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    Through a study of Christianity in our local library. The info I found on how christianity became corrupt gradually after the apostles died were revelatory. It took time though before I finally decided to be a witness.

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    Reading, discussions esp one of a spiritual nature, spiritual research.
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    History of the World - under Roman Civilization, Mankind Search for God, What has Religion done for mankind.
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    Kingdom Melodies, Blues and any soft musics with nice lyrics.
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    “Where your treasure is, there your hearts will be also.”—Luke 12:34.

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  1. I can't see that on my jwlib. Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  2. I ve done that before now, dead end. Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk I ve done that before now, dead end. Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  3. Hmm wish you knew how to do that on android. But I case of a new tablet on which jwlib was newly installed, what us the possibility that the problem could be solved by deleting the database file? Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  4. Downloading from google play won't solve the problem. The issue is that the app refuse showing a pub on the "WHAT NEW" section, and it doesn't update the publications. We are talking about 9.3 version here. Am thinking of suggesting PLA app for the friends. I ve called branch on the JWlib issue, the brother that answered stated that there some phones the app doesn't support. That I should advice the brothers to use another android phones. But the people having these problem have no other phone nor do they have the money to get another one. Am thinking of suggesting PLA app for them. I don't know about the developer of that app. Anyone with info about the app developer? Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  5. One phone was bought newly, with this same problem. She has enough space on the phone. The sister bought the phone mainly for jw stuffs. She is not good in knowing or downloading any other thing on it. What next I need to try is to let her download directly from google play. I did send mine to her phone and installed it. Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  6. These phones, specifically, 3 out of the 5 brothers I mentioned were working properly because I happen to be the one they run to to fix any issue with regards to jwlib. Everything was working well, until recently, no more pub updates for them. In the assembly we have to keep doing the internal update with the internet on for a long time. Still no difference. It is an issue because each time they see me, they keep asking what to do. I have exhausted all I know. So that's why I came here. Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  7. Android. Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  8. The issue occurred in the phone of 5 brothers. I doubt if that is the case. I ll try snyway Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  9. Pls help. In our congregation, there had been some having issue with there jwlibrary app. The app doesn't show any new thing in "WHAT'S NEW" section of the home page. Secondly, there MWB is still showing September, while some there's shows only October. There app isn't updating there mwb, although they have the current app update - 9.3.... Any suggestion on how I can help them? Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  10. Oh my, you can't marry theocratically or legally without paying the bride price here. It is stipulated in the law. Also you have to give a notice as in form A, issued form C, and finally be issued with a certificate as in form E. I don't know much about the form A, C and E procedure. Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  11. No he speaks it as the norm. Many of us that listen to it has began to make judgment and view westerners that way - as being unfair to men. He tops it up by stating that your privilege could be taken away if you refuse to hand the dollar and do dishes. He may be exaggerating the whole issue, but he speaks with certainty. Many of us haven't been there, so we don't know. Again, he is a respected brother. Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  12. OK, it appears some people say you can't even spank. I mean is spanking viewed generally as child abuse in US? Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  13. No. That's why I came here since I hv friends from US. Who will ever easily believe that as if what we read in our pub isn't true again. Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  14. We have this brother that had lived in USA for quite a long time (at least that is what he told us). His stories about life in USA has been common when we preach, have a break and chat together. He is not a young man. He has family we believe lives in US. His daughter we are told is a lawyer there. He keep telling us this stories about family life in USA and how it differs from what we have here, so I got curious. So I want to confirm whether this is what happens over there in USA. One of his stories was that wedding doesn't take long there. You see a brother and sister who fell in love, they go to court to register. At times within a month of knowing each other. That wedding there is simple and cost less compared to what happens in Nigeria. He maintained that family there seem to assign much right to the women than men. The man takes care of the dishes, irons cloths, do fixing in the house and don't dare insult the wife, as that could end him up in police custody. (Not that insult is a good thing, but police custody?). That on no condition can you shout at your kids, let alone slap or spank them. He posited that when the man earns his salary, he submits to the wife, and the wife handles family, gives the husband an allowance, even buys cloths shoes for the husband. So the man can't touch his salary. The wife states how it is used. He didn't say it was a family arrangement, but that that is the custom. That if a man refuses to hand over his salary, handle dishes, wash cloths (he stated that must have washing machine) etc he can even be deleted if an elder or ministerial servant. He went on to state that it is only here we here of bride price. In USA, nothing like that. We ve heard a lot from him, I want to know more and a confirmation of what he has already told us. Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk
  15. I need a good antitheft free app to install on my tablet. Can you recommended the one you know its effective? Sent from my TECNO DP7CPRO using Tapatalk

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