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    give thanks to Jehovah for he is good
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    A class mate in a Juniour high school studied the bible with me. His scriptural explanation on the celebration of christmas and birthday realy touched me. He visited me at home with his dad and opened my eyes to the Truth.

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    Listening to classical music
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    The Bible
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    Preaching to all sort of people
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    the fruitage of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience,a kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control. Against such things there is no law

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  1. This months program has really encouraged me. I wish I could have the kind of faith bro. Harold kind had.
  2. roland ato

    Bad Cough Remedy ...

    Hahahaaa . Thank you all for your research. Very helpful
  3. roland ato

    Bad Cough Remedy ...

    What about children. Say a 2 year old with cough. Tired of the numerous cough mixtures which dont work
  4. Could you please send us the link to download the two new morning worship programs? Thank you
  5. bro stavro thank you so much for the download links. After downloading the jw broadcasting videos i also put them on CDs and give the Coordinators in four congs who also show to the broyhers. so you can imagine the number of brother who are benefiting fron your kind gesture. Jehovah will surely bless you for this.
  6. In times like dis i yearn for God's kingdom to come quickly. I know the God of all confort will comfort their families and loved ones
  7. Reading some of your comments, i feel i need to realy learn so i too can make scriptural reasonings like dese

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