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    Through the fine conduct of my wife and the loving association with the friends at the congregation outings.

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  1. Would you have notebooks for children in your treasure chest?
  2. Thanks for the help, it worked. Now for problem #2. There is the potential for issues when the grands get your iPad. I have lost my toolbox and they have loaded two tools that is in a language Imhave no idea what it is. It’s only two videos and I don’t see the English tab at the end to change the language. I tried tapping the three dots on the top but that just plays the videos. How can I delete these and how do I get my toolbox back.
  3. I’ve looked on JW.org but find the Study Bible to download on my tablet. Can someone tell me where it is on the site? Thanks,
  4. I appreciate you doing some research and submitting the correct answer. Regardless of whether you're Catholic or any other religion, anyone can sing the KM songs, they are beautiful. I'll desist in my search. Thanks again.
  5. unable to open the Anneiese pdf.  Can you send my way or repost?

  6. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the theocratic songs that are sung by celebrities, Celion Dion and others?
  7. Does anyone have a copy of the hyphenated version. Our meeting is tomorrow and I'm trying to get a copy to make copies for the elderly friends. Thanks in advance.

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