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  1. does anyone know anyone in ark. usa   

    I have a older sister who has lots of land near waldron and she wants to see if the brothers need it or a brother or sister who does real estate who can handle it.

    1. JudyO


      Yes, my cousin lives in Greenwood, just a few miles away. Her son is a ministerial servant


    2. vjohzon


      my phone is 760 887-4198 if he knows anyone in real estate or if the brothers need it for a kingdom hall


  2. vjohzon

    Witness memes

    so who do you think Enocks father was
  3. vjohzon

    Witness memes

    scarry, I was with my mom who is one of the anointed at the memorial when she told me she was having a heart attack, i told her there would be panic if the brother had to make a announcement that we had to stay in our seats until the dieing anointed one was being taking by ambulance to hospital. Talk about a meeting that would give out all magazines and bibles available, they should be aware of the prophesy about the anointed leaving to accomplish their mission for Jesus.
  4. I have lost my password when my old computer died, I've tried to get new one, which I receive a long number to imput but when I get in and try to change password it won't let me. Sooo flustered!
  5. not to be redundant, but can I have it to! Please and thank you Chuck
  6. if you believe he's stepping down because of his age I have the some beach front property for sale in Arizona! He has warrants out for his arrest with more to follow, the other popes were older and weaker, not to mention since they become a god when they become popes, why can't he cure himself? Just saying, they are feeding the media a bunch of lies but we know it's just another way Babylon is falling.
  7. Able, Paul, and all of us are bullied due to our love for Jehovah but we can over come this with love of Jehovah and Jesus and they can't be bullied. If we remember that it's mere dust that taunts us and the most powerful being in the universe has our back as long as were loyal, we will not only survive but will get stronger.
  8. The restrictions put on sex offenders aren't necessarily for them as it is put place for the children's protection as they are easier prey. They also have proven that pedophilia has no cure. That is why the Brothers at bethel keep files on anyone that is a pedophile, whether their a J.W. or not, if they have hurt one of our children.
  9. Don't be discouraged Satan will through a lot at you, I remember when I started I was hit with severe Illness so I was thinking of going off the list. I spoke with the C.O.'s wife in which she told me never quit on Jehovah's assignments, it your to sick or inscriptional he will fire you otherwise stay under his employment. He wants all to do your best.
  10. the catholic church bought the building so now their relocating, they stated that it doesn't matter where you worship but how, really, because all the money they put into the building and yet did not allow the ones that did not give the most money could not even go there.
  11. vjohzon


    There was this older couple driving down the road when a sheriff pulled them over the officer said do you know how fast you were going, the man wife said he was speeding he always speeds I tell him not to but he doesn't listen, the officer says you didn't have your seat belt on the mans wife says I tell him to wear his seat belt on all the time but he doesn't listen he never wears it. The husband is getting upset turns to his wife and tells he just to shut up! The officer ask the woman does he always talk to you like that, the woman looks at her husband and the officer and says "only when he's been drinking"!
  12. vjohzon

    What to do!?!

    PRAY A SPECIFIC PRAYER!!! We as humans will convince ourselves that it's OK, TALK TO HIS ELDERS! They will tell you if they feel he's ready to date. FIND OUT WHAT YOU DON'T HAVE IN COMMON AND SEE IF YOU CAN LIVE WITH THAT FOR ETERNITY (it's what you don't have in common that causes divorce not what you have in common) most of all how's his service. What is he like when he drives, how does he treat his parents. Most importantly, do the brothers trust him enough to hold a mic or handle the contribution box? If not something is up. The brothers need help so why has he not reached out or why do the brothers not trust him. Only they can answer that so ask them.
  13. When I got real sick and I was having problems getting my time in I ask the c.o. if I should quit and this was his answer, Never quit pioneering let Jehovah lay you off, then you still have all the benefits.
  14. No. I have no problem with fireworks, I wish we could do them any time we wanted but in our area it is only legal on the forth of July as a political celebration. However we do go to Disneyland which always has fireworks that we enjoy. There is no question that patriotism is a slow killing diseases that without being very careful we can take part. The convention brought out how we shouldn't even speak of anything political because it is a easy trap. In your country maybe fireworks have nothing to do with a celebration of governments, but in the U.S this is a very political holiday celebrated by going outside barbecuing and watching fireworks.
  15. I agree I can't wait until we are allowed to do things, like fireworks and other things, without a worry of hurting Jehovahs heart it will be so wonderful when we do not have a wrestling with sinful flesh. I do wonder if we knew Armageddon was coming on July 4, would we be outside watching the celebration of fireworks? This is a question I try to ask myself when I have a question about a action on my part.

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