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  1. May be not as much fog than in the heads of some Russian authorities persecuting our family...but I digress.
  2. Hurricane Florence will be making landfall this week which will impact our region.  The brothers made a special announcement at our meeting this past Sunday to emphasize giving the secretary our telephone numbers. (Ironically, we had a local needs talk on emergency preparedness only two weeks ago.)  We have to been told to "prepare" to evacuate and "put together an emergency kit" ASAP!  (No problem there!)  Though we're not sure if our C.A. will take place this weekend. 


    This seems so surreal! 

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    2. shali


      My sister and brother-in-law are in Wise, Virginia right now doing unassigned territory.  They planned to leave Friday morning, I'm hoping that is a wise decision since the hurricane will make landfall on Thursday.  It's the flooding that will make it difficult to get out of the area.  Not sure why the society schedules others to work unassigned territory there during hurricane season.  This happened to them last year too!

    3. ElizaJane


      Sis Sandra,

      Please know that your spiritual family is praying for you and all the brothers and sisters who live in the path of that storm. 💝💕

    4. Omoyeme


      Made it safely to "Pela"! :)  

      However, the hurricane has shifted further south so we're get nothing more than a rainstorm. 

      My prayers are for our family in the Philippines who are in the path of Typhoon Mangkhut!

  3. Brother Dilip, please go to youtube and type in the words "jw proclaimers". You'll see the video for Bro. Graham's talk under this YT channel.
  4. It would be nice to know precisely when this discourse was given. The YT commenters are saying '87/88; can you verify Bro. Tracey?
  5. This is an old public discourse from the late 1980's but thank you for letting us know. I'll listen to it sometime this week.
  6. I saw the video and it was so obvious. He knew what he was doing...smh.
  7. Or...it will make a great topic of conversation sitting on a mantelpiece when friends come to visit. For example: Guest: "Hi Sandra! Hey! What's that on your mantel?! Sandra: "Oh yes, it's a quaint little souvenir I picked up from the North. Can you guess what it is? Guest: Sandra: Well..it's a crystal standalone bubble umbrella!! Guest: Sandra: "Truly one-of-a-kind because the other one was carelessly dropped on the floor. Guest: Hmm! I see why. Sandra: "I'm sorry, what did you say? Guest: Oh..nothing!
  8. Not sure if this is what you're looking for; I looked at this video on the jworg website (Hebrew) and listened carefully how they pronounced God's name in their modern language. Take a look here: https://www.jw.org/he/עדי-יהוה/אסיפות/סרטון-אולם-מלכות/
  9. Emergency prepardness comes into play also.
  10. There is a thread opened in the Christian Life and Ministry forum about the 2019 international conventions where you'll find many answers to your questions.
  11. For sure...but Whitney Houston's funeral lasted for a brief four hours. I'm thankful we have the clear waters of truth. And yet, only Jehovah's people are taught (from our MWM's) the importance of "keeping to time."

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