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  1. It's now possible (again) to see a long list of every convention in a particular country, the only limiting factor is language (you can't see multiple languages together in the list; you must select one language and this filters the list of conventions in the country). To search for and generate a list (no jw.org account needed), follow these steps: 1. visit donate.jw.org 2. click "Online Donation" (with the credit card logos) then "My Regional Convention" tab* then "Find Convention" button 3. click the link "Continue without using an account" 4. click the "Location" tab at the top. You can now choose any country, and click "search" to see all conventions in the selected language! (you can leave the 'city or venue' box empty when you search to see all results) *note that if you don't see the "My Regional Convention" tab (or the entire "Online Donation" dropdown is missing) then simply change your country to US or Canada under the dropdown menu near the top which says "Select your country to see your local donation options"
  2. Yes much of programming is essentially problem-solving, and being detail-oriented is also very important (and diligence and patience since doing it as a full time job could be gruelling depending on how heavy your workload). I've got most of that down pat but I lack the patience and stick-to-it'ness to become more than just a coder in non-programming languages such as HTML and CSS (which I really enjoy tweaking about it). Also, if you’re part of the smart one generation and always on your phone, and I highly recommend downloading this app which makes learning JavaScript fun (and one-handed!) iPhone | Android
  3. yes as @Thesauron mentioned, jw.org says there is a British Sign Language group associated with Riverside Park congregation, located in Rainham/Medway, which meets Thursday 7pm and Sunday 4pm at the Kingdom Hall on Bloors Lane in Gillingham. Hopefully this is not too far from you. Let us know how it goes if you decide to visit them!
  4. Brandon

    Banning of religion

    I think that's been changed and now it's Gog of Magog, is our understanding.
  5. @Greg Dent is it gonna be weird having just one convention in kitchener this year? We're having two English conventions in Oshawa this year. First time ever!
  6. I think all of the witnesses in Canada should pool all our money together and build a big heated arena where we can all huddle together. We'll order food in bulk from Loblaws and Amazon to save costs and live comfortably in our high tech ghetto until the end comes. 😊
  7. It's a group chat. Have you ever used Slack? or maybe IRC back in the day It's like those.
  8. I've had this same problem on iOS each and everytime I have reinstalled the app. It takes a very long time for the publication database to download, install, and refresh, on first run. I have waited up to 20 mins with the app open, and what is most frustrating is that there is no indication of progress. I also believe that the 'waiting indicator' only animates during download, not the installation of the latest database. Meaning you have to leave the app open (don't let the screen turn off) even after the loading indicator has turned off and wait until who knows when for the database to take hold. 😥 Part of the reason the database is so massive is that it not only includes every publication available but it includes this for every language. Also, when I say publication, I am including every video available on both websites (jw.org and tv.jw); so that's every video, every broadcast, every book, brochure, etc. multiplied by over a hundred languages.
  9. Yikes! what shall we do?
  10. I wonder if there's any reason not to release the offline WT Library (currently on DVD) application online now since everything it offers is on our public website anyway. It's essentially just a 'data dump' of WOL now. They could rename it Watchtower Offline Library. 😉
  11. and that bridge at the end the witnesses were standing on, amazing scene! @Bosko is that near where you live?
  12. can you speak plainly please I'm not that familiar with the back story of Brazil, besides the extreme inequality I don't know a great deal about São Paulo.
  13. Brandon

    Sexual abuse in Islam

    I'm not sure if Hindus actually make that claim. I do know they have thousands of different gods and they call on different ones for different things. (similar to Catholic saints; "patron saint of ____ ")

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