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    I was caught in the dragnet and wasted lots of time before taking it seriously.

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  1. It seeems to be working ok now, weird. Thanks guys.
  2. Just got a new ipad, I restored it, When I open JW Library, half the icons on the home screen are missing, I try to download the daily text, it just shows a white box, no progress or anything and it never finishes. Under meetings, it says publications aren't available. Any ideas what's going on?
  3. bigvince

    folding solar panels

    Check this out: https://survivallife.com/diy-fire-starter-cotton-ball/
  4. bigvince

    folding solar panels

    Folded it's smaller than a sheet of paper: 11.1 × 6.3× 1.3in, unfolded, it is pretty big, but in a situation where I'd need this, saving space won't be the concern.
  5. bigvince

    folding solar panels

    So, I bought this one. It may not have a battery for storing power, but it an charge a power bank which will store power.
  6. bigvince

    folding solar panels

    Looks great, good reviews, but no storage battery sounds like an issue. I'll let you know what I figure out. Rather than using waterproof matches, I used cotton balls and vaseline to create a firestarter kit. Got emergency whistles and many of the other things. Lacking only a few items now.
  7. bigvince

    folding solar panels

    Thanks. I’m researching as well.
  8. bigvince

    folding solar panels

    Thanks, Greg. I've seen a lot of similar products on Amazon. I'd prefer something folding that takes up as little room as possible.
  9. I'm getting serious about my go bag. Can anyone recommend folding solar panels that can be used to charge 12 volts? Like phones, small laptops, etc? Thanks.
  10. bigvince

    selling JW publications

    I'm sure they know, but it's not worth them pursuing. There's a bible teach book with the gray bible for $27 on amazon. the purchasers seem to love learning about the bible. LOL,
  11. I've seen a number of our publications on amazon. I have looked through the terms of use on the website, nothing about selling our literature. Is this something to be concerned with? I feel like it's not, but it feels wrong that people are paying for what Jehovah provides at no cost.
  12. I was looking at 2019. Sorry. My excerpt is only 5 minutes, for the book study. Just went to it, the link just goes to jw.org. I can just use the one I trimmed. Thanks anyway.
  13. I’m not seeing it, but I already trimmed the video.
  14. That's the one, but I thought there was a short excerpt of just the scene with the woman who had the flow of blood?

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