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  1. For me is: Monday - February Broadcasting Sunday - Circuit Assembly Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J320A using Tapatalk
  2. I think it will feel the same with Spanish. We are having a small taste during the CBS with the "Jesus, the way, the truth, the life" book. Altough the book use direct translated scriptures from the NWT English version, you read verses in a simple Spanish, easier to understand. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J320A using Tapatalk
  3. GMT, always GMT. [emoji23] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J320A using Tapatalk
  4. At this moment, no. After the hurricane another problem appeared: my mother-in-law's cancer chemo treatment didn't work as expected, and she got worse. Now all the family is in this situation. But some brothers and sisters from our congregation are working with the Relief Committee in a nearby KH. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J320A using Tapatalk
  5. 106 Kingdom Halls... that's about 1/3, almost half of the KH here in the island. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J320A using Tapatalk
  6. 1.3GB??????? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J320A using Tapatalk
  7. First of all, thanks for all the prayers of all of you and thanks to Jehovah for all His love thru all the brothers and sisters that have come and helped us thru all these months and the ones to come. You all have been a 'source of great comfort' for all of us here - Col. 4:11. Things have been slowly getting back to normal (emphasis on slowly). Power is still the main issue. Almost 4 months after the hurricane, only half of the island have electricity. A good number of Kingdom Halls (ours included) are using diesel or gas generators for the meetings. Almost 70% of our brothers in our KH don't have power. Meetings varies from Sunday only (Weekly and weekend meetings, short versions of both in the same day) to normal throughout all the island. Many brothers lost their homes and there have been many KH damaged. Some congregations have been reassigned to others halls. But the love of our brothers and sisters is amazing. It's truly Jehovah's spirit in action. The next weekend after the storm, the first time we got to meet, we received the first gift. A video talk by Br. Sanderson about the first response of the organization after the Hurricanes. Next weekend after that, we got a big surprise. Even we weren't in an English circuit, we got to see the Annual Meeting... and we sang all the songs in English! Next weekend after that, the CO came. And what a talk he gave! He reminded of the love that God has for his servants and that he doesn't forget them. And he encourage us to keep our spiritual routine. It was so hot that day, he had took his jacket off to give the talk. (Generator only runs lights and sound, not A/C). And about a month ago, a special program was transmitted from the Assembly Hall to all the congregations in the island. Two members of the US branch came and gave an update on the relief efforts that are going on here. At this time, the organization of the Relief Commitee is astounding. Through the island are Relief Centers (two circuits by center) that supervise the assignments of giving food, water and (now) repairing and rebuilding homes. And even that some are without electricity, that doesn't stop them from coming to meetings and field service. Now we have big groups for service, and even for Public Preaching have new volunteers. Again, thanks for all your prayers, and may Jah bless you with blessings like the one he has given (and keeps giving) us everyday. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J320A using Tapatalk
  8. At this time power and Internet are still up in my area. Hurricane now near St. Croix with winds up to 175 mph. It is expected to arrive here in 8 hours with winds of 160 mph aprox. We of 're now under winds of 40-50 mph. Still no words from our brothers on Dominica/Guadeloupe, but photos that are surfacing paint a major disaster for both islands. We are still praying to Jehovah for everyone of them. And now also for our brothers in Mexico. And for our entire brotherhood around the world.
  9. Report from Puerto Rico... again... Meetings have been suspended for the rest of the week. Ours is on Saturday, pending the condition of roads and the outcome. We are expecting Cat 5 winds (155mph+) for more than 6 straight hours... and rain... a lot of rain... More to report soon... We're praying here for all our brotherhood and specially for our brothers in the Antilles.
  10. Here we go again... https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/tropical-storm-hurricane-maria-lesser-antilles We're not completely recovered from Irma, power is not stable at this time (this morning, power went down and came late in the afternoon) and we go for another round again. @Mods: Maybe we'll need a thread for Trop Storm (Probably Hurricane) Maria.
  11. BA email arrived today!!!! Accounts... linked (with some troubleshooting, nothing major) Name... Text messages... Emergency contact... OK Skills.... woa... This is going to take time... But still, it's for Jehovah! It's the best life ever!
  12. Now that the forecast track changed (east vs west), I have a cousin who lives in Tampa and her husband & three children. Haven't heard from her since yesterday, I think she may have changed plans from staying to moving to shelter/other brother's home. Hope and pray they're ok. In any case, they were ready to follow the elders instructions. Down here, some if us are without power and water, but that didn't stop us from organizing a big recollection of food, water, and supplies for our brothers in the islands (Barbuda, St. Thomas, St. Marteen, Antigua, etc). We filled the Assembly Hall dining room and brothers keep coming and coming with all kinds of help. Truly and simply, Jehovah's people showing love in action!
  13. I'm here! Thanks to Jehovah here in Puerto Rico we barely had the brunt of the storm. But let me tell you in what situation we are with only estimated winds of 90-95mph. We are without power/water in 90% of the island. We have big old trees ripped of from their roots. There are places under water and is still raining. There are closed roads by water, or fallen trees or cables all over. And again, we barely had winds. We have seen images (via phones) from Barbuda, St. Marteen, St. Thomas, and the situation is worse overthere. This week it was supposex to start our CO visit, and also, a big construction work on our KH by LDC. The CO visit was suspended, the construction work now is pending, because they may need the LDC brothers to move to those island for disaster relief. We thank Jehovah for our great brotherhood who is praying for us. And here we're praying for our brothers and sisters in those islands who may need our help. To our brothers in the path of Irma, LISTEN TO THE INSTRUCTIONS OF THE ELDERS. LISTEN TO THE AUTHORITIES. DON'T THINK THIS CAN'T AFFECT YOU. IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE. May Jehovah bless you all. I'll try to post more soon.
  14. The last part of the last video (not the greetings one, the one before that), I didn't see it coming... Beautiful program this month.
  15. I want to go back!!!!! And we celebrated this year's convention in the same venue! I miss everything!!! (And two brothers and one sister from my congregation appear on the video! And my brother-in-law!)

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