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  1. If there's no "Check for updates" under Help that means you have an older version than 2016. Save yourself toil and download the latest version directly from JW.org: https://www.jw.org/en/online-help/watchtower-library/features/
  2. Last Sunday I had two talks in Northern Spain, so we stayed in a rural B&B with a farm. The site was wonderful and the owners were extremely nice to us. Then when we were leaving we found out they are JWs. :lol:

    1. ivy


      Cool! How did you find out?

    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Was it like being in the new system?

    3. carlos


      He was explaining they had some issue with the town hall that they could solve easily by lying, but that he and his wife don't lie because they are Jehovah's Witnesses.


      Yes, it was a bit like the new system. My wife spent the day running after the rabbits and picking up the kids (little goats, not little humans). :lol:

  3. On the other hand, maybe it's not necessary to use a VPN. I guess the brothers could replicate the contents of JW.org in a different server with a more discreet name and have the friends access that one.
  4. The video conveys very well the idea that Jehovah, Jesus and the angels are looking at what we do, and that we can make them happy or sad depending on our actions, even in little things.
  5. Let's say I'm in Russia and use NordVPN to access JW.org. Is there a way the police or anyone can detect I'm using that service? There's nothing in my traffic that reveals I'm using a VPN, is there? Or maybe they could realize it if they are investigating me specifically and see what my IPs show, but there's no way to filter all connections in the country to detect those which use a VPN. Or am I wrong?
  6. I don't have a list of abbreviations, but you can always go to JW.org, change to the language you wish and see which abbreviation appears in the adress bar.
  7. Another example that just came to my mind: Jesus warned the apostles to beware of the yeast of the Pharisees. Does that mean Christians should not bake or eat bread?
  8. Or Satan as the birdcatcher. Does it mean that it's wrong to catch birds? No, it's just an illustration to highlight a point.
  9. Johan, I was agreeing with you (without setting a precedent ) and giving an additional reason why I didn't think that news is advertized to discourage the friends from leaving Russia. As you say, if that were the purpose the article would be in Russian. Besides, I don't think the Russian governments cares if JWs leave the country. They knew it would happen.
  10. I have used that app for some time and it worked really well. It also allows you to see two languages at the same time.
  11. Besides compulsory military service is just for nationals, not refugees or any foreign residents.
  12. Yes, it's the same that happens in most civilized countries that still have a military service. Sputnik News, formerly "The Voice of Russia", is just a propaganda outlet. I mean, all media are, but this one is owned directly by the Russian government, so it's basically just Putin giving his opinion. Don't expect to read anything positive about JWs in that newspaper. Apparently our brothers were exempt by law from any military service, while other consciencious objectors had to perform an alternative service for the community. Now some of these objectors are protesting that it's unfair, and I have to agree that it's hard to justify that some people are treated differently just because of their religion. I mean, it may be convenient for us but it's not fair. So our Finnish brothers will have to perform a civil service, the same as they do in most countries where military service is still compulsory. I remember when military service was compulsory here in Spain we were offered a civil service as an alternative. I served for one year and a have at the Red Cross offices. It was basically working for free. A few years later the military service was abolished in Spain.
  13. The point about selling info about you is probably true, although the amount of information they can obtain from WhatsApp messsages seems quite limited. On the other hand, it's true that there are many other messaging apps out there, and probably some of them are even better than WhatsApp. The problem is that nobody uses them among my acquaintances. I installed Telegram once and I really liked it but only one or two of my contacts had it. The same happened with Line. The software may be wonderful but if nobody uses it it's completely useless for me. WhatsApp is not so popular in North America but in Europe is the absolute standard. You can contact anyone, people or companies, by WhatsApp if you have their phone number. I have to agree that the most popular messaging app is not necessarily the best one. But it is what it is.

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