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  1. very touching, thank you my brother
  2. GoldenAge

    Software for group overseers?

    this is great software. however, we are in foreign language congregation and our language is not available, also there are no plans to add it... if anybody aware of an application for Secretary that would work with Russian language that would be great!
  3. thanks for sharing, so good to see people you know personally ;-)
  4. (Proverbs 11:24) . . .One gives generously and ends up with more; Another withholds what should be given, but he comes to poverty. . .
  5. you made me go and find it in the library! here is the article date, if someone is interested in reading it: *** g77 6/22 p. 5 Discerning Judges Protect Minority Rights ***
  6. the English program is up on the JW Broadcasting site.
  7. you need to take things in proportions. this article is about Jehovah's Witnesses with Jewish background and was written for people with Jewish background. Even if readers are not practicing Judaism as their religion, they still follow Jewish tradition and big part of it is something called "kashrut". Many limitations of what they can't eat, hence the idea of Witnesses eating pretty much everything except for raw meet. As an example, eating meat and then having a cake with milk products is prohibited from the point of view of Judaism. However, our brothers in Israel can do that. For us, living in other parts of the world it is not a big deal, in Israel IT IS a big deal.
  8. certainly correct about Judaism
  9. official article on JW.ORG: https://www.jw.org/en/news/legal/by-region/russia/appeal-dismissed-20161014/
  10. we'll need to wait until official announcement on JW.ORG, but this article says it all - we "lost" it - https://www.jw-russia.org/news/16101213-48.html this ruling will allow closing of the Branch in Russia.
  11. The decision has been made. Unfortunately, not favorable. more details here - https://www.jw-russia.org/news/16101213-48.html use google translator for now, until it appears on jw.org
  12. that is correct. We ourselves just had opportunity to visit the building on May 23...yes, one day before they put it up for sale ;-)
  13. thanks, will do. I see this is more for job finding, have you used it to find accommodations as well?
  14. Hello friends, we are planning a trip to visit Brooklyn Bethel before the end of this month and wondering if you are aware of any short term rentals by our brothers in the area. there will be 2 to 4 families traveling and our stay in Brooklyn is about 3 nights. let me know if you heard about anyone who is renting out their rooms. obviously, first hand experience would be great! thank you

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