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  1. Re: https://jw-russia.org/news/17091820-215.html He has such a nice face. My prayers continue there for our family.
  2. Billy Dee Williams...Lady Sings the Blues New: "His god...IS God!"
  3. Balinese is one of the languages found on jw.org, so evidently we have our spiritual family there too. I pray all will heed the warnings of the authorities and take advantage of any safeguards that are in place.
  4. Greg, your camera is simply amaaazing!
  5. This week's CLAM meeting Song #62 had me recalling the scripture at Revelation 7:9. It is such a triumphant song that we sing to Jehovah and, in my minds eye, I was singing this song as part of that "great crowd" that comes out of the tribulation. The lyrics truly indeed stirs the mind, heart and soul. Will we not feel the desire to sing a triumphant/victory song in praise to God and to The Lamb?
  6. Any English Translation?

    If using google translate, it will automatically translate the webpage. I was able to download it after the translation, i.e.,
  7. If They Really Knew....

    Well, they will need a messenger for that. I nominate Sigourney Weaver because she knows how to kick some alien butt!
  8. A Couple of Reminders

    What a splendid idea!
  9. Brother Greg, is there a way I can like this beautiful photo of you two lovebirds 100 times?
  10. Experience: Twice, in the past, I attended a regional convention in W. Africa and noticed that the structure of the assembly hall is "open air". (i.e. roof, 3-part sections, but no walls). I surmise that it was built this way due to the tropical climate of the region. (See AH photos below of Zimbabwe and Nigeria.) So, it appears that the AH structure is the same in Angola. (As a result, those with evil intent have taken advantage of this and are some are able to "slip in and slip out" without detection.) This is indeed worrisome and I can see why the brothers may decide to postpone future conventions and assemblies there until further notice. No matter, we continue to pray for our brothers and sisters there Bro. Sergio. Thank you for letting us know.
  11. Could also include: "Apache Kafka" architecture design/web application. (i.e. fake photo).
  12. New Iphone Release

    Check out Steve Cutt's animation/parody about the iphone in today's societies. (Funny, but true in a sense.)

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