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  1. I like this one: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077S4WSZY/ref=nav_timeline_asin?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  2. That's the exact path I used to keep it simple. I think I need to try to figure out a different way to integrate outside images.
  3. That is correct, I see all the meeting images, but not the ones I added to the folder.
  4. Yes, I did, after refreshing, the images do not show up.
  5. oes anyone else see that the WOL is all messed up? Like it's missing all its css?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. bigvince


      Maybe, I'm running the latest version of chrome, but it's fine in firefox

    3. Sheep


      Looks okay to me in Chrome (latest version 68.0.3440.84). All other browsers too. :shrugs:

    4. alohapaulette


      Mine is messed up too.  And I'm using Chrome.

  6. Thanks, We are trying not to have to use an app or phone to access it, which is why we are looking for a system with a monitor.
  7. Thanks, I tried setting the path in the settings file, but it gave the same error.
  8. Here's the error I get dropping an image(jpg) from jw.org onto the image area of JWL Helper. https://cl.ly/0t0o2Y2A0R0Q
  9. I'm looking into a video intercom system for the hall when the door is locked during meetings. Can anyone recommend a good one?
  10. bigvince

    Service tote needed

    Loving that, checking it out now.
  11. bigvince

    Service tote needed

    Well, I've looked at a lot from various sites suggested here, but just can't see paying that amount of money. There are many I like on Amazon, but they don't have a place to hold my bible. The search continues.
  12. Has anyone been successful in adding their inbox email account to apple mail on a mac? I have not but would like to.
  13. I downloaded and installed jwl helper on the hall computer, I like it, but I can't add images. I've tried several types of jpgs, pngs and tiffs, and gifs but nothing works. Does anyone know how to add outside images?
  14. I’ve got a binder style organizer I use for service, it’s ok, but I’d really like a binder or organizer with a place to hold my bible and a strap to hang it across my body. Can anyone r3commend something? Preferably leather, I’ve seen some incredibly overpriced ones on a few sites like ministryideaz, but they’re usually much larger than I’d like. I want something thin and light. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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