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  1. I can think of at least four countries where I've heard of these (can, us, uk, aus)
  2. https://www.jw.org/download/?fileformat=MP4&output=html&pub=jwb&issue=201712&langwritten=e I had also watched some of the ASL video before this link starting working for me. We had the same idea
  3. Yes I've suspected that the amount of videos being produced must be becoming quite a challenge for the RTOs, and it looks like they are in fact publishing fewer content that previously, in order to ensure that the content they do publish makes it everyone, in all languages (as was previously alluded to at the AM). And part 2 of the Gilead grad is coming in one week from today!
  4. Same goes for my Kobo Aura H2O. As for price, I can certainly understand, but some may feel it's worth paying a bit more (and actually outside the US they tend to be cheaper than the american Kindle) to have a device that supports the formats used by our organization without having to connect it up to the computer and run a conversion process in order to side load the publications from our website.
  5. For your next eInk reader, you may wish to consider switching to the other major brand (Kobo). It supports directly downloading ePubs from our official website using the built in browser. eInk is my favourite screen technology as well, but I've had several Kobos since they're more popular in Canada and never had a Kindle. And I'm very happy ePub files are still available on our website!
  6. Ah okay, very good. So does Puerto Rico have a country office, and also the small islands that used to have branches? Taking a quick look at WOL, it appears the number of "Branches of Jehovah's Witnesses" went up by one or two nearly every year in recent times, peaking in 2009 at 118, before going down each year since. I wonder if they were sold or mostly all converted to country offices.
  7. Asia Branch Report

    Oh haha you may be right. Either that or his brow was dripping sweat and he wanted to catch/wipe it. (he couldn't use his palms as he is wearing gloves) Whatever he did, it does appear that he is the reason the other brother begins laughing, and then trying not to!
  8. Asia Branch Report

    edit: on rewatching several times, I do notice this brother trying not to laugh. I guess I just thought something really funny happened but that I totally missed it. (I miss a lot of things.)
  9. Asia Branch Report

    @digital_dreamer i'm still not seeing it: https://streamable.com/rubmv ?
  10. I know we've been reducing the number of bethels over the years, sometimes converting some into RTOs (remote translation office). The Office &Tours section of our website lists 85 tour locations (I think I counted correctly). I've sometimes wondered if there is a difference/any importance between terms like "the Canada Bethel family" vs the Canada Branch. I have noticed terms such as these have sometimes been used in our publications in contrast with each other, as though they aren't the same. And then I heard the term "country office" at about 7:35 in the new video. Has anyone heard that term before?
  11. Asia Branch Report

    time code? (minutes: seconds)
  12. I'll admit I'm not on HLC nor excessively knowledgeable on all medical procedures listed on jw.org/en/medical-library but I can't help but wonder why Jehovah would create leeches if the only thing they do in life is something that violates the sanctity of blood. Seems odd, no?
  13. I can agree that feeding anything with blood is wrong, but the idea we formerly had that any blood withdrawn from our bodies must be disposed of is where the old WT you quoted is no longer accurate; besides the obvious blood tests and so forth, the well known SAVE kingdom ministry chart from 2006, November, page 6, says that some Christians may rightfully accept that their blood could be withdrawn, fractioned, and some of one of the fractions be used to prepare a medical treatment which would then be put back into the witness patient's body: PLASMAPHERESIS: Blood is withdrawn and filtered to remove plasma. A plasma substitute is added, and the blood is returned to the patient. PLATELET GEL; AUTOLOGOUS (MEANING “MADE FROM YOUR OWN BLOOD”): Some blood is withdrawn and concentrated into a solution rich in platelets and white cells. This solution is applied on surgical sites or wounds.
  14. "YES to gay marriage wins in Australia"

    Just wait until it becomes politically incorrect to assume the pronouns of people you meet in the ministry... yup that's where we're at in Ontario and other places. In all honesty though, we've been having to teach our children to think more critically about the education they are receiving from schools for decades. We should never pass off sex, marriage, gender, pregnancy, etc. education to our schools anyway. They've been teaching tolerance or even outright encouraging masturbation, premarital sex, abortion, experimenting with drugs, homosexuality, pornography, and all sorts of things for many years. Now that genderfluidity and related ideas have been officially added to the public school curriculum here (and we basically only have public and catholic schools--I've never even seen a private elementary school here), a number of witnesses have been saying how we need to 'deprogram' our kids after they come home from school some days. To this, all I can think is, obviously! and I needed that too when I was in school, but I guess parents in the truth didn't realize how bad it was even before same sex marriage was legal, everyone had a smartphone, etc. I mean, the stuff kids were doing and learning about on the internet back then would have shocked parents if they had bothered to pay attention to their kids. Even in the late 90s, preteens were suddenly facing an onslaught of weird ideas. In some ways it was actually worse back because terms like social media didn't exist and our publications didn't investigate these things quite as in depth. It was generally just these brief mentions of 'dangers of chatrooms' and the like, with parents just kinda looking at their kids and saying "oh I hope that's not something you do." But even if it wasn't an interest to their child, you better bet they'd been in one at least once. Of course, chat rooms weren't and aren't actually all evil, but rather, it's the potential for bad that exists in the virtual space, where even laws around criminal activity, basic common sense, and other things we take for granted in the real world are essentially non-existent in the virtual.
  15. This is completely out of date and shouldn't be quoted. We know in the KM about conscience matters that some witnesses will accept blood to leave their body and reenter it. I'm sure the same goes for leeches. We should remember the principle behind our stance on rejecting whole blood transfusions: God views it as sacred. But it's not a magical thing that should lead anyone to anything bordering on superstitious. I mean, if a brother gets a nose bleed, and the blood drips onto his lips and he swallow it, should it bother his conscience? Of course not--especially if he has filled out his blood card and carries it around, then he is showing respect for Jehovah's viewing blood as a sacred thing. It's true that we've learned in recent years just how crazy and unbalanced the world's ideas about blood transfusions are--especially among some 'wise, learned' physicians--but there's no need to become radical about the physical organ or liquid bodily tissue which is our blood. The important thing is that we each recognize Jehovah's view of it, and try and deeply instil in our heart the same appreciation for it and especially what it represents, rather than getting scared or obsessive about every drop of blood!

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