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  1. on windows 10 : tested and approved between my Lumia 640xl and my fujitsu Q702 via OneDrive all my underlined sentences were synchronized ^_~
  2. my little contribute
  3. yeah... But I can't edit it... in an other hand, if I add all the letters from my congregation... we're more than 150 publishers and have 52 young
  4. for my family 6+6+6+3=21 21+2080 = 2,101
  5. president of russian Baptist put the case in a wider scale. interview from but we know, soon, Jehovah will force governments to cut this second head....
  6. last news from explanation given by the press service of the Administrative Center of Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia : (...)we have appealed all cases that preceded this large lawsuit to the end, as far as the European Court for Human Rights. And what do you think? The European Court for Human Rights communicated our appeals, that is, it found them acceptable and united them into one proceeding and sent questions to the Russian government about what has happened to freedom of religious confession. The Russian government has already sent to the ECHR its own official explanations in which, as far as I recall, it seems that there are no open calls for violence and incitement of hostility in materials of the Jehovah's Witnesses (...). --What actions do you intend to take in response to the lawsuit in the Supreme Court? --If this case is not deferred for consideration, then of course we will try to defend ourselves. We have already formulated, even before this lawsuit became known, our official objections to the document of that inspection that was conducted by the Ministry of Justice in March and the results of which, apparently, lie at the basis of this lawsuit. Of course, we will object to the lawsuit and we will insist that we are infinitely far from extremism and to accuse us of this is completely untrue, incorrect, and mistaken. We will insist that the plaintiff's demands of the Ministry of Justice be rejected.
  7. Russian supreme court schedules trial of Jehovah's Witnesses case for banning its activity and liquidation. It's scheduled for April 5th, at 10:00 the anniversary of Jesus’ death falls on Tuesday, April 11... I can't imagine Jehovah's anger if more than 170000 of his people will be impeach to celebrate the memorial!
  8. The rights activist, director of the "Sova" Center for News and Analysis, Alexander Verkhovsky thinks that it is premature to speak of the liquidation of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Why ? "I do not understand how it can be achieved; even Stalin was not able to eliminate them." ;-)
  9. keep faith in Jehovah capacity to give you the spiritual food at the good moments, even if this food is only given by his spirit and the capacity of remember you all you have learn.Mat. 10:19 - Is.59:1 have you some old magazines? Read them have you your bible ? Read it have you some old videos ? Watch them have you some bro & sis around you ? Meet them have you a brain ? Use it to pray never think that even the russia branch or your local congregation is closed it's mean that Jehovah abandoned you...NEVER ^_~
  10. yes, it's not a good idea to try to cut the logo on videos. You should be wise for your safety. I'm sure you're not abandoned by the the faithful and discreet slave... I'm sure you receive special food at the right time... because Jehovah loves you! we are all proud of your integrity and we continue to pray for all of you, dear brothers and sisters.
  11. thanks for your feedback i advise you to prefer the "Play Video on Second Display" option. In that way, JW.library project a black screen with only the JW logo on the bottom right corner of the screen. So you don't need to switch on/off the projector during the meeting. the process to play music is a little bit too hard for the moment with JW.library app. It did the job but the SoundBox app process is fare more easy... . All medias are automatically downloaded frow . We project all publication pictures - no need to turn off the lights of the Hall ^_~ . Songs of the meeting are automatically setup . We are now displaying lyrics for each song... I'm sure we will see more features in the future to fully and mainly use JW.library in out KH. But for the moment, SoundBox is our "couteau suisse" ;D But JW.library is also installed and ready to enter in the game too
  12. Since JW.library for Windows 10 have a new feature to show movie on a second screen, it's a big step to friendly use this app in kingdom hall for the middle week meeting and more if the KH is equipped with a PC. we currently use a little chinese PC -pipo x9- with SoundBox to display music, lyrics, images, and videos during our meetings, but I used JW.library to screencast the last monthly broadcasting. - which kind of software did you use in your KH ? - have you ever tested JW.library for Windows 10 to do the job ? bonus question: Have you ever seen a Mac used in a KH to display audio/pictures/videos ? If yes, did you know with which software ?
  13. No... it's just a USB storage to allow the upgrade process to windows 10. After, you can remove it
  14. And it works... last Sunday (5/23/2016 3:30PM) we have the privilege to listen brother Marc Matson from Russia branch. He said: "your prayers are powerful... because the branch office is still open !" He told us that we should have soon official news and development on