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    This is a really long story that begins with my having brain surgery at 10 years old. Short story: I was caught in the dragnet with my mom, got baptized, 20 years later I'm an elder.

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    bible reading and research, art, design, music,
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    Sing to Jehovah, Kingdom Melodies, jazz, classical, a little pop

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  1. Thanks, Tony, I'll check these things out.
  2. I'm helping a sister, she has a kindle running Android 5.1.x, in JW library, since a recent update, she is unable to download anything. Sometimes, documents that are not audio or video download to internal storage, but will not download to the sd card. the card is empty. Does anyone have any idea as to why this is happening or how to fix it?
  3. Can anyone direct me to a video that can be used that talks about public witnessing? I'd like to use it in getting permission at local businesses.

    1. Sheep


      I'm not sure if this is what you had in mind... (?)



    2. bigvince


      That might work, I was thinking there would be something in general about public witnessing. I saw one at training for a special campaign recently but don't see it anywhere on jw.org or under event media.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. Do you know of one that is available for children?
  5. It would be the number 1 awake.

  6. bigvince

    Computer recommendation

    That would probably work, but we really would prefer a desktop. I'm looking at bestbuy.
  7. bigvince

    Computer recommendation

    Dages, thanks, but we want something we can use for at least a few years, so an older laptop might "work", we'd probably be looking at upgrading again in the near future.
  8. Looking for a desktop or all in one recommendation for running media at our hall. Our old laptop is on its last leg.
  9. I'd be happy to create a wallpaper for you if you have an image you'd like.
  10. Looking forward to today's branch visit!

    1. Dismal_Bliss


      I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  11. Wondering what this rating thing is all about...

  12. bigvince

    Caleb & Sophia 3D models.

    That is just what is needed, but you'd need the editable 3D files, not flattened jpg versions. I've done some 3d printing of buildings through someone we deal with here at work. I hand painted the buildings since it always comes out white. You can get colored material, but it's just one color, not like it'll print full color Caleb or Sophia.
  13. bigvince

    Caleb & Sophia 3D models.

    Wow. I would love one or two of those dolls.

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