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  1. My WTL just updated to version 1700 with a download of nearly 900 MB. Then immediately it updated again, this time only 17 MB. Right now I have version 19.0 build 7630 update 1701.
  2. Following a link posted by a member here, and jumping from link to link, I landed on this interesting article about pet names in the Middle Ages: http://www.medievalists.net/2013/06/medieval-pet-names/ I think I will name my next dog Holdfast.
  3. We do know the order of most events: The GT starts with the attack against religion, then there will be a pause, then Gog's attack against Jehovah's people, then Armageddon. That order is clearly explained in the Scriptures. On the other hand, there are a few events of which there is not information to know their order. This includes the signs in the sun, moon and stars, the sign of the Son of Man, the judgment of sheep and goats and the remaining anointed going to heaven. All these things have to take place after Gog's attack and before Armageddon comes, but we don't know exactly in which order. Probably some of them will happen at the same time. It's these events that paragraphs 11-13 in that article refer to.
  4. That's strange. When I went to school (several decades ago) the Our Father was prayed every day by the class and they already said "Do not let us fall into temptation". I didn't know that was not the official version.
  5. New US Tax Code

    Hey, Vern, I don't remember that part about hungry people killing the rich man. Are you quoting from the Gospel of Vern?
  6. I think the reason is that the translation in those languages was already advanced, and it included many of the new features, so they just need to review the text and make a few changes.
  7. Richard, in my phone, which has stock Android, when you go to Do not disturb, the default option is "Only alarms". That disables phone calls and notifications, but not other sounds. But there is another option that says "Total silence". That silences even the playing of media.
  8. Please, don't install any manual updates to the old 2015 Watchtower Library. It had a bug that prevented it from updating so it's a dead end. It's much better to install the more recent 2016 edition, which will update automatically. If you don't have the 2016 edition, ask for it in this thread and a download link will be sent to you by PM (private message): https://jwtalk.net/forums/topic/29238-watchtower-library-2016/
  9. Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for! It's possible to set it for a limited time too. I will set it to two hours, so I don't have to remember to reactivate the sound after the meeting.
  10. That's something I dislike about Android. In Windows you simply turn the sound off and you're done. But in Android, setting your device to silence only applies to phone calls and notifications. If you play a movie or a song it will sound, despite it being set to silence. At least it does in both my tablet and phone. I still haven't found a quick and easy way to disable all sounds in Android. Maybe I'll resort to use some earphones plug as you suggest.
  11. Church of Sweden did what???

    What that Appendix explains about plural masculine names in Hebrew referring to a mixed group of males and females is just a grammatical feature that happens as well in Spanish and to a lesser degree in English. When we talk about "mankind", "our forefathers" or "a nation of freemen" we are not referring only to males, but to both men and women. The "men of Athens" that Paul addressed at the Aeropagus included both men and women, since according to Acts 17:34 among the "men that joined him and became believers" there was "a woman named Damaris". In Spanish the same happens with most words in plural. For example we have no word for "parents", a Spanish-speaker simply says "mis padres" (literally "my fathers") referring to both his father and mother. But that in no way means that the singular word "father" is gender-ambiguous, neither in Spanish nor English nor in Hebrew or Greek. Of course, Jehovah, as any spirit, is genderless. Both man and woman were created in God's image, so He possesses both the qualities that we identify as masculine and feminine. Yet he showed clearly how he wishes us to visualize him when he inspired Bible writers to present him as our Father and always refer to him as "he". When he inspired Moses to sing "Jehovah is a manly person of war" (Exodus 15:3 MWT1984, "powerful warrior" NWT2013) he certainly didn't mean to bring to mind a powerful amazon. The best argument IMO against these gender-neutral mistranslations is that Jesus addressed Jehovah as "our father", not as "our parent". Koine Greek has a gender-neutral word for "parent" (γονεύς) which is used several times in the Bible. For example, it is used in Luke 2:27 to refer to Jesus' parents: Joseph and Mary. So if the Bible had meant to teach us that Jehovah is both our father and our mother, the Lord's Prayer would have been a great occasion to use that neutral word, but Jehovah directed the inspired writer to use "Father" instead.
  12. "YES to gay marriage wins in Australia"

    And we can no longer say that fornication is any sexual relation outside marriage. Technically it is, because homosexual marriage is not a valid marriage from Jehovah's viewpoint, but we might have to explain this to the person.
  13. First Amendment Audits

    Some individuals have a lot of free time and only use it to get people all worked up.
  14. I would prefer to have the Play button in the menu rather than visible in the upper bar. A lot of brothers touch it without realizing during the meeting and the article begins to play aloud. It happened to my wife this week, and happens once or twice in every meeting in my congregation.
  15. "YES to gay marriage wins in Australia"

    Sorry, Peggy, I didn't notice this post. I personally don't have any problem sharing the Bible message with someone who is a homosexual, married or not. Of course, a rather unpleasant situation may appear when that person studies and arrives to the chapter about practices that Jehovah hates, but the same happens with someone who smokes, celebrates Christmas or live an immoral lifestyle. I studied with a homosexual young man and he made good progress, to the point of becoming an unbaptized publisher. Sadly, he got tired of struggling with those feelings and ended up going back to the world. But he knows the truth and I still hope he comes back to Jehovah before it is too late.

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