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  1. In service this morning at 9am in Arizona it was 100 degrees (37.8 C) with a high of 109 (42.8 C). Last week we had a 115 (46.1C) and barely starting July which along with August are really warm. I cannot tell you the last time it actually rained at my house, possibly 5 or 6 months ago? Just to put things in perspective. But we feel your pain often. And many yards have rocks here but there are some lawns and parks and golf courses with grass. Things are generally watered every 2 days when it's hot. It does snow in Arizona by the way...
  2. Wow, that is a blooper for sure. Ooops. Or perhaps Kim and Xi traded countries for a bit.
  3. A friendly reminder to remember this is a public forum for the world to see. We need to be careful on our comments regarding our words to those in power whether we agree or disagree with them...
  4. Desert Dan

    Peace and Security

    As I have mentioned before on here you can see the phrase of peace and security delivered daily to you inbox if you set google alerts. Peace and Stability is an alternate. It is used so often I rarely look anymore. We wait for direction from the slave but interesting to look at on occasion for good reason, but not to go overboard. Do a google inquiry and type in Peace and Security (or stability) as a regular search or try as a NEWS search and sort by most recent. Regarding P&S, you will plainly see that some regions of the world claim they already HAVE it, some LOST it, or some DESIRE it. There is a thread startes in 2014 on here that is almost 100 pages long for International Peace and Security. https://jwtalk.net/forums/topic/16268-international-peace
  5. It is on the Kremlin's own website for all to see. Give it time, I saw a feed into a news website with our PR contact info listed concerning the incident and there could be others. We need to remember who is ultimately in control here. We do not know Jehovah's details regarding his plan but one way or another he will succeed relative to his will. Imagine his patience wearing very thin as we inch closer to the end day by day.
  6. So with regards to the award given to the family, what will happen when the mainstream news outlets hear of this? More honor to Jehovah. And a great cause for more pondering over the matter by many in the world.
  7. And remember, many of the forums are picked up via Google Seach for this site and Reddit and others. Check for yourself and don't be surprised. Many don't have to login to see some of the comments and viewpoints of our brothers here. As always, watch what we think and say especially when agitated by things we see in this world...
  8. So is there any truth to the Orthodox Ukrainian situation and a possibility of what was mentioned with the Bill, or is the false news?
  9. Here is a bit on Tolstoy who died long ago. http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2001/marchweb-only/3-5-44.0.html
  10. It is interesting when we see news articles that point out things we have known all along. Post a news article with one you found in thre local news in your area concerning Christmas. Official news articles only please. Here is one to get started. http://www.azfamily.com/story/34092809/date-of-christmas-chosen-to-align-with-pagan-festivals
  11. Desert Dan

    Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    I recently downloaded "Latest Quakes" app for Android based on this thread. Wow, amazing the number of quakes in the world every day. Agreed some are small, but they pop up over all over the place, with some hitting 4.5 to past 6.
  12. Carlos, thanks for the reminder on that on that point - I had meant to do it for the past couple weeks but kept forgetting. Yes, we should watch what we say, remain neutral and remember that many of the forum topics can be seen by anyone on the Internet. We wouldn't say certain things when talking at work on controversial or political matters, likewise it should be the same on some of these public forums. Google jwnet and a username on any computer and you will see many posts here on multiple topics. It's there, comments and all.
  13. The archbishop said: "Saturday morning, I was out and as I was walking I was praying and saying: 'God, why - why is this happening? Where are you in all this?' and then engaging and talking to God. Yes, I doubt." No problem Justin Welby - you can ask any of our young ones in our congregrations the answers to your questions above. I am sure they would be willing to point you to the answers in your own copy of the bible. I would hope the Church of England did not post his comment on their website. The 26 million baptized members may be unclear of the answers to his questions as well.
  14. Desert Dan

    g20 summit in turkey

    I have see this multiple times in speaches from various countries over the past year. "“We remain united in combatting terrorism. The spread of terrorist organizations and significant rise globally in acts of terrorism directly undermine the maintenance of international peace and security and endangers our ongoing efforts to strengthen the global economy and ensure sustainable growth and development,” the G20 members said in draft statements released on Monday." http://www.newsfultoncounty.com/world/news/1616503-g20-no-economic-progress-without-security

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