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  1. In Austria even the Muslim community mostly agreed with the closing of those mosques because they were teaching hate and extremist Islam. That's bad for everyone, but especially for moderate Muslims who just want to live a normal life.
  2. Anna, thank you for your post where you explain there was a misunderstanding. I'd like to address one detail from this previous posts of yours. I don't think we are disagreeing, it's just a clarification: Yes, it's true that mistakes have been made, that some victims were told not to go to the authorities, and that more implication in some cases could have prevented further victims. All of this is regrettably true. But all these rather rare mistakes were made by disobedient individuals, not by the organization nor by Jehovah's people. Since Jehovah's organization exist on earth in modern times, it has never been our policy to minimize rape or abuse, to tell the victims to keep silent or to let pedophiles unleashed in the congregation. Never. When those things happened, it was because elders ignored the instructions from the branch and followed their own opinion. If they had listened to the branch, none of those mistakes would have happened. Have our proceedings to handle child abuse accusations improved? Absolutely! We have learned a lot from experience and from the research of experts, and now we are in a better position than ever to help the victims. But this doesn't mean that we had inappropriate practices or policies. JWs have always cared for their children and have tried to protect them from every danger. I'm sure you agree with this point.
  3. carlos

    Home page

    I like a plain-vanilla dark-colored Windows desktop. I hate to have many icons on my desktop, so when I have some task to do I leave it in the middle and that way I know I hurry up to finish it.
  4. All the points underlined in that list have been in practice for decades. There's nothing new there. For several years already the Slave is making sure that absolutely all the elders are up to date regarding those proceedings and that all judicial committees will follow them to the letter. Our children are the most precious good we have and we do everything within our power to protect them. It's hard to imagine why we would want to cover child abusers when we are so strict with any kind of sexual sin. If that policy is a result of the ARC, then it served some useful purpose. But honestly I doubt it is. The ARC has had virtually no impact in Europe and very little in North America. Most Witnesses are not eve aware that there was an ARC. This child protection packet I think is rather an effort to counteract the misinformation spread by several media. Whatever the reason, I agree that transparency is good and that it's great to have this document (which resembles a lot the one published in 2005) available for everyone.
  5. Of course, the same as Ruben, I didn't mean that it's wrong to visit those countries or that Christians shouldn't do it. It could well be argued that hotels and people who live off tourism are not persecuting our brothers, it's the government who is. It's just a personal choice, something I don't feel comfortable doing.
  6. I understand your reasons perfectly, Ruben. I don't care for football (I may be the only Spaniard who doesn't ) but we have a rule in my family never to never do tourism in countries where our brothers are banned or persecuted. Russia, China, Cuba, most Muslim countries are a no no for us, attractive destinations as they are. There are so many nice countries to visit, why would I support with my money one whose government is attacking my family?
  7. carlos


    In Spain most people have brown eyes, an inheritance from our Roman and Arabic ancestors. The more south you go, the darker the eyes. In some areas of Northern Spain where the population is from Celtic origin many people have blue eyes. an interesting exception are a few towns scattered along the Southern Spanish coast: most natives there are blond and with blue eyes, which are the result of Viking raids in the old times. I have green eyes too which may be a gift from my Russian great-grandmother or could come from God knows who.
  8. I agree but I'm not sure if I'm not understanding your point or you are not understanding mine. I just quoted that magazine to show that it has never been our practice to cover child abusers or any criminals. The article deals mainly with congregational discipline, but if the wrongdoers had to face jail or other consequences for their crimes, we wouldn't protect them either. The congregation has to be clean, otherwise Jehovah could not bless it. In other words, our organization has always acknowledged that any victim has the right to report the abuse to the authorities if they wish.
  9. We have mentioned several times how the instructions published in The Watchtower at least from 1962 were that the victim of a crime (including of course rape and child abuse) has the right to report it to the authorities. The congregation doesn't protect criminals. Well, it's actually older than 1962. Today I was doing some unrelated research on 1 Timothy 5:21 and the only reference was w57 217. When I read that old article, I found the following:
  10. carlos

    Help with firestick

    @sis little Angela, I split this post to a new topic so that it can receive more attention.
  11. carlos

    Chaos in Gaza

    Seriously, violent riots because the US moved their embassy to Jerusalem? Risking your life and your family's for the location of an embassy? Some people are complete fools or they simply love violence and civil disorder.
  12. Hola, Enrique. I'm still working on it. I can only dedicate some minutes to it now and then. Thank you for the interest.
  13. I do use the paid version of Moon+ Pro, but I haven't been able to write anywhere as you do. I'll have to try the stylus, which I have never used. Thanks!
  14. Tony, what's the name of that app? It looks a lot like the interface of Moon+ Reader, which I use, but I don't think Moon+ Reader can do some of the things you did there. I am comfortable with JW Library for our general use, but I need something like this to prepare the study guides for the Bible Teach book that I study with a teenager.
  15. carlos

    Privacy Policy

    Now if you ever leave the forums we will have to remove this post with personal info!

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