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  1. Thanks for the beautiful pictures... What was the attendance like on the first day??
  2. Can anyone please provide me the link to download the update package 1700? Thanks
  3. Thanks brothers I am trying to apply the file WTLibrary.E.WTE.1702.UPDATEPKG to my WTL 2016 version 18.0 Build 7038. The size of the update package is 1.27GB, could you please confirm if that is the correct size for this update package?
  4. Hi brothers, I am having issue with trying to apply the updated package for the WTL 2016. When trying to manually apply the updated package, the WTL gives this error message; "Failed to validate the updated package". Does anyone have an idea why a get this error? Thank you in advance
  5. Hi brothers, does anyone have a download link to the latest update package of the WT Library 2016? Would you mind sharing it so that I can manually update my WT Library and also share it with those who does not have access to the internet. Thanks.
  6. We received ours in the Tuvaluan language 2 weeks ago. It was a privilege to have Bro. Jackson with us and he did all his talks in the Tuvaluan language...
  7. H....$

    Regards from Venezuela

    Dear brother Daniel, It is so sad to hear about the situation in Venezuela, we have been praying for the brothers there since the time we heard about the situation. It's so encouraging to see that despite the difficulties you face, but you are still going house to house spreading Jehovah's message of a new world to come. Thank you for the updates, please send our love to the brothers there...
  8. wow! cant wait to watch it.. thanks for the link
  9. Hmmm... in 3 hours time our congregation will watch the January broadcast at our Kingdom Hall... Looking forward to it!
  10. Brother Roman in the "These Words must prove to be in your heart" movie looks like Beriah in the "Walk by Faith not by Sight" movie...
  11. H....$


    Thnaks for the update sister Mandi.. We also were hit by cyclone Pam, on its way to Vanuatu, but not as bad as Vanuatu. Really feel for our brothers there.. will remember them in our prayers..
  12. Welcome to the Forum luvkirigal didnt know you are on here too
  13. Thank you all for your help. But I have one more question, I'd like to know if I could download from somewhere an executable file for the Watchtower library for android?

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