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  1. Not yet anyway... But seriously, how cool would it be if every JW account, when you logged in, showed a personalized list of dates that your congregation is assigned/invited to? and perhaps even more than that! We already have the APIs in place now, if fact since they are in a simple format that doesn't require logging in to access, with just a bit of programming, someone could even now create an app/bot/website that accepted a search term (congregation name) and then displayed the results matching; when you selected the appropriate congregation, it can query the APIs and immediately display your circuit assembly date and location, your memorial date and location (in the Spring months), as well as the times for your meeting. The only things left that a publisher might be interested it, is having your CO visit dates available and perhaps your congregation's service boundaries. These would especially be useful when moving congregation.
  2. It's just the first closest English one. (there are dozens still to be had, in English, on the African continent)
  3. Hey @Qapla (and anyone else not sure of your circuit number), I just made a tutorial to help anyone find their circuit number, and part (A half, B half, etc). I was going to do it right in this thread, but I realized that since it makes use of an undocumented public api for jw.org, I would instead post it to the non-public part of the forum. It should be available momentarily (unless it doesn't get approved) here: https://jwtalk.net/forums/topic/33250-tip-how-to-see-which-circuit-number-a-given-congregation-is-assigned-to/
  4. And I don't even have a car. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. If a government bans our literature from being distributed, the app will vanish from the app store. This already happens in China. Apple and Amazon devices are the worst for this (only way to get around the code signing is to jailbreak), and Google devices are not much easier.
  6. Regards from Venezuela

    Thank you. I've learned very much so far from you. It may be one day that even in other countries, we may need to share money, food, purchasing power, etc. among our congregation too. If any questions pop into my head, I'll be sure to ask you here! And I will continue to pray and wait to see any changes, and hear any reports or updates from you! Please pass on our great love to the friends there. Agape.
  7. Regards from Venezuela

    It must have been very subtle, since I still can't see where that occurred... I thought I was just asking questions and brother Antonio was giving great answers.
  8. shooting in Sweden

    yes but it's updated round the clock, which is why it can be an excellent source for summaries of all the other news sources that are available online. the greek word for encyclopedia literally translates "all-around education." And the wikimedia foundation, which hosts the community's content, also runs Wikinews (but this hasn't had as much user interest /generated content as some of their other projects). Which is probably why the founder of WP recently launched a crowdfunded project, not backed by the wikimedia foundation, called WikiTribune.com
  9. Trelleborg apparently no one was killed this time. news sources are just coming out, it's not even on wikipedia yet except at the very bottom of this list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_terrorist_incidents_in_October_2017 apparently 4 injured though
  10. Water, water, and more water! But seriously you can go weeks without eating and still survive, but a few days without water, and you literally just keel right over--dead. This is why the 3 by 3 rule for human survival is, you can live up to: 3 minutes without air 3 days without water 3 weeks without food try to push past just one of these rules, and... we'll await your resurrection. I do in fact have a list of things to grab if I needed to quickly abandon my apartment (certain things, like medication, I cannot "pack up" ahead of time into a bag). It includes grabbing my medication, my IDs (health, birth certificate), some physical cash*, powdered Soylent, and throwing my cat into his cage with some of his food so we can make a quick escape. *we are nearly completely a cashless society in Canada, so I don't even own a wallet. But I have a stash of coin for the laundry machines, which I would want to grab, since debit cards go from being the defacto standard of payment to becoming essentially worthless if the point-of-sale terminals have no internet connection. Just because it's never happened, doesn't mean it won't! But to be honest, a more likely scenario would be losing power in the winter (no heating for a few days, under bad wintery storm, could certainly come with a risk of death). So I've focused more on how I would survive by myself here alone at home if the whole city was without power for an extended period of time. (If I couldn't rely on grocery stores, or the pipes froze, etc.) That's where the powdered Soylent comes in handy (seriously that stuff's amazing). But even more important is the water. So now in the winter I keep my fridge basically just full of jugs of drinkable water. It's still tap water, but since I refrigerate my water anyway, I just bought several more jugs at the dollar store and keep every one of them full, since that is likely the biggest cause of death in any type of disaster common to my area, I believe. Oh well then there's also these two big nuclear plants; one a half hour to my east, the lake directly south, and another nuclear plant to my west! One brother in my congregation even works at one. But we are not on the ocean coast and earthquakes are extremely rare. If something caused them to meltdown (which has never happened here), I'm probably toast anyway. But the govt has already mailed out iodine pills to us which we are to take under certain conditions which they would announce to us if the time should come. It sure does make you feel safe to receive one of these little boxes in the mail:
  11. Regards from Venezuela

    So it would seem the only things that can help right this moment, are either to leave the country, or purchase food and medicine at rates which are inflating each week at an astronomical rate? I'm curious, do you think many brothers and sisters there would want to leave the country if that option was easy and on the table? or is there still a feeling of, these are the last days, there are terrible things in many places around the world, and we might as well just 'stick it out' here with the types of trials we at least have experience with? One thing I've learned from seeing how social work here in my area has changed over the years is: you can't help someone by coming up with a plan and asking them to follow you; the person being helped must direct their own life and can only be successful if their agency/free will is not impeded. (granted, this is a bit of wisdom from people in the world, but I have noticed even among some of my Bible studies over the years, that if an idea regarding improving their spiritual routine came from me, it was often less successful than if the student came up with the idea on their own/via Jehovah's spirit/through bible research.)
  12. Regards from Venezuela

    Is it possible for individuals in your country to receive electronic funds? (paypal, bitcoin, wire transfer). At least that way, some stress would be alleviated. Perhaps cash transfers could also possibly help with security? (as simple as reinforcing doorstops, or perhaps saving it up in order to relocate an entire household?) My mind is brainstorming all sorts of things so please forgive me if any of my ideas are silly. I tend to be very creative in problem solving; many ideas ultimately end up being absurd, but every so often, I get a bright one too.
  13. Regards from Venezuela

    @Daniel244 can I ask what are the highest priorities in the day to day lives of you and other witnesses? Is it food? Safety? Medicine? Shelter? also, in the case of something like food, is there a bigger challenge with having money for food, difficulty in finding places to shop, or something else? (I hope I'm not taking too much of your time and/or energy with my questions )
  14. Regards from Venezuela

    Forgive any ignorance on my part since I've yet to travel outside north america; what is the state of electronic communications among the brothers and sisters? (or perhaps it varies greatly from area to area). Do many have internet and/or cell phones, or just a few? If they do, I imagine this helps with organizing these provisions and prioritizing/triaging needs? It certainly sounds like a good arrangement. If I understand correctly, those inside the congregation (and some witnesses outside of your congregation) donate funds, which the elders then carefully use themselves to purchase the largest amount of foodstuffs in a safe way, and then pool these food items together again in a safe place, and finally distribute to the neediest in the congregation? This seems very prudent. I often think about how much we as witnesses in my own congregation spend on food and clothing individually, and how much we would be able to save if we purchased in bulk/collectively. Then we'd also have more money to donate to the world headquarters for disaster relief and other lifesaving activities!

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