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  1. Looking forward to the convention. Have to wait until july.
  2. Great the new songbook. I hope our dutch bible will follow soon.
  3. :ecstatic:Thanks for the help. It's working. I just had to switch the language on my tablet from dutch to english.
  4. :help:It's frustrating. tried several times to install, but can't get past choose yor primary language. I have Asus memopad 7. Free memory 9,86 mb,
  5. Same here. Languages don't appear.
  6. A friend of us went to Brazil and learned haitian creole.
  7. There is not a regional convention in Amsterdam this weekend. The regional convention is in Assen. Next two weekends are in Utrecht, and after that in Den Bosch and Goes.
  8. kwebbel

    Candy Crush.

    I love this game. But I'm stuck on level 181.
  9. Thats the way I always thought it would be. Because the scripture say's, that a sudden destuction is to instantly upon them. And the political leaders are the one who will say peace and security, so I think they will be the one who will be destroyed after that call.
  10. Here in Holland in the province Limburg in the near future they will close 100 churches. The people are very catholic over there.

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