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  1. This bug was fixed in the previous update. Now I can add tags to notes and they stick.
  2. BUCHAREST, Romania — A Romanian court has rejected a man’s claim that he is alive after his wife officially registered him as dead, saying that the decision cannot be reversed. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/16/world/europe/romania-dead-man.html
  3. Sandra, when I was playing with a Roku the other day I saw there is an app that allows sending videos to your Roku as you would do with a Chromecast. I don't remember its name, but it was in the Roku list of apps. EDIT: In addition to what Stavro wrote, I just found this website that explains how to use your Roku as a Chromecast without having to install anything: https://www.howtogeek.com/214943/how-to-use-your-roku-like-a-chromecast/
  4. Stephen Hawking has died

    But if I don't remember wrong Darwin believed that God was the ultimate Creator, the one who produced the first living organism and who established the rules by which it would evolve.
  5. To be coherent with their gender neutrality there shouldn't be separate maculine and feminine competitions in sports. They should all compete together. But then they would protest that men won all the awards and there would be compulsory parity rates for the winners, I guess.
  6. Sandra, if you use Chrome in your PC or your phone you can send the videos to your Chromecast without even using screen-mirroring.
  7. Hi brother carlos, i always appreciate your reasoning on various discussion we have on our page...thanks.

    1. carlos


      Thank you very much for your nice words, Kay. We all collaborate to make this place special. :)

  8. Absolutely yes. The reason is to promote the LGBT agenda, obviously. Or as they put it, to acknowledge the diversity. A couple days ago someone was making fun of the multitudinous feminist protests by saying the feminist motto was "Everything offends me". I thought that describes perfectly not only the feminist movement but all of Satan's world at this final stage: Everybody is offended by everything. If you call a woman "woman" she's offended because you are assuming she's a woman just because she looks like a woman. People desperately want a change but they don't know which change they want. As Christians we completely reject those "alternative" lifestyles but that doesn't prevent us from being respectful when we treat with any kind of people. Similarly, we can accommodate to a degree their wishes to be called in a certain way. Of course, we will not pass the limits established by the Scriptures.
  9. Well, to reply my own question in case it helps someone else. The point was to find the easiest method to watch the monthly broadcasting on a non-smart tv for some tech-challenged friends. I finally went for the Chromecast because that will allow them to play any other videos too. Besides, I was not sure that the Jw Broadcasting Roku channel worked in Spain. The Chromecast installation was very simple and troubleless. You need to connect it to an HDMI input in your tv and it will show the instructions on screen. You install a Google app in your phone, give a name to the Chromecast, and you're ready to go. Using it is extremely simple. Just use Chrome to play the broadcasting from tv.jw.org (or any video from any other site) and then click the Chromecast button. The video will immediately be displayed on your tv. Then a friend told me he has a Roku 2 device that he doesn't use and I borrowed it from him. The installation is equally easy. The biggest annoyance was having to enter the long wifi password using the remote, but you do that just the first time. There appears a menu with lots of apps you can install. Go to Religion an dthe first one is JW Broadcasting. Just click on it to install it, and in a few seconds it will appear in your Home menu. Just click on the icon and the website appears. So I can confirm that JW Broadcasting under Roku works perfectly in Spain, both in English and Spanish. Both devices are very easy to set up and to use. Roku has its own remote while with Chromecast your tablet or phone is the remote. Thank you very much to all the friends who have sent their suggestions. They have been very useful. Thanks!
  10. Friends, we are getting heated because we are not understanding each other. We are talking about several different things here and mixing them. Let's summarize: - If people (in service, at work or wherever) want us to refer to them in gender-neutral terms, that's ok, we comply. On the other hand, if people want us to call them something they are not, we won't comply. If a mother wants to be called "guardian" instead of "mother", we call her "guardian". If the "guardian" wants their offspring called "a child" instead of "a boy" or "a girl", so be it. If a gay person speaks about his partner, we call him "his partner". No problem with that. If you have a return visit who is living with a woman without being married, how will we refer to her? Surely we won't say "How's your wife?" because they aren't married. Surely not "your concubine", "your lover", "that woman you commit fornication with" because those terms, although accurate, will upset the person unnecessarily. "How's your partner?" may be the best option, and it's perfectly accurate. - When we speak of ourselves and our relatives, we use the most proper term. My wife, my husband, my mother, my son, whatever. We are not dropping that. - When translating the Bible or in our publications, the Slave keeps genders clearly specified when it's relevant for the context. For example, we call Jehovah "Father", not "Father/Mother" or "Parent". And the Bible says wives must be submissive their husbands, not "marriage partners must be submissive to one another". Yet gender-neutral terms are often used when their intended meaning is gender-neutral. For example, in the new NWT the term "sons of Israel" as been replaced with "Israelites", and "orphan boy" has been replaced by "orphan child". Or in many places where the original Greek says "sons" the NWT translates "children". *** nwt p. 1724 A2 Features of This Revision *** Conveying the correct idea of words involving gender. Hebrew and Greek nouns indicate male or female gender, and in Greek, also neuter. At times, though, reflecting the gender of the original-language term may obscure the intended meaning. In both Hebrew and Greek, plural nouns are generally masculine, not only when referring exclusively to males but also when referring to both males and females. For example, though the expression “the sons of Israel” may refer to the 12 sons of Jacob, it more often refers to the entire nation of Israel, both men and women. (Genesis 46:5; Exodus 35:29) So in the revision, this phrase was often rendered “Israelites” to show that it refers to the entire nation. Similarly, the expression “fatherless boy” was rendered “fatherless child” or “orphan” to show that it may refer to a boy or a girl. On the other hand, since the Bible uses the male gender in reference to God and to his Son, as well as to various angels and demons, there is no basis for using genderless terms as is done in some modern translations. I think we all agree on those points and nobody is arguing the opposite, so there's really no reason to become upset, friends.
  11. I had a workmate who is gay and got married with his boyfriend. My colleagues often referred to that man as "his husband" and from a legal viewpoint that usage is correct: They are legally married and therefore husband and husband. Yet I never called that man his husband. I called him his partner, because partner is accurate and respectful at the same time. I could not call him his husband in a good conscience because even if they are legally married in the eyes of Caesar, they are not in Jehovah's eyes. So we can accommodate to social realities to a degree, but there are lines I would not cross. Now if I refer to my wife, I would never say she's "my partner". That would be like saying: "She's an acquaintance that lives in the same house with me." Of course she's my partner but she's much more than that. If the words husband and wife disappeared from our language, I guess we would have to use whatever words are understood by everybody. But those terms are still safe and sound and very much alive, so I wouldn't be concerned with that.
  12. Private message sent. Please check it in the upper right corner of the site, clicking on the envelope.
  13. That is a good question, @Shannie The anointed have a different hope, but aside of that they are as imperfect as we are and with the same weaknesses and shortcomings. Some struggle with immoral desires or with materialism, some are afraid of man, some are stressed due to bad health or the problems of life, some fight negative feelings and often think they won't make it... Exactly like those of the other sheep. Satan takes advantage of those weaknesses the same as he does with us. But he has a special hatred of the anointed, since they are the ones who will "crush" his head. So he makes even more efforts to influence them.
  14. Can you buy Huawei tablets in the US? My current tablet is a Huawei MediaPad M2 10 inch, and the loadspeakers are really loud and sound quality is quite good too. With this tablet I can show videos at a door and even in the street and they can be heard without problem. Besides, its performance is more than enough for JW Library and every app I use. There is more recent model, the MediaPad M3, that is quite similar but with better specifications. And regarding price it's in the mid range.
  15. There are two talks that fascinated me as a child, and were the first ones I prepared when I began giving talks: #6 "The Flood of Noah's Day and You" This talk is packed with interesting details. Everybody always loves it. I don't give it anymore since recently it was completely redone and I haven't had time to prepare it with the new outline. #41 "Stand still and see the salvation of Jehovah" This one is about Armageddon. It compares the way the Judeans were saved in Jehoshaphat's time with our role during Armageddon. And it shows that, in order to get there, we need to cultivate obedience and trust. Two other talks I love: #72 "Love identifies True Christians" It considers how love is not the same as perfection, and explains how we need to forgive our brothers and cover their shortcomings with love. I love the point about appreciating the qualities our brother has as a whole, rather than zooming in on a particular defect. #40 "What the Near Future Holds" This is the last talk I have prepared and I love love love it. It briefly explains all four events from now to the new world: Peace and security, destruction of Babylon, Gog's attack and Armageddon. It explains why we can be sure those prophecies are reliable, and encourages us to act taking into account what we know about the future. The last part discusses some events that will take place after Armageddon based on Ezekiel 39, with some details I had never studied before. Beautiful. Not only embarrassing for the speaker, but for the audience also. But at the same time very necessary. Especially young Christians don't have many chances to hear Bible principles explained that way and to hear a spade called a spade. Most parents are too timid to enter into too much detail.

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