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  1. As of today, we are blessed to have 53 WT choral songs for our enjoyment; one-third of the total number! Here's to the final 98 songs to be released in 2019!! C'mon WT chorus people...get busy! (I need to make approximatelt 50+ complete CD's for the elderly, the shut-ins and those who are living in senior-care facilities!)
  2. I find this hard to believe too Sister Bea. This ban was calculated and planned many years in advance. The following are end-of-article comments I read and found interesting from an insider from the Washington Post website: FWIW, all of this is going according to divine plan. Let God's will be done!
  3. Yes, you're referring to the toxic gas attack in Angola: https://jwtalk.net/forums/topic/32463-angola-convention-incident/?page=5 Slooow justice against the perps!
  4. What a self-sacrificing spirit Sis! May Jehovah bless you tenfold!
  5. Omoyeme


    I saw this movie two years ago. Highly recommended!
  6. Bro. Carlos, how did this opposer manage to get to the podium and shout his nonsense? I'm curious because, for many years now, security measures have been in place at our annual conventions to prevent disruptions such as these from happening. Please note in an older post of something I witnessed years ago where the brothers were vigilant (during the closing prayer) and were able to catch this man before he headed to the microphone. In light of the times we live in, it makes sense that these measures should be implemented worldwide.
  7. The monthly broadcast for NOVEMBER is one week away! Could it be? Is this the month that we'll have the privilege of seeing Brother Cook host this program? Stay tuned!
  8. Nice one Sylvie! But, how did you convince your furbabies to smile? Did you promise them a treat if they said "Cheese!"
  9. Update on the final installment of "Flee" http://ekjonathan.blogspot.com/2018/10/the-third-and-final-installment.html#comment-form
  10. Did the KGB ever stoop this low?
  11. I must be tired Bro. Tracey...I thought I saw the word "raisins" in the headline at first and I'm thinking what's wrong with that? smh.
  12. Love these sister's smiles and energies!
  13. I really admire your green thumb Sis. Cheryl; plus I can honestly say that you are definitely not a party pooper!
  14. I'm fine Katherine, thanks. Several of us in the family evacuated up North where we had other family members who welcomed us! I'm thankful to Jehovah for life also.
  15. https://www.jw.org/en/news/jw/region/united-states/hurricane-florence-20180920/

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