfish even thinking about that after all the amazing additions.
  6. Is there a place to hear the new songs being sung? All I can find is the piano music.
  7. I use the app mymedia. It is a free app that allows you to download videos and save them to the ipad. I have not seen this option on the broadcasting site though.
  8. Sorry if this has already been answered but how do you clear out your bookmarks on the app?
  9. My brother was so excited he was in one of the pictures, my sil's hair made an appearance too lol.
  10. queenreen

    Convention Lunches

    I'm in the south orlando area. our circuits were just readjusted so now we are heading over to the coast. I will miss the landscaping at PC. it always reminded me of how I want paradise to look
  11. queenreen

    Convention Lunches

    Side Note, I actually worked on that assembly hall when we first bought it. It a gorgeous facility but the walk in the summer...oh my. We just got moved to Daytona from Plant City for our CA and SADs, can't wait to see that hall.

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