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  1. Copyrights were never intended to prevent sharing our publications with our brothers and sisters. In the old time before we had digital editions, often we would run out of Kingdom Ministries and the elders would send me to make some photocopies for the brothers who didn't have one. Those obsessed with the letter of the law would raise their hands to their head and cry copyright infringement, but actually that was the right way to proceed. Sharing your CDROM with a brother who had lost his or had forgotten to order one was the logical, reasonable and loving thing to do. Refusing to do that because of copyright would be Pharisaical. Imagine those brothers in Nazi concentration camps who copied Bible scriptures on pieces of paper. Copyright breakers!
  2. Thanks, John, that is a great explanation. I think that unplugging the TV every time I have the problem is the easiest and cheapest solution. But I assure you my next tv will not be Samsung.
  3. What you download is an ISO file, a byte-for-byte image of the DVDROM. I don't know why they chose to do it that way. If you are using Windows 10, you need to right-click on the file you have downloaded and select Mount. Then that file is loaded as a DVD and it will automatically start the installation. After you finish installing it, you should right-click the file again and Unmount it so that you can delete it. If you are using an older version of Windows I don't think you can mount ISO images without a specific software. But you can do something else: Open the ISO file with 7zip or Winrar or some other archiver, then extract all its contents to a folder and install from there.
  4. Testing status updates

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  5. Thanks. That's exactly the problem I was having. Thanks, Lynn. I tried this and it is working now. I had already restored to factory settings several times to no avail, but that was some weeks ago. Today I tried unplugging the tv and it worked. I'm not sure if it's due to unplugging or it simply works when it wants, but so far it's going well. I understand that but right now using the browser is the only way to see the English subtitles. Until a couple months ago you could download the videos with subtitles, but not anymore, not sure of the reason. Thanks, that's a good suggestion. I have a Roku on an old tv we rarely use. I have have issues again I will connect it to this tv. Anyway there was an annoucement some time ago that English subtitles would not work on Roku for a time. Not sure if they are working now again.
  6. Yes, I can play the videos in my tablet and I can use the remote screen feature to send them to the tv, but they play choppily. I also can play videos directly on the tv from other sites, such as Youtube and Netflix. It's something specific with tv.jw.org Yes, Brandon. This tv has an built-in browser. It's a pain to enter URLs with your remote, but once JW Broadcasting is added as a favorite it's only a couple clicks. Thank you, I appreciate that. I have seen other brothers complaining in forums that they have the same problem with Samsung TVs.
  7. From a couple months ago I'm unable to stream any videos from tv.jw.org on my Samsung TV. I contacted Samsung support and of course they blamed the site. The site, on the other hand, just suggests contacting my branch. Is there a support email or form for JW Broadcasting? Or do they expect us to phone the branch with technical issues? The problem began more or less at the same time as the subtitled videos in English were no longer available for download. They changed something in the way the subtitles are shown, and I think that might be related to the issue. So right now I cannot download English videos with subtitles and I can't watch them on streaming either.
  8. Hmm. I think that prophecy is too lame to come from a supernatural source. Satan would have done a better job. What that guy wrote is simply unintelligible and absolutely ambiguous, so it can be applied to anything you want. That being said, taking into account where we are in the current of time Francis could well be the last pope. Or maybe not.
  9. carlos

    Plane Stolen from Seattle Airport

    He worked as a plane mechanic for that company. He probably came inside the plane to check or fix something.
  10. I very much disagree with this comment. The organization did prepare a version of Wachtower Library for PocketPC / Windows Mobile, but they did it too late, when that platform was beginning to disappear from the market. I guess they were very frustrated that all the work they invested into that version was soon useless, and that discouraged them from preparing a port to Android and iOS. However, the fact is that many brothers felt the need to have the publications in their mobile devices and they found different ways. I for one I am very thankful of the huge efforts some brothers made to develop Watchtower Publications for iSilo. Even though its functionality was far more limited than that of the official Watchtower Library, it's been extremely useful for me and it's still is since I don't always have signal or data to use WOL. For preparing meetings, meetings for service, return visits, shepherding visits, doing research and simply having spiritual discussions with the friends, having all that information on your phone is invaluable. The brothers at the branch were very aware of the project and were in touch with the brothers developing it. When they gave a suggestion, the brothers applied it. What they did never broke the copyright or the law, but even if it technically had its pointless to insist on the letter of the law rather than its intent. Our publications were never copyrighted to prevent the friends from using them, but to prevent them from being used with the wrong intention.
  11. So much for the claims that we hide our old publications.
  12. This is true. However, maybe a reason why a Mac-specific version was never planned is that Watchtower Library works perfectly in a Mac by using a free and easy to configure emulator.
  13. carlos

    Plane Stolen from Seattle Airport

    Good that there were no passengers in the plane.
  14. Yes, we were privilege to visit that exhibition last January. I posted a topic about that visit, if you wish to have a look: https://jwtalk.net/forums/topic/33573-exhibition-about-conscientious-objectors/
  15. I'm not sure I understand the question. When Greek explorers found dark-skinned people living in North-West Africa, they called them "mauroi" (modern Greek "mavroi"). Of course, their land became Mauritania, the land of the Mauros (= black people). From the same word, through Latin, "mauro" becomes "moro" (= Moor), and from there, Morocco. The Roman province of Mauritania covered all North-Western Africa, including today's Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Mauritania. Today Mauritania is much smaller and one of the poorest countries in the world.

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