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  1. I think we will get a new My Book of Bible Stories book on Saturday.
  2. The spanish songbook was taken away...
  3. Well, at least some of you will remember this memory for a long long time!
  4. Now, someone please explain to us if the bibles are indeed so different! What does the brazilian one has or lacks from the portugal one in terms of grammar, meanings etc?
  5. It's funny it all came by surprise even for the portuguese/african ppl. No meeting or announcement!
  6. https://www.jw.org/download/?fileformat=PDF&output=html&pub=nwt&option=TRGCHlZRQVNYVrXF Is there!
  7. PORTUGUESE FROM PORTUGAL !!!! Congratulations for the friends there!
  8. Well i would be pleased to answer this question. I hope we get a song about Jehovah's love: "Jehovah will help you" based on Isaiah 41:10 for example. Similar to song 60. I want another song on Paradise!!! let's call it, "A new world ahead".... And i want another song to sing to our brothers in time of distress, like: "You're never alone!" or a song for new ones: "We are your family"
  9. Ok this is what I'm trying to say. Out of the list (12 online) the other 4 are African languages not online yet. Ok, just three languages of the list are actual REVISIONS: it means that they had the complete Bible from the 80's so the text changed. English, Korean, and Portuguese had both Hebrew and Greck Scriptures before the 'new' Bible. However, the rest of the languages, like Haitian Creole, Estonian, Fijian, never had the Hebrew Scriptures. So, they are not revisions. They are the original edition of the NWT rendered to those languages. Although, the Greek text has changed and improved (is crazy how better the creole bible got now), the appendix of these bibles don't say they are revisions, but they are based on a revision. So, that's why it was so easy to have these bibles translated first than French, German, etc., because they were doing the original translation job, not revision of the existent text.