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  1. Unfortunately, that features not there. But as mentioned above it automatically shows it when connected when nothing else is played/displayed.
  2. Hmmm... Actually I was surprised to find out it works with Apple TV. It didn’t before so must have just been quite recent. But yes using Apple TV the year text shows with the IOS JW Library app so it’s capable.
  3. I shall be 19 and regular pioneering for some time. So could be a “just”
  4. hmm: Regional Conventions (formerly known as District Conventions)- our normal locally assigned convention : Annually Special Conventions- delegates from around the world are invited to attend, however it's usually smaller compared to an "International" but somewhat larger than a "Regional" : Annually in different countries International Conventions- usually hosted in large venues with delegates invited around the world, most definitely larger than the others and usually has a member of the Governing Body or HQ Representative assigned to deliver talks : Every four to five years held in various large cities and countries
  5. Anyone know the requirements? If part of an invitation, I’d want to consider attending one.
  6. Just realized (perhaps because of JW Broadcast and the HQ Rep visits) that it’s Bro Schafer’s voice as the narrator for the extras bits. Very nice distinctive tone.
  7. Adding to that, song 16 "Praise Jah for His Son, the Anointed" https://download-a.akamaihd.net/files/media_music/56/sjjc_E_016.mp3
  8. Kiwi Test

    How much do you know of New Zealand? https://i.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/celebrities/99396259/ed-sheeran-want-to-move-to-nz--first-hell-have-to-pass-this-test?cid=facebook.post.99396259 Post your score:) obviously I got 11/11
  9. This song actually came out a few days ago. Song 120 Imitate Christ's Mildness The little change they made between this version and the Sing to Jehovah version is made very clear in this one. And it sounds superb. Can see why they did it like that. Also, the brothers voice in the second verse is soo good to listen to.
  10. I just noticed this version is slightly longer than the one we received at our last convention. And boy does it sound AMAZING!
  11. I personally don’t mind. Much because here, locally, householders don’t usually have a problem with it. I have shown many householders scriptures using my mobile phone, that has many scriptures’ main points highlighted. It’s also helpful as the main point is highlighted, the bit that should stand out. I only use one highlighting color (yellow) though, it looks more cleaner. Some verses I highlight blue, mostly having to do with little gems that are not so obvious and are usually found with our Digging for Spiritual Gems. These are backed up with a note that includes our understanding/application of the verse.
  12. Special Convention 2018

    Ohhh. Wasn't there like a handy infographic that explained the differences? Can't remember.
  13. Special Convention 2018

    Are there any international conventions being planned?
  14. JW Broadcast for Sept 2017

    o-O A SILENT FILM?! Need I say more.

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