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  1. Yes I have done this. You just google "apk downloader" and then paste in the google play URL for jw library. Then you download the "raw" apk file, and launch it. Android OS asks you if you'd like to install this file, along with a disclaimer like "are you sure you want to install this?!? it's not from the approved google store!" For example, open this: https://apkpure.com/jw-library/org.jw.jwlibrary.mobile and then click Download APK (you do this directly on the device).
  2. Raccoons like this: http://i.imgur.com/4lZ8n64.gifv Squirrels like this: http://i.imgur.com/80NVeLx.gifv and Seagulls, who rarely (but occasionally) do this: youtube.com/watch?v=29FvQgiRNXc
  3. If you've been relying on Google for translation, you may want to give Microsoft / Bing translator another go: in recent years it has been using neural networks, AI, and machine learning to not only catch up to google, but for certain language pairs, actually beating out the big "G." Just this week a member of this forum from Mexico and I used Microsoft's "Translator Conversations" feature to instant message with each other, in two different languages, while each seeing the other's messages in our preferred one! (I have previously tested this chat feature with up to 4 people, none of whom knew any second language--microsoft does all the bridgework to cross the language barrier!) And today they announced their Chinese - English machine translation has now reached parity with human translators--wow! They've also partnered with smartphone maker Huawei, which makes a phone with a built-in AI-dedicated computer chip which allows offline translation that rivals the power of google's supercomputers. It's almost like a star trek-type universal translator that doesn't even need internet access. This could be useful for need-greaters I imagine. As lifehacker put it a year ago when they reviewed these two options side by side, "Google Offers More Languages, But Microsoft Chooses Quality Over Quantity" Microsoft Translator is available at Bing.com/translator and in the mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  4. An interesting fact I heard listening to an NPR podcast a few days ago: guess who the biggest importer of American coal is? Brazil. and guess what most of that coal is used for? to create steel which is sold back to the US... trump's plan seems like it could easily backfire
  5. We should all list our dates and country or branch to compare: Canada - May 5/6 2018
  6. A brother and I on the jwtalk discord were chatting about how many brothers and sisters today have learned basic programming skills, and ten times as many witnesses use software daily (for example, this very moment you are using Invision Community software which is powering JWTalk.net, which is serving up this content to you to read!) Given these two trends, which appear to be only accelerating rather than going away any time soon, we've been wondering if any other witnesses either on this forum or whom any forum members might know from other online communities, social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) or in real life, who may want to collaborate in large numbers to develop software that can assist or even solve common challenges that witnesses might be confronted with, especially in their use of technology today. For example, when I was regular pioneering I tested multiple service apps, and even collaborated with the developers (brothers) who had published these apps, in order to adapt them to the specific needs of pioneers (who juggle large numbers of RV's, studies, and things such as hour counting both in the ministry and in other special forms of service). As is often the case, the needs of the users sometimes fall out of line a bit with what the coders think users need (or design interfaces with a specific purpose in mind, when the users tend to use their software tool in a way not originally foreseen, but immensely desirably). I have searched around a bit and have found a few 'JW apps' which appear to already have adopted the open source model, according to this search on OpenHub.net. I may also reach out to the developers of apps I have used in the past to gauge any interest (programmers tend to be less... shall we say social, and are not necessarily the type of person to be browsing a large social media / forum site such as this one. So please consider sharing this thread with witnesses who may be interested in this idea who are outside of the forum, especially!) If any of our forum members here know of any witnesses who are interested in this idea of open-source collaboration but are not inclined to join our forum, please PM me! I will be happy to provide my email or other contact information for you to forward to these ones in order to get the ball rolling. -- Brandon P.S. feel free to copy the text of this post and email or send it out to any brothers or sisters you want to. Even with half the human population now online, the internet is still a pretty fractured place with regards communication, but we're trying to get the word out to as many witnesses as we can with these ideas!
  7. please don't take this in a bad way brother, but I really have no idea what you're trying to say here.
  8. I do understand what the clay and iron represent, but we are taught that the toes represent only the anglo-american world power, rather than the entire world (or world economy).
  9. it's a little bit different this time, both because of the degree of severity and the randomness of it. Normally governments by definition move slowly and give notice for fear of destroying the world economy (even the Chinese rules in this case were announced in July 2017) but everything the current US president seems to do comes out of seemingly no where. I'm not really "worried" about the world economy (there is a little part of me that is excited to see it all burn down), and I often wonder if harder economic conditions don't sort of draw us together inside our congregations. bit of a silver lining, I guess. At the very least I do believe that a "functioning" economy that keeps producing more and more each year tends to breed materialism (posing a greater challenge to spirituality overall in a society).
  10. A slew of recent economic policy changes coming out of the two biggest national economies this week (US, and China, respectively) are starting a new economic war (possibly threatening to splinter the whole world's economics?) Trump begins trade war, slaps high tariffs on steel and aluminum 1. March 1st: trump announces a tariff of 25% on steel and 10% aluminum Trump declares his trade war: targets steel, aluminum [axios.com / US news source] Canada seeks exemption to Trump's steel tariffs, vows retaliation [cbc.ca / Canadian] Trump's tariff announcement effect: Is a global trade war in the offing? [New Indian Express] 2. The European Union threatens to retaliate against Trump should a tariff on steel and aluminum be imposed. 3. March 3rd: Trump counters with a threat to tariff European car manufacturers [official tweet (not necessarily truthful)] China ceasing to import foreign waste note: China used to import over half the world's plastic waste, recycling it into consumer goods which were sold back to those countries 1. January 1st: China stops importing 24 classes of plastic and paper 2. March 1st: China tightens their garbage contamination rules, now stricter than the global norms sources: the Financial Times, CNN, Bloomberg, and others, via WikiTribune: China refuses ‘foreign garbage,’ leaving waste mountains in West [WikiTribune.com]
  11. Yes and I'll just add that if you add "&fileformat=MP4" into the URL, it generates a web player similar to tv.jw.org which is more desirable if you want to stream it online rather than download the file. And as a bonus, it groups the files by video. Best of both worlds: the play buttons on the left side allow you to stream, while video file URLs can be obtained by clicking the "MP4" buttons along the right side
  12. Un-United Nations

    By that logic jw.org/en/news is run by wicked spirits... So the answer to your question is "No," however, I still believe Russia Today is a propaganda machine run by Putin.
  13. Un-United Nations

    isnt RT.com essentially a propaganda machine run by the Kremlin (putin's govt)?
  14. School Shooting Coral Springs, Florida

    Yes, I want Jehovah to control all the guns.

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