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  1. I think the Spanish version will be presented this summer (Northern hemisphere). We have a lot of International Conventions in Spanish: Madrid, Miami, Houston, Monterrey, Guayaquil, Buenos Aires... I expect and hope that it will be launched there.
  2. carlos

    Paul, Apostle of Christ Movie

    We watched this movie a couple months ago. I have to say it surprised me positively. I'm not going to say it's accurate, because it's not. Besides, it tries to teach some lessons that are completely out of place, such as "why can't Israelites and Philistines live together in peace?" But I was afraid it would only be kind of a Rambo movie and that the only thing in common with the Bible story would be a very strong guy named Samson. That is not the case. The movie contains every episode mentioned in the Bible about Samson. They have tried to connect those episodes with uneven success. Certainly not a great movie but at least a movie that can be watched, IMO.
  3. This is correct. I am not sure if it's with two reports or with three, but after a number of reports a post is automatically hidden until the mods check it. So we all have a part in keeping the forums clean. I remember that. Thanks! Call it holy spirit or call it coincidence, but most of the times a rat tries to sneak in here we find some member from the same congregation or a close one, or we happen to know someone in that congregation, or they even give as their congregation one we know well. Many times there is no way to know someone's status, but that's the same in daily life. A brother visits your congregation or even goes out in service with the local friends, and we don't know if he's in good standing or not. We attend a convention, and greet the family sitting next to us, and maybe share our food with them or have some nice chat with them, and we don't know if those people are disfellowshipped. Since they are in a theocratic environment, we assume they are our brothers. If we notice someone weird, we simply withdraw. It's exactly the same here.
  4. But we have always believed that people will get married in the new world. This is nothing new. It's only the resurrected that there was some question about.
  5. Then probably JW Library is more than enough for him.
  6. Now all the contents of the DVD are on WOL too. If you have access to internet from your computer, you don't really need the DVD anymore. Although many users still prefer to do searches in the DVD.
  7. If you think about it, for a non-Witness "the Society" sounds quite mysterious. As one of those secret societies.
  8. carlos


    That's the point, Regina. Objects or collectibles are not idols in themselves. It's our attitude to them that makes them idols. Look at those definitions the brothers have quoted above. For example, "idolatry is the veneration, love, worship, or adoration of an idol". Ask yourself: Do I venerate those figurines or posters? Do I attribute them any special powers? Is my hobby replacing or hindering my worship to Jehovah? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then they are idols. Get rid of them or stop using them that way. If the answer is no, they are just harmless collectibles. That is the way Christians work. Rather than rules, Jehovah gives us principles and let's us decide by ourselves. The way we apply those principles will show how much we love him.
  9. Lynn, that has happened to me with other updates. Apparently the downloaded file was corrupted and it ruined the program database. You may try to download the update again and apply it for a second time. But it will take you less time to uninstall and reinstall.
  10. Well, I guess the reason for the celebration is not so much the object, which is nothing to write home about, but the fact that man succeeded to send a device to 6.5 billion km from Earth, and that it's still able to send us pics from there. By the way, those pics take six hours to get to Earth! It's awesome what imperfect man can achieve with technology. Imagine what we will achieve when we are perfect!
  11. carlos

    Where did cats come from?

    In other words, we didn't adopt cats, they adopted us... as their servants.
  12. This is a very interesting discovery. It's fascinating that we can detect a body that is only a few kilometers long from such a huge distance. When the Bible says that Satan is restricted to the Earth, it doesn't refer to a physical limitation. Satan is a spirit, he's not limited by space. Rather, what the Bible means is that, while in the past Satan had access to heaven and could interact to some degree with Jehovah and the angels, he can't do that anymore. Satan is not interested in visiting new planets or discovering asteroids. He is limited to Earth because Earth is the only place where people live. Of course, the astronauts onboard the International Space Station or any other spacecraft up there are under Satan's influence as well.
  13. Shannie, I think what that brother meant is that we won't be immortal. Jesus was perfect but he was not immortal. He died when fixed on a stake. So if a perfect man doesn't eat he will starve to death. If he doesn't breathe he will suffocate. If a rock falls on him he will be crushed. Even being perfect we will still depend on Jehovah's care. Of course, or own common sense and Jehovah will make sure those bad things don't happen to us in paradise.
  14. You are right about not being sick. But "sick" is a broad term. I don't think anyone will be sick with cancer or Parkinson or any other serious diseases in the new world. But we can still have a cut, a broken leg or a diarrhea if we eat something in bad condition.
  15. I guess we will hurt ourselves sometimes and will need bandaids and maybe iodine. For bigger wounds, we will need someone to sew the wound or a cast for broken bones. And surely some painkiller wouldn't hurt. What leads me to that conclusion is that Jehovah created us with a lot of wonderful healing mechanisms: our blood coagulates and stops the bleeding, flesh grows again and closes the wound, broken bones repair themselves and white blood cells and antibodies fight infections. Why would Jehovah endow us with all those healing systems if we were never going to need them? Jesus was a perfect man, yet when he was beaten it hurt and when cut he bled. He did not heal instantly or miraculously. When offered a painkilling drug while on the stake he refused it so that he could be in full control of his mind. That suggests that drugs have the same effect on perfect people as they have on us. And surely Jehovah created all those medicinal herbs and plants for a reason. Our publications show people building houses in paradise using helmets and gloves and safety equipment. Of course that's just an artist's imagination, but why would we wear those safety clothes if no one could get hurt?

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