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  1. Thank you for your hard work in making this.
  2. Our COBE has one with a cover that is bound upside down.
  3. But we can still call on them and offer them the tract/invitation even if they have a no junk mail sign. Just not leave it if we do not speak to anyone.
  4. We are doing a refurbishment of our hall at the moment. We have taken out the toilets and will have new ones including one for disabled ones and a baby changing area. We are two weeks into the six week schedule at the moment. We are slightly ahead of schedule at the moment. I spent all day yesterday drilling and digging to put in the water and sewage pipes.
  5. The Kingdom ministry. Is this to be the one for the current month? I am the magazine servant so currently have the current month plus May and June ones.
  6. How Many Husbands.

    I go out on the ministry on a Friday evening startign at about 6.30 until 8. It is a great time to find people home and usually in a good mood.

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