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  1. 8 of my bible studies are attending midweek weekend meetings. all praise to Jehovah!
  2. In Tagalog, "Society" is translated as "Samahan". Last time we are watching a video from the JW Broadcasting. the scene was a Filipino brother is telling his experience in Tagalog. he used the word "samahan" but the english dubbing used the word "organization" not "society". And many of us still use "Samahan" (Society) in normal conversation.
  3. I had a good laugh at around 5:50-minute mark! "This is JW Broadcasting. From the Wooorld Headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses!" - Bro. Lett 😂🤣😂
  4. Very beautiful song. Tagalog is also included.
  5. no music video. 🙁 I hope the gilead graduates will present a new song on their "the inside story". 😍
  6. The prelude music on circuit assembly. Can you please send them to me via PM? Thanks in advance.

  7. Congratulations sa inyo mga kapatid na Ilocano! Nakakatuwa naman. Naunahan pa ang nwt-Tagalog ma-release. Pero OK lang. 😊😊😊 (Congratulations to you Ilocano brothers and sisters! So happy to see this. Released ahead the nwt-Tagalog. But that's OK. 😊😊😊)
  8. It's the video postcard from the JW Broadcasting team/department! 😁
  9. This is very helpful. Now I understand. I tried what you said on VLC and it worked perfectly! Thanks a lot brother. And by the way, thanks for using my language to greet me. Very encouraging... 😄
  10. Yes! Take a look at this April 2018 broadcast. this download link includes subtitles on it. 😄 https://download-a.akamaihd.net/files/media_broadcasting/07/jwb_s-Sub_E_201804_01_r720P.mp4 Just make sure the Display subtitles when available is checked on the tv.jw.org settings. But now I can't download a broadcast with subtitles anymore.
  11. i cant download the broadcast with subtitles... 🤔
  12. the biggest and happiest international convention ever!

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