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    My mom studied with the witnesses back in the 90s and it always left an impression on me. She was baptized in 2007 and I started to study with a sister, as well as doing my own research on different religions. I came to be thoroughly convinced that Jehovah's Witnesses had the truth. I got baptized in 2009.

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    I love animals and I love food. I dream of trying every cultures dishes.
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    doo-wop, jazz, classical, neo classical, opera, symphonic opera, rock

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  1. I feel bad saying this but, I still have yet to buy ours. Purchasing ours tonight! Thank goodness for Amazon Prime.
  2. Trump: US, France and UK launch strikes on Syria

    Thank you so much. I feel much better today. Ever since I lost my home in the california fire back in October it's been a struggle mentally. I've told people I haven't lost faith, I've lost strength. But I've called on the elders, I'll be seeing them today. Looking forward to the encouragement. I will say though, now that I've calmed down, seeing this in the news has encouraged me to get back out in service routinely again because I want to let as many people as possible know the truth. We're so blessed to know Jehovah, I wish more people would listen.
  3. Trump: US, France and UK launch strikes on Syria

    Not going to lie this gave me an anxiety attack when I first saw this. I've been so depressed lately and struggling to be active. See this and think, great, I'll be the weak witness during the great tribulation. :<
  4. 2016 excuse me didn't fact check well enough. That's so amazing!
  5. Wow I was astounded and overjoyed when I saw that Marques Houston, best known as Roger From Sister Sister is now a Jehovah's Witness. He was baptized November of 2017. It made me think, "If this celebrity, who is rich, can get all the girls he wants and material possessions can put all of that aside and choose to serve Jehovah, wow what's stopping anyone else?" Amazing.
  6. Bay Area on Fire

    Bennett valley just had an earthquake and so did San Jose where we are right now. Makes me think of the AM, it could be harder for us before the GT.
  7. Bay Area on Fire

    184 Ursuline Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403 Mark West Larkfield territory
  8. Bay Area on Fire

    I know which one, it was right behind our apartment complex. And it's been confirmed, our apartment complex burned down, not even sticks, all ash and rubble. The devastation in Larkfield, Mark West, and Fountain Grove is astounding.
  9. Bay Area on Fire

    Brother Neil, you brought happy tears to my eyes. That encouraged me so. Looking forward to watching the broadcast tonight.
  10. Bay Area on Fire

    Yes everything in this system is temporary! We realise that even more now. If our home has burned down we have decided to simplify even more, work less, focus on the kingdom even more so, that is what matters, that is what's real.
  11. Bay Area on Fire

    I live in Santa Rosa and the fires are insane. Where I live the fires were coming down the mountain literally 100 feet from our apartment complex, pretty sure we lost everything but we got out with our lives. The friends were quick to call and make sure we're all alright. http://www.pressdemocrat.com/news/7506978-181/fires-break-out-across-sonoma
  12. Guess they want death to be the end.
  13. Genderless baby

  14. Genderless baby

    https://pics.onsizzle.com/need-feminism-be-cause-peop-shouldnt-m-a-woman-jus-1555298.png I don't know how to make this a picture :/

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