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  1. Notice the end note on the last week of that workbook: Review Followed by Preview of Next Week (3 min.) Inform the congregation that the offer for December will be the Awake! magazine with the cover subject “Is the World Out of Control?” The video presentation that is scheduled to be discussed during the next midweek meeting will be available on JW Library beginning November 30. Publishers should endeavor to give this issue wide distribution. Sounds interesting! EDIT: Just realised it's already been mentioned.
  2. Hmmm..... I'm a little confused. There is no actual image. It is set-up automatically so that the second screen already displays the JW Logo and Yeartext when nothing else is displayed. When you click on a video or photo, the Yeartext and JW logo disappears and displays whatever video or picture you have selected. When done, it automatically goes back to the Yeartext. The only way I can think of is by taking a screenshot of it though I don't know how that's possible. It's difficult to juggle between two different apps for the system.
  3. When you connect your computer to a second screen- it's automatically connected. Hold the Windows button and "P" together to show display options. You'll find that extend mode (the one we use) or duplicate mode works for it. So connect your computer to a screen and it'll pop up.
  4. Then again, our soundesk was completely updated by the LDC. Our equipment is the latest tech. But the app hasn't failed on us at all.
  5. Since November last year we have used JW Library. Never has it crashed in all the time we have used it. The app is fine.
  6. Yup, I'm doing all those suggestions and have been for the past two years. The goal for AVS is new though, as I didn't know it exisited until this months broadcast. Always go to the meetings for bethellites each year. Tackling many privileges with Jehovah's help. My dream would be to go to SKE. But for now, I'm having fun in my current assignment of pioneering. I'm still a year or two off but the elders helped me to see this waiting time to be a time where I could focus on my relationship with Jehovah. Now is the time to work on these"little but nowhere near as less important" things. Cultivating the fruitage of the spirit. Building stronger ties with my brothers and sisters in our cong. And focussing on Jehovah- and the reasons why we love and serve him. P.S. Unfortunately, our bethel disappeared and merged with Australia. But I've been to that bethel and absolutely love it. Also, there are remote bethellites here in NZ.
  7. I absolutely loved the part about the video productions! Though I'm still young, it's something I would love to do in the future. Infact, I always loved film making and script writing. Funny enough, after a very long brake of having nothing to do with it, I picked that Ol' hobby up again. I'm making a short film with some young brothers in the cong and it's picked up a crowd. It's just something to do as a hobby while working and pioneering. Good timing, it looks like what we're doing now is good training for the future to use our talents to serve Jehovah.
  8. Hehe our 3rd of July is finishing. We get ours the day after.
  9. It is not the feature that was mentioned in either the broadcast or online. I'd imagine it would be more "user-friendly." Also, this way doesn't automatically sync. But it's good if you would like to transfer your highlighted publications to a different device. Like in my case, all of my publications on my iPad were studied and I wanted to bring them over to my new phone.
  10. I've attached a screenshot. Go to iTunes Connect Device Click on Device Home Click Apps Scroll Down to File Sharing Click JW Library The file is known as "user_data.db" This file can then be dragged onto your desktop and then added onto another apple device.
  11. Okay. For meetings, I have been using the JW Library app on my iPad for the last 3-4 years. Over the years I had been able to highlight much of most of the publications. Even with the Bible, a lot have been highlighted. My bible teach and teach us book are completely studied as well. Recently, I brought a new iPhone. This however meant that JW Library app on my phone is completely empty of notes. I thought it was okay but I recently found a cool way for apple users. When you connect your iDevice to iTunes on the computer, go to that device and select Apps. Under apps, you can see app data. If you tap on JW Library- you can find personal data. Move that file over to your computer. I then connected my other device to iTunes, deleted the personal data file on that device and instead swapped it for the personal data file from my iPad. Now, my iPhone now has all the highlighting that has been built up over the years from my iPad. I'm so happy it worked! (I know the above doesn't seem like clear instructions, I could perhaps do a more clear and accurate instructions later)
  12. 11:40pm here in New Zealand. Looking forward to this though I'll be drifting to sleep. Hope everything works well for the brothers, but even if not, what a show of loyal love and endurance to Jehovah.
  13. Just got an update from jw library but there seems to be a new reformat. Is it just me or do the pictures look bigger? In particular, the sample presentations page looks significantly larger. I don't want to rush to conclusions but are we close to having JW Library images now being used to show on-screen as was discussed recently? The thing though is the Blue, Orange and Red boxes that colour coded the different sections to the meeting have disappeared.... perhaps accidentally.
  14. We had our branch visit (Australasia) today, with HQ representative Bro Patrick LaFranca. Near the end of the special visit he mentioned a few nice encouraging experiences that have resulted from the letter writing campaign. Nice to hear experiences so soon from brothers from World HQ.
  15. Very exciting article I just found that I wanted to share. Talks about how religion is going about in New Zealand- my country- and the decrease in numbers. Surprise surprise, according to the article, we are "booming." Check it out: